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Breaking News: British Philanthropist In Brikama Accused Of Alleged Pedophile Activities!!
Thursday, February 28, 2008 (2918 reads)

British Philanthropist In Brikama Accused Of Alleged Pedophile Activities!!

Presence Of 12 Young Girls At Chris  Allwright’s Sanchaba Home Raises Eyebrows in Brikama

“ He did extend financial help to our station. He single handedly renovated the station. Regarding the allegations of pedophile, we are yet to receive a formal complaint. We heard people making such allegations against Allwright in Brikama, but unless we received a formal complaint, we cannot do anything. Mind you, Allwright is very close to the Inspector General. If those on the top are benefiting from Allwright’s financial help, do you think it’s safe to invite Allwright for questioning? My brother, our seniors are corrupt and there is nothing we can do on this case. Those expected to investigate suspects are now dining with suspects. Do you foresee any justice in this locality? Why are they compromising their police duties, just for few hundreds.?” said an official of the Brikama Police.

By Our Western Region, Chief Correspondent Wise Man

Concerns are being raised over the presence of 12 young girls, at the residence of an Englishman in Brikama,Sanchaba, amidst allegations that the girls were being exposed to alleged sexual exploitation. 7o year old British National Chris Allwright, who is hosting the girls at his Brikama home, has been known as a philanthropist in The Gambia. The girls continued presence at his house is raising eyebrows in some quarters. Mr. Allwright never responded to sexual exploitation enquiries earlier sent to him through his official email by our correspondent Wise Man. Our reporter wanted him to clear his name on allegations of an alleged pedophile activities. But up to the time of filing this report, Allwright was unreachable for comments.

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Breaking News: Travelers in Casamance attacked MFDC denies any links,Gambian accent detected! MFDC fighters arrived in Gambia
Thursday, February 28, 2008 (2863 reads)

Travelers in Casamance attacked MFDC denies any links,Gambian accent detected!

Prepared by Freedomnewspaper's analyses unit and translation bureau.

Last Tuesday 100 armed men emerged from the bushes of Casamance only to disrupt traffic causing shock and panic amongst travelers using the route under siege. According to various sources from Senegalese journals in Dakar the attackers did not kill anyone but left many in shock and panic.They also robbed the helpless travelers therefore disappeared into thin air with millions of CFA Francs. Those affected included a lady from Guinea Bissau. According to the head of the Senegalese army's section that handles public relations affairs Colonel Ousmane Sarr,the matter will not be left to pass without getting to the root cause. The route in question is commonly known as the "Nationale 4" high way in Senegal.

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Gambian Doctor Allamin Addresses Dakar University!!
Thursday, February 28, 2008 (2186 reads)

Gambian Doctor Allamin Addresses Dakar University!!

By Dr Mickhaeel Z.M Allamin, Dakar, Senegal


United Nationalist Intervention ON Suffrages Employment Ensuring Democracy

Your Majesties, Your Excellencies, Heads of States, Honourable Members of Parliaments, Distinguish political party and community leaders, please joint The U.N.I.ON.S.E.E.D Alliance in making the most sincere of comments and contributions in an effort to publicise, by speaking on behalf of yourselves and in the voice of the institutions you represent in this gathering of wise people, whose universal objectives are geared towards a positive contribution, to the advancement of development oriented institutions such as The United Nations, The IMF, The WB, The Union Of Arab League Of Nations, and similar sister institutions that wish to emulate better market base economic doctrines or systems similar to that advocated by this U.N.I.ON.S.E.E.D publication, The S.P.O.T


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Breaking News: Jammeh Threatens To Cancel Scholarships For Gambian Petroleum Students In Taipei!!
Wednesday, February 27, 2008 (4732 reads)

Jammeh Threatens To Cancel Scholarships For Gambian Petroleum Students In Taipei!!

……Almost All Students Failed Their Petroleum Degree Program

President Dispatches His Press Secretary JT Kujabi To Taiwan To Warn Students

By Our Western Region, Chief Correspondent Wise Man

Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh is threatening to suspend scholarships for Gambian students, studying petroleum in Taiwan, following the dismal academic performance of the first batch of students sent to Taipei, to read petroleum, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively report. Mr. Jammeh who is said to be very angry at this hour, was reported to have threatened to cancel scholarships for Gambian petroleum students, who our sources say are not faring well in University. Most of the students were said to have failed most of their course subjects. The students were given an extension by the University to improve on their academic shortcomings, or risked being kicked out of school. The students “poor performance” compelled The Gambian leader to dispatch his Press Secretary Ebrima JT Kujabi to Taiwan to talk to the students on what our sources described as the “ regrettable state of affairs.” Press Secretary JT Kujabi informed the students on arrival in Taipei, about the President’s stern warnings for the need to improve on their studies, or otherwise all scholarships would be cancelled.

Ex SG Mamburay Disgraces




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Breaking News: Gambia Arab Islamic Bank Burnt Down By Disgruntled Cashier(s)- Reveals An Anonymous source!!
Wednesday, February 27, 2008 (3135 reads)

Gambia Arab Islamic Bank Burnt Down By Disgruntled Cashier(s)- Reveals An Anonymous source!!

…..“One thing I will like you to know is that almost 85% of our Bank Cashiers in all the banks in The Gambia, are paying money due to float shortages or overpayments, which they usually used as a back up or excuses, but the real truth is the poverty, low wages and the country’s ailing economic problems. If you could remember the first fire was just few weeks before Tobaski ,when some cashiers were needing cash to solve their economic needs.” said our source.

An anonymous source reaching the Freedom Newspaper, says the Arab Islamic Bank, must have been burnt down by disgruntled cashiers, who faces daily reprisals, coaching and financial exploitations from their seniors. Bank cashiers, who had financial shortages, in their daily transactions, often have their salaries deducted, coached and in some instances fired from their jobs, the Freedom Newspaper was told.


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Yahya's failed Set-set-al and Others- Town Crier Writes!
Wednesday, February 27, 2008 (2284 reads)

I and the Gambian people have seen your so-called development you claim to have done and still  doing around your empire in Kanilai.  And we do agree when you say Gambia is developing because to you, there is no difference between Gambia and Kanilai or Yahya and Gambia. They are all one and the same.We are not jealous but we want to know who financed the building of the the mansion you live in, in Kanilai? It is rather unfortunate that we have a coward of a tail of state ; for to be a head, you have to be in the fore
front and allow the people to be in charge of their country.

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Breaking News: Sick Political Prisoner Yahya Bajinka Likely To Die Due To Ailing Health-Reveals Prison Officials!!
Tuesday, February 26, 2008 (3321 reads)

Sick Political Prisoner Yahya Bajinka Likely To Die Due To Ailing Health-Reveals Prison Officials!!

“ Yahya Bajinka is currently suffering from mental disorder and stress related problems. This is as a result of the torture he suffered in the hands of the state guards. He is really sick. He is likely to die in prisons if urgent actions are not taken to treat him.” said the Prison official.

By Our Western Region Chief Correspondent Wise Man

Yahya Bajinka, the brother of the erstwhile ADC, Major Kalifa Bajinka, is reported to be in a critical health conditions at the Mile Two Central Prisons, amidst reports that the former NIA agent might as well die in jail, if not provided with immediate medical attention. Well placed sources close to the State Central Prisons said Yahya Bajinka has been nursing serious illness for the past couple of days and that his chances for recovery was very slim. Yahya who was an employee of the feared National Intelligence Agency, has been in trouble with the Gambian authorities, since the escape of his fugitive brother Major Bajinka.


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No Justice For Carnegie, As Long As Judge Na Ceesay-Sallah Wadda Handles The Case- Freedom Editor Tells British Consultancy Firm!!
Tuesday, February 26, 2008 (2417 reads)

No Justice For Carnegie, As Long As Judge Na Ceesay-Sallah Wadda Handles The Case- Freedom Editor Tells British Consultancy Firm!!

“The Chief Justice of The Gambia, Abdou Karim Savage, a former state lawyer, himself, has been mandated by law to assign political and criminal cases to judges. This case, in question has been assigned to Na Ceesay-Sallah Wadda. She is pretty new in The Gambian Bench. She served barely less than two months on the Bench. Na Ceesay has never been a serious law advocate, throughout her legal career with the state law office- known as the Attorney General Chambers. Coupled with her lack of experience in the Bench, and also a former Government lawyer, one is reasonably compelled to believe that she might not dispense justice in this matter. Her credibility as an impartial judge, is questionable under the circumstances.” Editor Mbai tells a UK based Consultancy, Firm during an interview yesterday. Editor M’Bai was asked to provide the firm with an expert account about Gambia’s case with Carnegie, an Australian mining firm, whose General Manager is currently standing economic crime trial in The Gambia. Below is the full text of Editor M’Bai’s statement and the communications he exchanged with the firm. Please read on…

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Final Take on Sam Sarr, Mathew & Ebou Jallow-Saul Khan Writes!
Tuesday, February 26, 2008 (2797 reads)

Final Take on Sam Sarr, Mathew & Ebou Jallow 

By Saul Saidy Khan 

After reading Sam Sarr’s “…Last Nail…” piece, I was beside myself with laughter. So it’s not what Sam wrote that is the problem, it is my lack of depth which hampered my ability to comprehend what Sam wrote that is the problem. Now I see. My only request for Brother Sam is for him to confine his writings to a Distro that includes only Deep Thinkers like him and Mathew Jallow. I believe that would save us all the grief of having Shallow Thinkers like me and Suntu Touray who do not understand that Sam Sarr writes in parables challenging him unnecessarily. Apparently whatever one reads in Sam Sarr’s writing is only a façade to something more profound. What do I know? Now I feel like a cheat for not spending valuable time catching up with my kids who just returned from a three weeks vacation in Gambia. What would life be as a Gambian if we didn’t have literal Houdini characters humoring us? 


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Tuesday, February 26, 2008 (1680 reads)



Former Army Lieutenant

Following the mayhem caused by the deadly violence of Kenya's last Presidential and Parliamentary elections, mediation efforts to broker a peaceful solution to the political deadlock seem to be staggery if not hanging in a limbo. A renowned global Ambassador; former secretary General of the United Nations: Mr Kofi Annan, have taken the forefront in brokering a deal to end one of Africa's most political nightmares. Supported by the African Union, the European Union and the United States, efforts by Mr Annan and other delegates is widely hailed as a step in the right direction.

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