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Breaking News:President Jammeh summons security Chiefs, following the "so called" escape of Major Bajinka!!!
Monday, July 31, 2006 (3513 reads)

Breaking News:President Jammeh summons security Chiefs, following the "so called" escape of Major Bajinka!!!
     Colonel Tamba, Singhateh, Jatta, Sonko and others threatened with imprisonment, as Jammeh issues ultimatum for Banjinka to be produced "dead or alive."
       By Staff Writer Karafa Badjie

The head of Gambia's armed Forces Colonel Lang Tombong Tambong, his deputy Peter Singhateh, Interior Minister Baboucarr Jatta, IGP Ousman Sonko and other heads of security chiefs in the West African country were recently summoned to the state house in Banjul, where President Yahya Jammeh reportedly threatened to send them to prisons if they fail to furnish him with a comprehensive report about  what the President called the "so called escape" of fugitive army major Kalipha Bajinka, well placed state house sources hinted today. Sources quoted the Gambian leader as saying that Bajinka never escaped as he was "helped to leave the country" by border patrol security forces. Jammeh according to sources presided the national security meeting, in which he told security chiefs that he will not hesitate to send them to jail if they are found wanting in their duties.


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Freedom Newspaper on Washington Post-Jammeh's attempts to torture and silence the press exposed!!
Monday, July 31, 2006 (2657 reads)

BANJUL, Gambia -- Scores of reporters jailed, some emerging with tales of police beatings. Newspapers shuttered. A journalist forced into hiding.Gambia _ a sliver of a nation on the West African coast _ bills itself to foreigners as a cheerful beach resort, but critics say the country shelters a corrupt regime that is arresting reporters and closing down papers to silence opponents ahead of September presidential elections.Musa Sheriff, a reporter for a weekly Gambian magazine, said he just expected to be questioned when he saw his name on the list of people accused of passing information to Freedom Newspaper, an opposition Web site run by a Gambian living in the United States. Instead, Sheriff was thrown in jail for eight days and beaten when he didn't supply any useful information. Sheriff said he, and the dozens of others arrested, were only subscribers."There's a special place they take you where they beat for 10 or 15 minutes," Sheriff said. "Hitting you, kicking you. ... Seven or six people were on me and beating me." He said others in his cell were also beaten, including a 14-year-old who subscribed to the site.


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Vote, Vote, Vote for Halifa Sallah and NADD - Abdoulie Jallow (BambaLaye)
Monday, July 31, 2006 (2047 reads)

                                 By BambaLaye

Vote, Vote, Vote for Halifa Sallah and NADD - Abdoulie Jallow (BambaLaye)
–July 30, 2006

I am a pro-democracy peace and justice loving NADD enthusiast who's going
to make it clear to the world there can be no better leader to spearhead
the massive socio-political re-engineering needed to set The Gambia in the
right direction but for the intelligent, charismatic peace loving Hon.
Halifa Sallah. Come September, I plan on persuading and indulging every voter-aged
Gambian I know to cast their ballot for Hon. Sallah. How, pray tell, does
an unrefined new age penman, NADD fanatic democracy loving self designated
proxy campaigner in favor of a preferential option for the poor, come to
such a pass? Through a bout of moral indignation, that's how. My multiple
disillusionments with Yaya Jammeh and those aiding and abetting his feat
for becoming the most notorious dictator in the sub-region, intentionally
or otherwise, have boiled over.


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ZIMBABWE:Bill for monitoring e-mail and mobile phone calls submitted to parliament
Monday, July 31, 2006 (1416 reads)

Reporters Without Borders
Press release

31 July 2006

ZIMBABWE:Bill for monitoring e-mail and mobile phone calls submitted to parliament

Reporters Without Borders condemned the Interception of Communications Bill that was submitted on 26 July to the Zimbabwean parliament. It would allow the authorities to intercept and read e-mail messages and listen to mobile phone calls without needing to get permission from a judge."We deplore this new proposed law, which would clearly violate every citizen's privacy, the freedom of _expression and opinion, and the right of journalists to protect the confidentiality of their sources," the press freedom organisation said.

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Editorial:Minister Yankuba Touray's US Medicare Fraud exposed Again!!!
Sunday, July 30, 2006 (2345 reads)

Editorial:Minister Yankuba Touray's US Medicare Fraud exposed Again!!!
       Touray's actions is treasonable considering the economic pains and suffering he esposes our farmers to-Farmers still not paid for their sold nuts!

Today, we reported about Minister Yankuba Touray's attempts to defraud the US medicare system. The disgraced Minister thinks that he can be sending his loved ones to come and deliver here without paying hospital bills. His action can be viewed as an economic crime. Since 1994 to date, Yankuba Touray has been sending his wife to deliver here. There is no problem with him sending  Mami here to deliver in the US, if he can foot the exorbitant hospital bills.But there is no evidence so far to suggest that Yankuba Touray is paying his wife's medical bills, besides the monies he secretly wired for Mami to enjoy while staying here.Touray should bear in mind that we as US tax payers cannot afford to be paying for his wife's unfinished medicare. They either pay for their hospital bills, or stop duping the system. There are hospitals in Banjul which can take good care of Mami Minteh. But Yanks said no, "I want my kids to be American citizens."  It is gathered that all his kids are now US subjects, thanks to their clandestine operations. This paper is pleased that it succeeded in exposing corrupt officials like Yankuba Touray. It's should be everybody's business to expose those bent on milking our ailing economy. Yanks Touray is one of those responsible for the current economic predicament our country found itself. image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
How long will the stealing of public funds end Yankuba Jali Maginokos Touray?

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PK Jarju takes issue with Editor Yankuba Jambang!!!
Sunday, July 30, 2006 (2113 reads)


                                               By Journalist PK Jarju
Editor, I welcome Yankuba Jambang's respond to my letter, am very disappointed to see the the lack of professionalism and respect he openly demonstrated his rejoinder. As advoctors of freedom of  expression, it expected of us  to be tolerant and respectful to each others political views on any issue especially those of national development I have expected Yankuba to tell Gambians why Jammeh is not going to win the next election. Instead, he made personal attacks on me which exposed his lack of respect to others. Instead making personal attacks on him, I will use my precious time to state nothing but the facts for the benefit of all.In his attempts to put sense into my head, Yankuba due to his pigheadedness has forgotten that the last elections were declared free and fair and reflected the views of the Gambian people by three political leaders who contested against Jammeh.

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Breaking News:Minister Yankuba Touray's medicare graft getting out of proportion-As Mami Minteh gets a baby boy!!!
Sunday, July 30, 2006 (2333 reads)

Breaking News:Minister Yankuba Touray's medicare graft getting out of proportion-As Mami Minteh gets a baby boy!!!

      Mami spents close to $200 dollars every week to pay for Daycare on Yankuba's older son Muhammed!!!

               By Staff Writer

Mami Minteh Touray, the wife of Gambia's disgraced Agriculture Minister and chief APRC propagandist Yankuba Touray, has finally given birth to a baby boy.MS.Touray who arrives here several months before her delivery gave birth at a Raleigh hospital. As usual, they declared medicare, while Yanks is expected to pay her hospital admission fees. If our story is false, we invite MS Minteh and her husband to sue us to court. We are ready to defend our story come what may. We know why Yankuba Touray has been quiet these days. He told one of his mutual friends that the Freedom Newspaper spoiled his wife's future visits to the US, following our revelations that they duped the US health delivery system on their faked medicare declarations. image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
How long will the stealing of public funds end Yankuba Jali Maginokos Touray?

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Good Morning,Mr.President:The Salif Sadio diplomatic passport talk!!!
Sunday, July 30, 2006 (2748 reads)

Good Morning,Mr.President:The Salif Sadio diplomatic
Gambian passport talk!!! Gambia a safe heaven for MFDC rebels. Morning,Mr.President,

The Salif Sadio diplomatic passport talk. We are not surprised about the said piece written by a Senegalese Newspaper. From day one, you have been providing sanctuary to the Casamance MFDC rebels in The Gambia with the aim of destabilizing the democratic administration of President Wade of Senegal. This led to the killing of innocent civilians in the troubled Southern Province of Casamance and total destruction to property.The Gambia is the safe heaven for the MFDC rebels. They enter the country anytime they wishes and are often spotted at your home village Kanilai. It is gathered that some worked at your farm to raise funds for their usual attacks against government security installations in Senegal. There is no evidence to suggest that you supplied them with arms, but what is clear is that these MFDC rebels had their secret meetings in The Gambia. You personally give them free accommodation and shelter while in the country.
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

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Horomsi:Army Chiefs Lang Tombong, Peter Singhateh,IGP Sonko,NIA's Sambou and others should think twice? Damaging State secret files!!!
Saturday, July 29, 2006 (5853 reads) Horomsi:Ngorrdumbokadeh.... Chey!!! If President Jammeh can charged his own uncle Abdoulie Kujabi with treason, what will stop him from sacrificing his new henchmen? Foday Barry, Baba Saho, Gabriel Secka and others were one time running Jammeh's torture chambers at the NIA.The same people used to coordinate torture activities at Bambadinka. Bambadingka is a nasty cell equipped with torture gadgets.Horomsi don't wish his enemy to be taken at Bambadingka. The new coup suspects whether directly or indirectly helped Jammeh to cow down some of us, who are today writing calling for their rights be respected. Chey arduna...
Gambia's pelle Jammeh soon to Mile Two!!

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Breaking News:MFDC Rebel Leader Salif Sadio arrives in IvoryCoast with Gambia's diplomatic passport-A Senegalese paper reported!!!
Friday, July 28, 2006 (6147 reads) promised we have translated the MFDC rebel leader piece who was spotted in Ivory Coast with a Gambian diplomatic passport.The said story was reported by a Senegalese Newspaper.Below is the full text of the piece and the french version as well. Please read on...

Dear Editor,
Hereunder is the translated version of the article you forwarded to my bureau following our telephone conversation this evening(Mbai/Sey) respectively.
The translations have been done bearing in mind the "contexts" and "concepts" with reference to the situation surrounding the said article.
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Subject: Laurent Gbagbo tries Wade Salif Sadio spotted at the Presidential hotel of Yamossoukro.
Story by BABACAR TOURE.                                 Published on Friday 28 July2006.
After having been  "honoured" on Senegalese soil,the head of the Casamance rebellion was spotted on Gambian soil. But for reasons that are yet to be explained Salif Sadio is being ignored even whereas he is organising raids within his own nation's territory. From the beginning of this week he has been  on a visit in Cote D'Ivoire.The Rebel Leader has even been spotted in Yamossoukro the economic capital city of Cote D'Ivoire.
According to a well placed source within the Ivorian Intelligence,Salif Sadio safe and sound and has actually arrived in Cote D'Ivoire,even if the information is yet to be confirmed,neither has any official rebuttal been released to that effect.

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