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Scales Sports: May Day Sports is GNOC president elect Lang Tombong’s first official public function
Thursday, April 30, 2009 (2520 reads)

May Day Sports is GNOC president elect Lang Tombong’s first official public function

…..As workers converge in Bakau today

By Jalang Bukary     

The Gambia will join the rest of the world today May 1st to commemorate world labour day.  Workers from different departments across the country will regroup at the Independence Stadium to partake in Major sporting events as part of activities marking the day. May Day is a day set aside for employees and their employers to sit down and iron out certain issues impeding their working environment, conditions at which workers work and come up with some recommendations.

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EDITORIAL: Why Should Lawyer Mai Fatty Be Trusted???
Thursday, April 30, 2009 (2144 reads)

EDITORIAL:  Why Should Lawyer Mai Fatty Be Trusted???

….Has Mai Fatty Ruined The Future Of His Business Partner In The US??

We Shall Find Out In This Exclusive Editorial

Lawyer Mai Fatty’s credibility has been questioned once again, this time by an aggrieved litigant. While, we do not want to comment on the main substance of the case, it is imperative to note that allegations of misconduct, and financial impropriety leveled against our so called political leaders, should not be buried under the carpet. Cases of such magnitude, should be given the necessary media coverage it deserved.  If it means the disqualification, or expulsion of such political figures from our body politics, then so be it.  The time has come to hold our leaders accountable. We should not confine the media policing on Yahya Jammeh alone. There are many Yahya Jammehs in our in midst who needs to be exposed beyond redemption. We do not need corrupt leaders to preside the affairs of our state.

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Breaking News:Gambia Moral Party Leader Mai Fatty Sued In Absentia!!!!
Thursday, April 30, 2009 (2070 reads)

Gambia Moral Party Leader Mai Fatty Sued In Absentia!!!!

Lawyer Mai Fatty, a legal practitioner has been dragged to the Banjul High Court yesterday by one Ebrima Sanneh in connection with a piece of land situated in Brufut Tranquil. The case was presided over by Justice Naceesay Salla-Wadda.  Plaintiff counsel, Edu Gomez, told the court that the defendant Mai Fatty was absent and he believed he is in Swaziland. He said the case had suffered series of adjournments, adding that the defendant Mai Fatty was not appearing while he was still in the jurisdiction. According to Lawyer Gomez the defendant being a legal practitioner himself, was quite knowledgeable about the law and procedures. He added that the defendant was duly served with the process of the suit and failed to appear on the suit pending against him.

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Scales Sports: GFA LEAGUE!!!! Sea View climbed second
Tuesday, April 28, 2009 (1644 reads)

GFA  LEAGUE!!!! Sea View climbed second

…..As Armed Forces title hunt halted

By Jalang Bukary                                      

As the country’s football season gathered momentum, Sea View have moved to second on the Gambia Football Association First Division League table with 1-0 win over Gamtel courtesy of a Pa Modou Ngum 10th minute spot kick at the Brikama Box Bar Mini-Stadium as week thirteen ends on Thursday. They have now narrowed the gap between themselves and league leaders Armed Forces to eight points. The khaki boy’s title chase was delayed again after they were held to a 1-1 draw by the Western Region giant Brikama United in a hard fought battle at the Brikama Mini Stadium last Saturday.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009 (3174 reads)

As the Gambian international shines in UK
By Jalang Bukary
Edrisa Sonko, a senior national team’s prolific midfielder and vice captain is among the most talented and skilful Gambian players plying their trade abroad. Sonko joined Rovers from Walsall where he spent the 2007-08 season. He is able to play on both wings or the centre of midfield. Born on the 23rd of March 1980 and hailed from Nuimi, Edi started his career with Steve Biko and later Real de Banjul FC in the Gambia Football Association’s first division league in 1998. 

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009 (2985 reads)


BY THE WATCHMAN            

A person’s skin color goes a long way in determining their status in contemporary African society. This sad reality, defined by some as “colorism”, is evident in The Gambia where a man eligible for marriage seeks brides that are very light complexioned and potential brides favor grooms that are not only socially and economically prominent but also easy on the eyes, as far as skin tone is concerned. For all our talk about the evils of racism and inequality in South Africa, Europe and elsewhere, Gambians, like many other African societies, have long succumbed to the fallacy that “lighter is better”.


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Scales Praises Bishop Tutu
Tuesday, April 28, 2009 (1611 reads)

Scales Praises Bishop Tutu

Dear Mr.Editor,

  May I roundly applaud the "objectivity" of Bishop Desmond Tutu's stand for Justice for African's in his brave and intelligent article in The New York Times? His message is truthful and considerate and it contains none apologetic support for The International Criminal Court and its honourable delivery of Justice. No citizen, be he a pauper or a King should ever fear the envelopment of Justice through any impartial court of Law. Myself, I cannot understand why any man should wish to condemn the honourable estate of Law, except perhaps if those accused know that they are guilty. No man or woman should be placed above the law or even argue their innocence by rank or privilege.

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Breaking News: Scales Sports: Angry reaction as Jatto Ceesay loses legal battle with AGIB
Monday, April 27, 2009 (4332 reads)

Breaking News:Angry reaction as Jatto Ceesay loses legal battle with AGIB

Banjul Resident Describes The Court Verdict As A Sham

By Jalang Bukary

Soccer pundits and Scorpions fans have reacted angrily following a Gambian high court order for the sale of former skipper’s property, located at Ker Serign, Western Region of the Gambia. The prolific former skipper, Jatto Ceesay, who currently plies his trade with the Cypriot second division club, Digenis Morphou has been in a long-running legal battle with Arab Gambia Islamic Bank Ltd (AGIB) over a mortgaged house.

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Scales Sports:Reigning African U-17 team in nationwide tour
Monday, April 27, 2009 (1864 reads)

Scales Sports:Reigning African U-17 team in nationwide tour

By Jalang Bukary                            

The Gambia Under 17 team will embark on a nation-wide tour starting tomorrow, April 28, a press statement from the Gambia Football Association has revealed. The four-day tour, which is sponsored by the Gambian leader, Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya Jammeh,  is meant to enable the regions to also welcome the team after their return from Algeria, where they won the 2009 African Under 17 Championship earlier this month. According to the statement, the secretary of state for Youth and Sports, Sheriff Gomez, and the GFA president, Seedy Kinteh, will lead a 100-man delegation that will make a stop in each of the five regions (NBR, LRR, CRR, URR and WR) to enable the Baby Scorpions’ regional faithful to interact and offer them prayers ahead of  the forthcoming FIFA U-17 World Cup in Nigeria in October.


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Monday, April 27, 2009 (12349 reads)



 During the colonial days and even when the PPP was in power, Banjul was one of the most cosmopolitan cities, ethnically, in West Africa. There was not much in the way of infrastructure or glitz but this was compensated for by the sophisticated interactions between the various peoples that co-habited the island. Mandikas, Manjagos, Serahules, Peuhls, Wolofs, Jolas and Akus were so cohesive in their approach toward daily life that one couldn’t tell if they were Muslim or Christian or other; unless Tobaski came by and even then, one still had a hard time distinguishing who was what due to the all-inclusive nature of the celebrations. In my interactions on some Gambian forums, I came across a shocking display of religious intolerance from a fellow Muslim that shed light on why Yahya Jammeh’s hold on power has been so enduring.


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