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Former Magistrate Raises Legal Issues Over Mai’s GMC Party!!!
Friday, January 30, 2009 (2207 reads)

  Former Magistrate Raises Legal Issues Over Mai’s GMC Party!!!

…..“ What troubled me about Fatty's piece is whether it was a speech, as captioned in The Echo, or simply a written articulation of his vision for a Gambia under a GMC government. If it was a speech, where was it delivered, and who was in the audience? Why were the other Movement/Party leaders not introduced to the audience at this important first meeting? This is important because Fatty's refers to "other leaders", without mentioning any names. If the piece was a written articulation of Fatty's vision, where did he "issue" it, and again, who were the other members of the leadership? He was in Senegal  and there is credible information that he now lives in the United Kingdom. Why did Fatty not inform his intended audience, i.e., those of us now reading this material, and for whom it is supposedly intended, as to his location? I certainly appreciate no confidentiality about the location of an individual who is in no objective immediate danger of his physical security,.” Lawyer Lamin J Darboe posited.

Source: Gambia L Mailing List

It appears The Gambia Echo has an exclusive on what is dubbed "The Maiden Speech of the National Executive Chairman" of the GMC. I am unsure if the caption is that of  Chairman Fatty,  or if it was The Echo's way of introducing the piece. I encourage you to read the piece in full as it deals - though not in any detail - with Fatty's "stance on unity, human rights, education and the lot more".

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GMC’S Haruna Jallow Blasts Freedom Newspaper!!!
Friday, January 30, 2009 (2816 reads)

GMC’S Haruna Jallow Blasts Freedom Newspaper!!!

…Editors Reassure GMC Party Leadership

“Disagreeing with your leadership on issues of national interest or concern does not signify that we are enemies. For Mai to become Gambia’s Obama, he needs to be opened to “ genuine criticism” and advise. He should expand his intellectual horizon by asserting maturity in his day to day dealings with the public including the media. He should also let go the “ Ego” mentality  and read information published about him with an open mind. He should be able to engage his perceived enemies into meaningful debate, no matter what kind of allegations they peddled against him,” Freedom Editors posited.

Haruna Mountaga Jallow
Assistant to Barrister Fatty.

It has come to my knowledge that you had quoted me as the "Spokesman" of Gambia Moral Congress. I wonder why you made this up because I signed my correspondence as "Assistant to Barrister Fatty", which isnt the same as "Spokesman" and NOT even assistant to Gambia Moral Congress. Barrister Fatty is not the same as Gambia Moral Congress, which is a political Movement, and that is not to say that he is not a public figure. Please correct this misleading information.

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Breaking News:Jammeh Leaves For Ethiopia
Friday, January 30, 2009 (2142 reads)

Jammeh Leaves For Ethiopia

By Staff Writer Landing Badjie, Banjul.

Gambia’s ailing President Yahya Jammeh today left Banjul for Ethiopia, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Jammeh who was accompanied by a high powered delegation is attending the African Union Heads of State meeting.

Members of the Diplomatic Community, including security chiefs and other dignitaries were at the airport to see off the President. Also among the attendees at the airport was the Jolla cultural group, who entertained President Jammeh and his delegation. He was also accorded with a guard of honor prior to leaving the country.  Jammeh is expected to return home at a latter date.


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GMC Party Spokesman Said “ Hate Mails” Would Be Forwarded To The Interpol!!!
Friday, January 30, 2009 (1932 reads)

GMC Party Spokesman Said “ Hate Mails” Would Be Forwarded To The Interpol!!!

…As Haruna Issue Threates!!

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Haruna Jallow <>
Subject: CORRECTION, Barrister Fatty´s email for public use

Dear Editor;             

Please kindly allow me to correct that Barrister Fatty´s email for the public is, and not Barrister Fatty believes that he should be accessible to Gambians and friends of The Gambia. We know that it is possible that hate and threats may be dispatched via this email address to the Party Leader, but he believes that such insignificant minority should not be reason enough to block access to him by majority of decent Gambians, as he underscored the power of reason, of ideas and liberty.

Again, that’s, and we shall try to reply all mails as promptly as feasible, except hate mails, and profanity which will be instantly forwarded to Interpol.

Kind regards;
Haruna Mountaga Jallow
Personal Assistant to Barrister Fatty

Meanwhile, the Freedom Newspaper has forwarded questionnaires to Mai Fatty, regarding allegations of financial impropriety. The alleging party lives in the US. We awaits Mai’s reaction to the allegations.
We earlier requested Mr. Jallow to furnish us with the names of the Executive Members of the GMC party, but he failed to respond to our request. We hope Mai Fatty will do justice to himself, his party and The Gambia, and set the records straight. The allegations brought against him are serious.

Fatty and his group, if there is any group of that sort, should prove to us that they are more democratic than Jammeh. These guys are less than one week in the political field and have started threatening people. What can the Interpol do with a hate mail anyway? Why not contact The Gambia Police Force since you claimed that you are operating in The Gambia? Why Interpol?? Is Fatty not a public official? You guys need to grow up and stop this low life. You need to go home and confront Jammeh. No cyber threats!!!

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GMC Leader Mai Fatty Says He Is Out To Liberate Gambians!!!!
Thursday, January 29, 2009 (2638 reads)

GMC Leader Mai Fatty Says He Is Out To Liberate Gambians!!!!

……GMC Personal Assistant Haruna Mountanga Jallow  Says He Encountered Problems While Trying To Email Freedom



I had tried to email you this Release from
Gambia to and it kept returning back. I just confirmed that the correct address is freedomnewspaper, and I was omitting the word paper from news.
Haruna Mountaga Jallow
Personal Assistant to Barrister Fatty





Fellow Gambians:

I am thankful to Allah, for your prayers and concerns during my hospitalisation for life threatening injuries. In particular, I am profoundly grateful to my family and colleagues at the Bar for their timely intervention in help saving my life. Let me report that my recovery has been phenomenal, thanks in large part to them. Many thanks go to my friends as well, for their care and support during this traumatic life-changing experience. I would love to be amongst your midst today, but my Doctors have not yet given me the final nod to completely abandon care and return home, even though the confidence in my health condition has never been so real like now.

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Ex- Observer MD Sheriff Bojang Exposed!!!!
Thursday, January 29, 2009 (2933 reads)

Ex- Observer MD Sheriff Bojang Exposed!!!!


 As I am writing Yankuba Touray,  is in London with wife Mamy,  but both Yanks and Sheriff campaigned that we stay home and wait for a rainy day! Who are you people trying to fool?         

By Sulay Manneh, UK

So Sheriff Bojang has protested against Dida Halake and other Gambian journalists and also thinking that certain journalists abroad are not qualified enough. I wonder if Sheriff would have allowed anyone to react like that while he was an editor or managing director of the pro-government Daily Observer.

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Yahya Jammeh Has Done Nothing For The Gambia-Scales!!!
Thursday, January 29, 2009 (2171 reads)

 Yahya Jammeh Has Done Nothing For The Gambia-Scales!!!

“Let us see just how much development the APRC can claim when we stop underpinning these morons with our hard earned cash. This is one endangered  "Government" species that should be condemned in Africa along with Mugabe and some others not worth the mention.Time for " Change."  Jammeh  and all coupists  must Go !!!”Michael Scales Writes from the UK.

…..Time to set the cat amongst the pigeons.?

May Allah in his infinite wisdom guide us and protect us....Michael.

Dear Mr. Editor,

Amongst the many failing "policies" of this APRC Government, none are of bigger consequence to The Gambia, than that of the education of The Nations children. It beggars belief!!!.... that as with so many areas of Government responsibility and after 14 .5 years of this failed administration, that there is still no clear and discernible parity across the length and breadth of The Gambia . I have visited many schools and found nothing which would commend anyone to clearly ascertain their collective aims and ambitions.

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Editorial:When Ghost Political Parties Legitimize A Dictatorship….
Tuesday, January 27, 2009 (2782 reads)

When Ghost Political Parties Legitimize A Dictatorship….

….This  Editorial Is Dedicated  To Mai Fatty’s MCP Party

Our good friend and brother Mai Fatty is now a politician. He has registered a new political party in The Gambia call The  Moral Congress Party ( MCP). Mai’s party came at a time when the country is experiencing a major democratic deficiency. Hopes for democratic change of Government, through the ballot box had been shattered. The dictator Yahya Jammeh has hijacked the electoral process. The conditions for free and fair elections do not exists in The Gambia. It would be fool hardy  for any Gambian to think that Jammeh can be replaced through electoral process. We can form hundreds of political parties, but this wouldn’t change the situation. This is our humble position.

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Lawyer Mai Fatty Forms Political Party!!!
Tuesday, January 27, 2009 (3140 reads)

Lawyer Mai Fatty Forms Political Party!!!

The Independent Electoral Commission IEC today announces the emergence of a new political party call The Moral Congress Party. Prominent Gambian lawyer Mai Fatty is leader of  the (MCP) party. Fatty has been out of the country for over two years. Below is the full text of the press release.
A press release sent in by the IEC, and signed by its chairman - Alhaji Mustapha L Carayol, named the party as the Gambia Moral Congress. The full text of the release is as follows:

In accordance with Section 105 of Decree No. 78 of 1996, Gambia Moral Congress (GMC) has been registered as a bona fide political party in The Gambia.
The colour of the party is Red.  The symbol is Eight White Stars, seven stars representing the seven regions of The Gambia and a star representing the unity of the people.  

The party’s motto is: People Power for Human Rights and Economic Justice. The party leader and national executive chairman is Barrister Mai NK Fatty.


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Breaking News:Mai Fatty In Combat With Justice Paul!!!!
Tuesday, January 27, 2009 (5787 reads)

Mai Fatty In Combat With Justice Paul!!!!

…..Lawyer Fatty Fires The Shots!!!!


 By Mai Fatty          

With barely less than 24 hours, after Justice M A Paul’s scatting attacks on his academic qualifications as a Lawyer, Mai Fatty has reacted sharply by dismissing Paul’s claims. “The Gambia Legal Council having vetted me, and having been fully satisfied that I had fulfilled the conditions required duly and rightfully admitted me to practice law as a Legal Practitioner in The Gambia. Accordingly, I was issued with an enrolment certificate, and subsequently entitled to practice my calling. Where is the impersonation? Where is the pretence Paul is talking about? Paul as a judge should deal with facts before him supported by evidence, and apply the presumption of innocence. Well, that is for judges, not a mercenary prosecutor parading in wolve’s clothing as a judge,.”said Lawyer Fatty. Evidently, the war of words  between the two legal minds is getting ugly as both parties settled old scores. Fatty in this dispatch said he is ready to engage Justice Paul at any level, while signaling that the debate is far from over. Mr. Fatty argues that his qualification as a lawyer was in tack and in turn accuses Paul of harboring grudge against him. “I had issued invitation to Paul via this public platform to discuss his record and tenure as a judge of The Gambian Judiciary. It’s curious that Paul ended his fantasies with “Mai Fatty has spoken”, because psychologically he is worried that I shouldn’t speak again. Let me remind Paul that if you go to the lions’ then, you should expect to wrestle with the lions. He, Paul, put his character as an issue, and from that point it becomes a legitimate point of discussion. It’s nothing personal,.”Fatty posited. Below is the full text of Mai Fatty’s reaction. Please read on………….


Mai Fatty

Thank you for granting the floor to Madubuchi Paul. Every person has the right to defend himself from allegations made against him, including Paul. It is a settled principle of law that no one must be condemned unheard, and a formidable pillar of the concept of natural justice. It is this adversary system of justice that accords the truth the supremacy it deserves in civilisation. I had issued invitation to Paul via this public platform to discuss his record and tenure as a judge of The Gambian Judiciary.

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