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Breaking News:NGO to hold vigil for Gambia murder victims
Saturday, June 30, 2007 (1668 reads)

Accra, June 29, GNA - The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) on Friday said it would organize a vigil on Tuesday in honour of the 44 Ghanaians and six other Africans who were murdered in The Gambia two years ago.

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Breaking News:President Wade on Immigration Regulations
Saturday, June 30, 2007 (1961 reads)

By Editor Alhagie Mbye, Our London Bureau Chief
As the immigration debate rages in Europe, President Abdoulaye Wade has told the popular French TV Network France 24 that his government is fully in support of immigration regulations between Senegal and Europe because, according to him, it is the only way to benefit both countries.

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Breaking News:Genocide committed by Jammeh's Gov't to be condemned at the Ghana AU Summit in July!
Friday, June 29, 2007 (2157 reads)

While Ghana prepares to host 52 Heads of State of Africa from July 1-3, 2007 for the Ninth Ordinary Summit of the African Union, a number of pressure groups and individuals are also preparing to organize massive demonstrations that could possibly mar an otherwise grand and historic event in the life of the continent.The Independent says the planned demonstrations will be organised over three main issues; the Darfur crises, the political turmoil and economic crisis in Zimbabwe and the killing of some 44 Ghanaians in the Gambia.

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Breaking News:Gambia recalls former soldiers and other service men!Threats of arm invasion!!
Friday, June 29, 2007 (2681 reads)

By Our Western Division Correspondent Wise Man
Paid for and Commissioned by the Freedom Newspaper.

Following the ailing security situation in the Gambia, with alleged reports of  an arm invasion by rebels loyal to fugitive Colonel Ndure Cham, the Gambian Government in an official memo has advised all sacked or retired men and women in  uniform to register with the nearest security post within the Western African country, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively reveal. The leaked memo says the objective of such a national registration of former service men was intended to document ex service men who were still residing in the country. The memo also talked about the need to monitor some of the retired and fired service men believed to be passing information to Colonel Nudre Cham. A spokesman at the State House in Banjul has confirmed the said move taken by the Jammeh government to document ex service men.The spokesman said  the government's move was inline with national security, while  arguing that "It is in the interest of the country" to document these former soldiers. The spokesman says the President was still convinced about an arm attack allegedly emanating from a neighboring country. He says ex -soldiers suspected of having ties with Ndure Cham would be closely monitored by the NIA, while citing an intelligence reported issued by the NIA about an imminent security threat against this country.

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Breaking News:Observer News Editor Lamin Dibba Fired!! As the NIA hunts for Wise Man!
Friday, June 29, 2007 (2351 reads)

Stop Press: : Lamin Dibba an Editor at the pro-government Newspaper, the Daily Observer has been fired with immediate effect. Dibba a resident of Brikama has been fired twice in a span of one year. His first firing had to do with an hiv piece he authored, in which he was accused of "misquoting" the Gambian President who claimed to have cure for aids. He was reinstated, following an intervention made by Gambia's Agriculture Minister Yankuba Touray. Dibba has been fired again. One report suggested that he was being associated with the Freedom Newspaper, while another report said Dibba was being suspected of being a "sympathizer" of the opposition. What is evident though,  is that the Gambian government has long been trailing our Western Division Correspondent Wise Man. Mr.Dibba is not a staffer of this paper and it's wrong for anyone to victimize him. Wise Man's stories are factual and is driving the state house crazy. You have sacked the wrong person. Dibba's sacking followed a lead story authored by Wise Man in which he exposed an APRC Chairman who was detained on domestic violence charges. Below is the full text of the story….

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Breaking News:APRC Western Division Chairman Arrested! Accused of "wife beating"
Wednesday, June 27, 2007 (2349 reads)

By Our Western Division Wise Man.
Paid For and Commissioned by the Freedom

Western Division APRC Chairman Dembo Keleng Bojang, has been arrested in connection with “domestic violence.” the Freedom Newspaper can reveal.Mr.Bojang who is currently held at the Brikama Police Station was accused of assaulting his  wife Binta Mari Sanneh, who he accuses of being unfaithful to him. Bojang claimed in a statement to the police that his wife was “cheating on him” and as such he deems it necessary to beat her up. Bojang’s wife is a petty trader at the Brikama Market, where she sells palm oil. To the surprise of many here, Mr.Bojang walked into the market and forcefully took the Palm oil can and poured it on the face of Binta Mari Sanneh. She sustained grievous body harm as a result of the attack she was exposed to by her husband. Bojang told the police that he had credible evidence that his wife was sleeping with another man even though she was legally married to him. The Brikama police station was the scene for curious onlookers as Brikamarian stormed the premises of the police station.

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PANORAMA with 'Bulfaaleh'-Top Secret leaks Jammeh’s letter of Credit serious scandal again!!
Tuesday, June 26, 2007 (3449 reads)

Top secret leaks again.
On the whole Aziz Tamba,Mustapha Bojang and Famara Kolley were used to mask another scandal that was never meant to leak! It leaked two days ago. President Jammeh is at ease thinking his secret was wrapped.All of a sudden an anrgy state house insider who so likes Aziz and others decided to spill the beans. I came accross that piece of information like luck dropping from the powers of the revealing tarrot card.This source is so angry over how his own associates were framed and dumped by the President again.

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Horomsi:My Mile Two Prison Diary:Disturbing revelations on the muder of Daba and co!
Tuesday, June 26, 2007 (4214 reads)

Horomsi: As promised, I intend to share my Mile Two Prison diary with the Freedom Newspaper readers. It was on or about April 3,  2006, when Gambia's Intelligence Chief  Daba Marena, Lt. Ebou Lowe, 2nd Lt. Alieu Ceesay, Warrant Officer, Alpha Bah and Staff Sgt. Manlafi Corr were escorted from their tiny confinement cells to an execution ground, close to President Jammeh's birth home village of Kanilai. The men left the Prisons, under the pretext of being taken to Janjangbureh jail house. They left  Mile Two, with wounds all over their bodies. The men suffered worst torture one can ever imagine.

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Breaking News: Fatou Jaw Manneh faces new charges of causing false alarm!
Tuesday, June 26, 2007 (2240 reads)

By Soury Camara & Dawda Fye

The prosecution in the sedition case against Fatou Jaw Manneh yesterday amended the charges earlier brought against the accused, changing it to false publication with intent to cause alarm and fear in society and uttering seditious words.

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Breaking News:Freedom Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Omar Bah addresses Internation Institute of Rhode Island
Monday, June 25, 2007 (2255 reads)

"With that situation at hand, the Gambian people lacked the relevant information they needed. Efforts had to be made by independent minded journalists to balance the situation by providing the Gambian people with alternative news; Gambia needed an independent media outlet that would freely practice balanced journalism; the Gambian people needed to have a media outlet that the state could not control like it did to the already existing media houses. These culminated in the establishment of an online newspaper based in the United States called the Freedom Newspaper, in early 2006.  The paper is being edited and published by exiled Gambian journalist in the United States, Pa Nderry M'bai while I emerged as its Banjul Bureau Chief facilitating the writing of stories and passing of newsworthy information to the editor in the United States via email. In as much as we were fighting for free information to the Gambian people, I and my team in The Gambia were very cautious and had to do our work undercover under strict confidentiality. Our identity meant danger for our lives as we succeeded to reach out to the Gambian readership by giving them the most needed and balanced type of information, a publication of which was seen critical by The Gambia Government. Soon, the Freedom Newspaper became very popular. The reason was simple. We gave the Gambian people what they wanted to read and not what the government wanted them to read. While the physical tabloids in The Gambia were printing about 2000 copies each, a day, the Freedom Newspaper was receiving at least 10,000 hits on a daily basis. Only the editor in the US operated in the open while the rest of us operated under strict confidentiality. I was working at the Daily Observer while simultaneously working for the Freedom Newspaper which made me able to access more information to write for the Freedom Newspaper. Whenever stories the Daily Observer management deemed critical and unpublishable came to my desk as news editor, my conscience as an independent minded journalist would not allow me to let it go unpublished. So I would rather forward it to The Freedom Newspaper. The government soon became so concerned and suspicious about the growing popularity of the Freedom Newspaper and wanted to know which journalists were actually writing for the paper. Consequently, unbeknown to us, the Government had started a fight. It hired hackers who invaded the private files of the paper and accessed its list of subscribers accusing them of being its informants. The hackers placed a statement attributed to Editor M'bai on the homepage of the Freedom Newspaper claiming he had decided to reveal his sources and stop publishing the paper. Though M'bai almost immediately resumed control of his paper dismissing the statement attributed to him as a smear campaign against him by the hackers, Gambian security personnel went ahead to arrest all those people, tortured and released some of them when they realised that those were not the actual informants. Following the state's failure to establish who the actual informants of this online publication were, the hackers continued their job and, on May 29, 2006, finally succeeded in accessing my email correspondences with the Freedom Newspaper editor and then forwarded it to the Gambia's National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and a Gambian online chat forum – The Gambia Post, exposing me to the whole world,."says Omar Bah Editor-in-Chief of the leading US based Freedom Newspaper. Mr.Bah was addressing the prestigious board meeting of the internation Institute of Rhode Island. In this master piece speech, Bah explained how he escaped death from the hands of Jammeh's hit men, the government's illegal hacking of the Freedom Newspaper, his past role as the Freedom Newspaper Banjul Bureau Chief, his past life at the Daily Observer and a host of other topical issues. Bah who is about to release a book was hailed by the cheering crowd who were highly touched by his passionate speech. Below is full text of Editor Bah's speech. Please read on....

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