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                           PRESS RELEASE
A US based Gambian online Newspaper, called The FREEDOM NEWSPAPER,  hits  the news stances today.The paper, which can be accessed at  is being operated by the former Voice of America radio Banjul Correspondent and Gambia Press Union Secretary General Pa Nderry M'Bai.
Mr.M'Bai, in a press release issued by his media house said "The  coming of The FREEDOM NEWSPAPER, will complement efforts made by  my colleagues in trying to keep the continent's people posted about Gambia's local politics, economic and other stories of human interest." Mr.M'Bai added that his paper will also empower voiceless Gambians, who are victims of  President Yahya Jammeh's repressive rule.
 "The FREEDOM NEWSPAPER, will promote divergent views in its daily reportage of Gambian politics and elsewhere across the globe. We will report the news faithfully, without biased, malice or ill will. We will also  strive for accuracy and balanced reporting. This paper will not censor people because of their political opinion or critical views on issues of national concern. We have zero tolerance for censorship. But we will hasten to add that stories we take from our correspondents must be independently confirmed, before publication. This will safeguard the reputation of  The  FREEDOM NEWSPAPER, as a reliable and authoritative news medium.
Mr.Mbai, added"This paper is an independent Newspaper, which owes no obligation to any interest group. Our editorial decision cannot be manipulated by any outside force and anything we report will be in the best interest of The Gambia and her people."
Mr.M'Bai, also a former leading senior staff reporter with the Banjul based Newspapers, the Daily Observer and the Point challenged Gambian journalists both at home and abroad to come onboard to help him realise his dream for The Gambia, which according to him "is to see a just and democratic  Gambia, where people can freely express their political opinions without having the fear of being harassed by enemies of freedom.It is only the independent press that can help in exposing atrocities carried out by dictatorial regimes. The FREEDOM NEWSPAPER, will take a leading role in exposing graft and all kinds of injustice  in society. We believe in reporting the truth, nothing but the truth."
According to Mr.M'Bai, greed, corruption,  and nepotism had hindered development on the African continent."With the advent of the internet, the perpetrators of such economic crimes, cannot hide,  as the press is launching round the clock surveillance on their dubious deals. We shall not be intimidated by people we exposed in our day to day reporting. We will do whatever it takes to make our leaders accountable to our people. In reporting the truth, we fear nothing."said The FREEDOM NEWSPAPER Managing editor.
Mr.M'Bai, said  The FREEDOM NEWSPAPER belongs to The Gambian people and not an individual person. "We believe in empowering our readers. You are free to criticise us,  when you feel that we are not meeting journalistic standards or ethics. Criticism will help us do our job better. We count on your support and guidance."said Mr.M'Bai.
Mr.M'Bai, added that "The Freedom Newspaper, will network with press freedom organisations, such as the Committee to  Protect Journalists, Reporters Without Borders, Article 19, The International  Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and others press freedom bodies across the globe."We are committed to promoting media pluralism and free press. We appreciate the efforts initiated by these press freedom bodies in ensuring that journalists are given free hand to do their work without censorship or persecution. This is manifested by the news alerts they issued to condemn crimes perpetrated against the media by enemies of freedom." said Mr.M'Bai.
Veteran Gambian journalist Ebrima G Sankareh, is one of the paper's associate editors. Mr.M'Bai said the paper is being administered by a team of seasoned journalists, who are committed in media freedom, democracy and the respect for the rule of law.The Freedom Newspaper offices are in Raleigh, State of North Carolina USA. Meanwhile, the stories on the site, were  earlier forwarded to other Gambian online media outlets by this author.They are now serving as testers.There are other big stories lined up for publication, pending the "finishing touches" and official launching of the paper.  

Posted on Tuesday, February 07, 2006 (Archive on Tuesday, February 21, 2006)
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