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Breaking News:On the other hand; others are still mourning-Says Halifa Sallah!
Tuesday, January 30, 2007 (1647 reads)

"Some in the APRC leadership had wished me good riddance. According to their very words the loud mouthed person who has become a spectre to his government has been booted out by people who do not want to hear his voice again “enough is enough” they said.In short, to some people, the tongue of clarity needs to be twisted and the mouth of the eloquent zipped. Being deprived of a seat is equaled with being deprived of the authority to speak on behalf of the people. On the other hand; others are still mourning. They are visiting me by the dozens to express their regret. “We betrayed the cause” said one young person. “We gave our voters cards just to play in a tournament. You are for us but we betrayed you.” He concluded.

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Breaking News:UDP/NRP/GPDP NEW York Branch Reacts To Election Results!
Tuesday, January 30, 2007 (2025 reads)

P.O.Box 1269
Bronx, NY 10453
 January 29, 2007
Congratulations UDP/NRP/GPDP Alliance Elected Members: Hon. Babanding Daffeh, Hon.Lamin Sisay, Hon. Pa Jallow, and Hon. Modou sanneh.We, the executive committee of the UDP/NRP/GPDP Alliance, an assemblage of Diaspora and local Gambians wish to extend our warm and sincere congratulations to the elected Hon. Members of the Alliance, Secretary General and the leadership for bravely contesting against this Junta turned civilian Government.

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Breaking News: Yankuba Touray, Darboe, Halifa React to NA Results
Monday, January 29, 2007 (2135 reads)

Yankuba Touray, Darboe, Halifa React to NA Results
Monday 29th January 2007

Barely 72 hours after the announcement of the January 25th National Assembly election results, APRC’s National Mobiliser, Yankuba Touray, UDP’s Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and NADD’s Halifa Sallah each made a statement in reaction to the outcome of the elections. Below are the comments of the three: -

Yankuba Touray

Well I think the elections are free and fair and the fact that Gambians have voted for the APRC candidates is a clear testimony of their support for the president’s development agenda for the country. The APRC’s landslide victory is due to the president’s development programme achieved during the past five years. It is in recognition of this that Gambians have been constantly voting for President Yahya Jammeh and the APRC National Assembly candidates.

In his view of the comparative values of the two elections, Mr Touray noted that National Assembly elections are not comparable to the presidential elections, adding that the outcome of the results are a reflection of that reality.

Lawyer Ousainou Darboe

In his reaction to the outcome of the NA elections, Mr Darboe said, “Well I think basically there has been a great deal of voter apathy. The reason for this is a matter of opinion. I believe the ordinary Gambian voter is of the view that there is no need for any one to go out to the polls because at the end of the day their votes are not given effort which I think is not right,” adding that every vote counts.

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Halifa SALLAH-A HERO FOR EVER-Says Essa Bokarr Sey Former Gambian Ambassador!
Sunday, January 28, 2007 (2205 reads)

By Essa Bokarr Sey

Mr Halifa Sallah,
NADD Bureau,
The Gambia
West Africa.
Dear Mr Sallah,
Halifa Sallah-A HERO FOR EVER!
Mr Sallah,Please allow me as a citizen of The Gambia and a person who highly respects you to congratulate you for having stayed a long and painstaking course only to entrench democracy in our country. There is one old saying from a famous singer which is "The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory". This saying indeeds fits your person and character. Despite all the odds in this wild field of politics I for one and many others within the silent majority will never sieze supporting your efforts. If  India and The Gambia were to exchange values of family geography I would nominate you to match those of the Ghandis. In my mind you are the Mahatma Ghandi of our time.

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Freedom Newspaper Mail Bag:What Our Readers Say Today!
Sunday, January 28, 2007 (1935 reads)

By Mustapha Touray

Dear Editor,

Please allow me to tell Waa Juwara to shut up and leave Darboe and Hamat in peace.Waa has always been a block to the development of the Gambia, particularly the opposition.Thank God that Hamat despite loosing was able to have more than 2000 votes from his people.Its best known to Waa why he decided not to contest the elections.The truth is speak for itself. Waa again even in his own home town....It would have been a big surprise to me if he gets more than 15 votes if he had contested.Since Waa disgracefully left the UDP we all know  he will never wish good for the party especially its leadership.Now that he is tired,he is praising the APRC,well you may become the next governor of CRD,but for Darboe and Hamat the fight to liberate Gambians has just began.


Many Gambians living at home and  here  in the diaspora  would not disagree with me that  one of the most  vocal and genuine critics of President Yahya Jammeh and his administration for over a decade has been the Niamina-born political scientist-- Lamin Waa Juwara.But he got it all  dead wrong when he told the online freedom newspaper on its January 27, edition that  President Jammeh does not derserve to be labelled  "dictator" anymore simply because he "subject  himself to the will of  the people  in a free and fair elections". The so-called mouthy "mbarodi" further states that he has "changed "  his mind on the title"dictator" he has attributed to Jammeh for the past twelve years.

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Breaking News:Gambians should no longer call Jammeh a "Dictator"-He has the mandate of the people-Says Juwara!
Saturday, January 27, 2007 (2703 reads)

By A Staff Writer

"The people have spoken.That's left with the opposition to honestly interpret what the people have said because power belongs to the people. They must control and direct the process.That is what happened. Yahya Jammeh can no longer be called a dictator because he subject himself to the will of the people in a free and fair elections.My initial position on Jammeh as a dictator has changed because you can no longer call him a dictator. He subject himself to the will of the people in a free and fair elections. He has the mandate of the people. Call a spade, a spade. A victory on his case cannot be attributed to any rigging, intimidation or any possible inducement.This is the beginning of a democratic process and the next step should be good governance." These were the exact words of Lamin Waa Juwara's an arch critic of President Yahya Jammeh. Mr.Juwara who recognized Jammeh's mandate maintains that it would be wrong for Gambians to call Jammeh a dictator since he had been democratically elected. In a rare move, Juwara widely known as the Niamina Dankunku lion openly congratulated the APRC leadership for winning what he calls a free, fair and credible elections."I must also tell you that the elections were free and fair. And the IEC team conducted the elections satisfactorily.The APRC won because of unity and good team work. They deserved congratulations. They worked as a team, let the opposition fail to act together to the disappointment of those of us who decided to stay in NADD. I floated the idea of a tactical alliance and the Executive declared their willingness for a tactical alliance and the UDP politely rejected it by saying that they were going to put up candidates everywhere. They played the role of a spoiler. And that how we come to where we are today."Mbarodi tells the Freedom Newspaper in an exclusive interview at his Brikama residence during the weekend.

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Corruption In The Military-Part TWo- Town Crier
Saturday, January 27, 2007 (2189 reads)

By Town Crier

In part 1 published last year (2006), I highlighted how corruption has left our shores, planted itself in our high seas,  grew roots then came back to invade us. Never in the history of our land have we seen such ingenious ways devised to line pockets of impoverish military personnel.  There are many areas where corruption exists within the military but I will only highlight the most gross one. Our military is  engaged in big time corruption aside from selling our diesel fuel in our high seas, it is  also engaged in inflationary food  purchases and payroll ghosting/impregnation.
I have colleagues who are of lower ranks, sergeants for example who work, worked and are working in our payroll offices. They don't received as much pay as Cadets and other officers do but yet still they have been able to put up houses and own cars. Some of them I know have more than one solid building. One in which they reside and another being rented out. Others are undeveloped. The simple question one may ask here is where is the extra income coming from? Is it from Jammeh allah's Bank? The answer of course is a no since Jammeh is the only one who knows about his omnipresent bank.

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Freedom Newspaper Mail Bag:What Our Readers Say Today!
Saturday, January 27, 2007 (1928 reads)

By Garba Jones

Dear Editor(s),
I am a frequent reader of your online paper/news and have been following the stories with keen interest.

However, I would like to register my dismay in the interest and manner of your coverage and reporting of elections in The Gambia. I have noticed that the results of the Presidential Elections were not covered / reported in full. Only a part of it was reported. Again a similar trend has emerged in the National Assembly elections where up to the time I am writing this mail, only eight of the results announced so far have been reported on your site.

This clearly shows that your paper has little or no interest in the elections demonstrated by the manner of the reporting. This I believe defeats your stand as educators and informers.

There are thousands of Gambians in the diaspora who need to be informed and educated and channels such as yours should have filled this. It is not good to put up a website which lacks ingredients especially an important national matter such as elections. These elections mean everything to our Country and people need to be informed on them. What good does it make reporting stale news.

I do not in anyway doubt your editorial capability and I personally think the journal is doing a good job, but there is indeed more room for improvement.

m you soon. abdoulie saidy

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Breaking News:NADD'S Halifa Sallah Loses Elections,Kemseng and Hamat also could not make it!
Thursday, January 25, 2007 (5389 reads)

Here we come again with up-to-date Gambian election results for our dear readers live from our Freedom Newspaper offices.Our team of reporters and editors have been working all day long to get you good stuff about happenings back home.These results we published were given to us by officials of the IEC. We remain your servant.  NADD'S Sidia Jatta won Wulli West, while Bakau went to the APRC.  APRC'S Saliu Bah of  Basse also emerged victorious. The UDP led alliance also won some couple of seats. Please stay tuned.

Upper Saloum  APRC   Upper Saloum UDP/NRP       
 Sainey Mbye:3,492       Hamat Bah 3,298                     

Lower Saloum APRC      Upper Saloum UDP/NRP                                                                                                       
Kaba Touray:2641              Omar S Ceesay  1907    

Niamina West APRC   Nimina West UDP/NRP
Lamin Jadama1,515      Samba Baldeh:889
Niamina Dakunku APRC  Niamina Dankunku UDP/NRP
Essa Saidykha:1047           Samba Jallow 936

Janjangbureh APRC         Janjangbureh UDP/NRP
Foday Manka:517              Kebba Yirrah Manneh:322

Nianija APRC                     Nianija UDP/NRP
Dawda Manneh:2,106       Abdoulie Jallow 693

Sami APRC                                Sami UDP/NRP
Edrissa Samba Sallah:2,880  Lamin Ceesay:3,182

Niamina East APRC          Niamina East Independent
Foday A Jallow:2,575         Ebrima NS Marenah 2,401

Serre-Kunda Central APRC   Serre-kunda Central NADD
Sainey Jaiteh 6386                   Halifa Sallah:4296

Serre-Kunda Central UDp/NRP
Alhagie Fatty:1540

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Freedom Newspaper Mail Bag-What Our Readers Say Today!
Thursday, January 25, 2007 (1958 reads)

By Nfamara Darboe,UK

Hello Editor,
I am one of the most frequent readers of this online paper, but i have never added my voice to thank how the paper has contribute in enlightening me over the years. Therefore i write this letter.Every citizen of a country need to involve him or herself in something that will contribute to the socio-economic development of their beloved country. Developing a country does not lie on only one sector of the economy.I thank you because, i know the Freedom Newspaper is contributing immensely to the development of the Gambia. The fact that you provide hidden information to our door steps make me feel that you are also playing you part in the enlightenment of the citizenry. It is very unfortunate about African that's once once one is doing good, we must try and spoil him/her. I know there are few selfish mind people who did not like what you are doing. But what is wrong in knowing what the leadership of your country is doing if there is honesty.
Freedom Newspaper Don't listen to those who characterized you as destroying the Gambia. As long as I am concern and many other sound minded Gambias you are doing nothing that will hinder the progress of the Gambia infact you are serving as a catalyst in the realization of a democratic Gambia.

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