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Breaking News:The Big Interview:Former Observer MD Halake Drops The Bombshell!!!
Friday, February 27, 2009 (10739 reads)

Halake Drops The Bombshell!!!!!!

The Interview of The Year- As EX Observer Boss Blows The Whistle

The Big Interview: Former Daily Observer MD Speaks!!!!

By Pa Nderry MBai, Raleigh, NC.                     

In a rare interview, with the US based Freedom Newspaper, the Ethiopian born journalist, educationist and social commentator Dida Halake, said he was aware of the possibility of him being arrested if he steps his foot into The Gambia. But  the former Daily Observer Newspaper Managing Director, insists that nothing will stop him from visiting the West African country. The Pan-Africanist, cum poet who sounded fearless said going to jail will not deter him from traveling to The Gambia. “It is possible! I never expected to be arrested while MD of the Daily Observer. I expected one or two policemen to come and say “Mr. Halake, Amadou Samba has instructed us to ask you to leave the Observer premises and not to return again” – but I never expected to be arrested. So it is possible. But that would not normally stop me from going back to The Gambia. I would go, prepared for Mile 2 and challenge Amadou Samba to send me there. I will be prepared to be arrested and jailed on bogus charges for a year or two. I would even be prepared to die there from food poisoning or malaria. That is my attitude. But, at the moment my boy is my Achilles Heels - my weakness. I cannot bare even the thought of what it would do to him if I am not here, or if he cannot come to The Gambia to be with me as and when he wishes. So, as I say, it is possible that I may be arrested. On the other hand I may not be arrested. But at the moment I cannot take the risk with my boy’s educational and psychological well-being,”Halake tells Editor Pa Nderry MBai in this Exclusive interview. A former critic of the Freedom Newsaper, Halake also admitted in this masterpiece interview that the Freedom Newspaper is a national paper, which won his respect and admiration. “Pa Mbai, even while at the Daily Observer I sometimes used to wonder how you get such in-dept information! I said something in private about promoting my two most senior editors on my first day at the Daily Observer, mentioning that I wished to vacate the Editor’s chair in six months – and the very next day this was on the internet!! People are obviously giving you information and you really have established yourself as a news source. I used to attack you (2005?) over peoples’ PRIVATE LIVES but you don’t do that kind of stuff anymore. Keep up the news gathering – though you know if I was at the Observer I would give you a good run for your money for your anti-Jammeh editorials. But that is freedom of speech, isn’t it?” Halake posited. Halake also used the interview to apologize to the Editor of the Freedom Newspaper, if he has wronged him for anything, which Mbai, wholeheartedly accepted. The former Daily Observer boss commented on a wide range of issues: his beef with businessman Amadou Samba, Muhammed Bazzi, friendship with President Jammeh, Baba Kajali Jobe, The Gambia Press Union, Sheriff Bojang and other topical issues. Below is the full text of the interview. Please read on…

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Breaking News:Jammeh’s Convoy Killed 15 Year Old Boy- Police Spokesman Said
Friday, February 27, 2009 (3949 reads)

Jammeh’s Convoy Killed 15 Year Old Boy- Police Spokesman Said

By Staff Writer Bolong Jammeh, Banjul.

President Yahya Jammeh’s convoy killed a 15 year old boy on the spot along the Kombo Coastal road late Friday evening, police here said on Saturday. A spokesman of The Gambia police Force tells the Freedom Newspaper that the boy was crossing the road, when the speeding Presidential convoy ran on him, thereby killing him on the spot. The police spokesman said the incident occurred at Yarambamba village,  along the Kombo Coastal road.

The Gambian President who was retreating to his Kanilai villa for the weekend after a week of intensive meetings with visiting officials from neighboring countries, proceeded without having the courtesy to check the boy’s status of health, said eyewitnesses. Witnesses say the boy was left to struggle to death, without any medical attention accorded to him.

A pathologist is expected to conduct a postmortem before the deceased is released to his family. The autopsy report contained information about the possible cause of death, but due to fear of being arrested, many doctors here are afraid to provide independent opinion about cases of such nature.

Many were taken aback by the state guard's lack of sympathy, as they could be seen speeding towards Kanilai. For more on this story, stay tuned.

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Breaking News: Magistrate Sainabou Wadda Ceesay Vows To Withdraw From Saine's case If…..
Wednesday, February 25, 2009 (3163 reads)

Scales Praises Education Secretary Faye!!!!

Dear Mr. Editor,

May I warmly applaud Madam Secretary of State for primary and secondary education The Rt. Hon.Ms.Fatou Lamin Faye for at last confirming that 'the overall investment in Education is beyond the States capacity?" May I also congratulate Ms.Kumba Conateh Nam for achieving an MBA and recognition from The Honourable Government of Taiwan as an outstanding student who is a great ambassador for The Gambia?


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Breaking News: Another Setback for Pap Saine's case-Magistrate Sagarr Jahateh Resigns
Wednesday, February 25, 2009 (2432 reads)

Magistrate Sagarr Jahateh Resigns

Another Setback For The State’s Case Against Pap Saine!!

…. As Magistrate Jahateh Gets New Bank Job!!!

By Staff Writer Bolong Jammeh, Banjul.

Magistrate Sagarr Jahateh of the Kanifing Magistrate court, who used to preside over Pap Saine’s criminal trial,  has tendered her resignation letter to the Office of the Chief Justice Abdou Karim Savage in the capital Banjul, the Freedom Newspaper has learnt. Magistrate Jahateh was earlier called to the lower bench in 2008 with two of her female colleagues. Her resignation came as a big shock and surprise to CJ Savage, said our judicial sources. Sources further indicated that Magistrate Jahateh is a docile and a lady with conscience who never tolerates to be used by Jammeh and his hit men. Sources said that she former magistrate took the right decision by refusing to be part of the conspiracy to send Pap Saine to jail.

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Breaking News: About Three Years After The Killing Daba Marena And Co
Wednesday, February 25, 2009 (3002 reads)

Three Years After  The Killing Daba Marena And Co

….Families Demand For Justice!!!

By Musa Jobe, Our West Africa Bureau Chief In Dakar.

Extra-judicial killings and enforced disappearances have apparently come to stay in The Gambia but the disappearance of some officers of The Gambia Armed Forces and a former director general of the National Intelligence Agency nearly three years ago now has still remained a question burning on the lips of many. It is now almost three years since Daba Marenah, Lt. Ebou Lowe, Lt.Alieu Ceesay, Staff Sgt. Manlafi Corr and RSM Alpha Bah have disappeared in questionable circumstances after their implication in the March 2006 foiled coup and their relatives are still gonging the Jammeh administration to come up with cogent explanation as to the whereabouts of their loved ones and breadwinners.

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Breaking News:Independent Newspaper Arsonist Sanna Manjang Heads Gambian Peacekeeping Mission To Sudan
Tuesday, February 24, 2009 (2956 reads)

Independent Newspaper Arsonist Sanna Manjang Heads Gambian Peacekeeping Mission To Sudan

By Bakary Gibba, Our Banjul Bureau Chief

Sanna Manjang, a soldier who was said to be involved in the arson attack perpetrated on the then INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER in 2003, is now a  head of a platoon of Gambian combatants deployed to the Sudanese troubled region of Darfur, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Manjang is Jammeh’s favorite hit man. He has been linked to so many atrocities over the years. Government sources here said the United Nations should refuse the likes of Manjang security clearance to take part in such an important peacekeeping operations, in view of his present and past roles in terrorizing Government opponents-most importantly the independent media. They also call on the Sudanese Government in collaboration with the UN to pay a special attention on Manjang, who they branded as a “ serial killer” capable of causing mayhem in that troubled region.

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Breaking News:“Promotion In The Force Is Not Based On Merit And Dedication, But One’s Loyalty To The President,” IGP Badjie Tells Newly Promoted Officers
Tuesday, February 24, 2009 (1961 reads)

“Promotion In The Force Is Not Based On Merit And Dedication, But One’s Loyalty To The President,” IGP Badjie Tells Newly Promoted Officers

…As He Issues Stern Warnings Against Disloyal Officers

By Our Banjul Bureau Chief Bakary Gibba

Gambia’s police chief says promotion in The Gambia Force is not based on merit and one’s dedication to duty, but in his own words “ one’s level of loyalty to Yahya Jammeh and his ruling APRC Government.” IGP Ensa Badjie was addressing newly promoted officers of the GPF. Jesus, as he is fondly called threatens that there will be no room for the opposition and their  sympathizers in the Force .  He also told the officer that it was incumbent upon them to stay loyal to the president at all times.

The inexperienced police chief who earned his promotion based on tribal line told his colleagues officers loyal to the President shall enjoy all kinds of incentives during his watch as IGP. He said disloyal police officers should start looking for a job, because he will not condone such acts. He said the police should rally behind the commander-in-chief Yahya Jammeh.



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Breaking News:Ecobank Gambia Buys Bayba Financial Services For D 9 Million dalasis!!!!!
Sunday, February 22, 2009 (3863 reads)

Ecobank Gambia Buys Bayba Financial Services For D 9 Million dalasis!!!!!

Controversy Surrounds The Sale Of  Bayba!!!!

Following the seizure of the Bayba Financial Services, the Central Bank of The Gambia, has sold Bayba for D9Million dalasis to Ecobank, said Bank officials here. Ecobank is a Pan African bank “operating in 25 countries and over 500 branches in Africa.” The leading bank recently opened a branch in The Gambia, which is fairly faring, according to Central Bank sources. Bayba went into liquidation, following the company’s inability to  meet its financial obligations to its customers and financial lenders. As a result, the Central Bank of The Gambia, moved in to takeover the affairs of Bayba. The company’s assets and ailing financial budget were attached by the state

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Breaking News:Gambian Police Detained Wife Of EX NIA Boss!!!!!
Sunday, February 22, 2009 (2692 reads)

Gambian Police Detained Wife Of  EX NIA Boss!!!!!

…Detainee Left One Year Old Baby Behind

Police Officer Says IGP Badjie Should Be Held Responsible If The Detainee’s Baby Died Of Hunger

By Staff Writer Bolong Jammeh, Banjul.       

Police in The Gambia have confirmed the arrest of Mansata Janneh, the wife of the detained NIA official Bakary Gassama. Mrs. Janneh, who left her one year baby behind was arrested on January 2nd 2009 by the police. She is currently held at the Police Head Quarters in Banjul, said our sources. The new born baby is usually taken to her mother for breastfeeding on a daily basis, but has been separated with her parents. The child has been denied fatherly and motherly loved, said police sources, who have been assigned to oversee the detention of Mrs. Janneh. Our sources said Mrs. Janneh continues to languish in detention without any charges brought against her.  

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Breaking News:US Ambassador Barry Wells Wants To See Democracy In The Gambia!!
Sunday, February 22, 2009 (2512 reads)

US Ambassador Barry Wells Wants To See Democracy In The Gambia!!

….As Envoy calls On The Jammeh Gov’t To Uphold Democracy And Human Rights

….Pap Saine’s Case Likely To Be discontinued!!!!!

By Staff Writer, Bolong Jammeh, Banjul

As part of the periodic briefings,  the United States Ambassador to The Gambia Barry Wells, on Friday 20th February, called on the Gambian leader Yayha Jammeh at  State House in Banjul in a bid  to consolidate democracy, human right and press freedom in the country. After having  consultations  with the Gambian leader, Ambassador Wells told reporters that the US Government is very keen in supporting education and the Peace Corp volunteers operation in the country. He expressed optimism that president Jammeh is satisfied with the current bilateral relationship between Banjul and Washington.

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