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I Never Divided Gambia's Opposition-Lawyer Darboe Tells BBC Focus On Africa Program!!
Thursday, August 31, 2006 (2538 reads)

I Never Divided Gambia's Opposition-Lawyer Darboe Tells BBC Focus On Africa Program!!

As He Vows To Tackle Jammeh Come September Elections

Darboe Says he will never Abandon UDP for a New Party like NADD

The Presidential flag bearer of the NRP/UDP Alliance has denied dividing the Gambian opposition, as he affirms his determination to face incumbent President Jammeh and all contenders in the coming polls. Speaking in an interview with BBC Focus On Africa's Maimuna Jallow, the twice Presidential aspirant Ousainou Darboe justified his parting with NADD. Mr.Darboe argues that he will never abandon his party to join a new party like NADD, which was created to serve for five years. Darboe said he respected the memorandum of understanding which was signed on January 29TH by opposition leaders, but insists that he will never abandon his party for NADD.

Darboe Denies Dividing the Gambian Opposition

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For The Gambia our elections-Communicating with the cardinal points...
Thursday, August 31, 2006 (1457 reads)

   Author:Essa Bokarr SEY.
Dear 6th sense! Please allow minds and hindsight to  knock on your door once again. It is obvious that these cardinal points are useful during  this episode. This is an episode that is so thirsty. Nothing can quench its thirst other than communication or sincere jabbering. Sincere jabbering? Yes! because we cannot evaporate the noise from this line of endless "crude" flutes! At this time our vision is being twisted and turned by mirages from noisy corners. This noise can be called jabbering. Can we stop it now? Not at all. This means we have to try by all means thus add sugar to some of the sour grapes! Adding sugar to sour grapes? Yes! add sugar,milk and honey to those sour grapes and see if it is not better than the "fermented" sour bowl with vinegar! In this homeland aren't there political dinosaurs who strive,walk and slay? This isn't what Edward Small wrote on the national anthemn. He said this..."We Strive work and pray". These semantics can be moving up and down like engine pistons. One can substitute pray,with play or pray with slay...Hmmm the list goes on and on and on. We may want to play after praying but how about slaying? Ooops! slaying is not all that friendly near a ballot box. 

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NRP/UDP Alliance are ready to bring change in Gambia-Says Militant supporters in New York City!!
Tuesday, August 29, 2006 (1797 reads)

United Democratic Party/National reconciliation Party (UDP/NRP) Alliance New York Statement on the successful nomination of Lawyer Ousainou Darboe as a candidate for the September 22nd, 2006 Presidential election.
Ladies and gentlemen:
                                      We would like to join the National Executive Committee of the UDP/NRP Alliance in thanking everyone for the great support that the Alliance received from you to make the August 28, 2006 nomination day a success.  Lawyer Ousainou Darboe has been official nominated according to The Gambia ELECTIONS DECREE 1996 DECREE NO. 78. SECTION 42.  subsection (2) A candidate for election to the office of schedule (a) President shall be nominated in the prescribed Form 1 of part A of schedule IV by not less than five thousand votes whose names appear in the register of voters, with at least two hundred voters being drawn from each Administrative Area; SECTION (43) subsection (1) A candidate shall, at the time he delivers his nomination paper to the Returning Officer for election to the Office of (a) President, deposit with the Returning Officer, the sum of ten thousand dalasis.
Lawyer Darboe's  third  term Presidential bid

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Breaking News:Hendry Gomez nomination rejected by the IEC-Halifa defends Freedom Newspaper-Darboe sunubs us?
Tuesday, August 29, 2006 (2425 reads)

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Yesterday's nomination of Presidential flag bearers went well without any incident of violence. But one of the Presidential aspirants Hendy Gomez received the rudest shock of his life, as he was pinalized by the Independent Electoral Commission for not meeting the qualifications to contest the elections. Gomez was disqualified for his non residence in the Gambia. Under the Gambian constitution people vying for the Presidency must reside in the country for at least six months or more, but Gomez failed to meet the said constitutional requirment, which brought a major set back to his Presidential dream. Frustrated and emotional Hendry Gomez was told by the IEC Chairman that under the current situation he was not elligible to be admitted as a Presidential candidate. His nomination papers were thus rejected by the IEC. Angered by the political development, Gomez told reporters that he was not going to team up with the APRC since the IEC refuses to recognise his Presidential bid. The rejected leader of the Gambia People's Democratic Party said he prefer to support the opposition than the APRC. Gomez in recent time was seen at the state house having private talks with President Jammeh. His rejection came as a big shock to him and his handful of followers who escorted him to the IEC yesterday for nomination.

Henry Gomez in hand-shake with President Jammeh.

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Bombshell at NAWEC-MD JObe, Bahoum fired-Sirra Wally at the centre of the controversy as she eye for the MD position!!!
Monday, August 28, 2006 (2930 reads)

Bombshell at NAWEC-MD JObe, Bahoum fired-Sirra Wally at the centre of the controversy as the eyed for the MD position!!!

                        By Karafa Badjie

The managing Director of the National Water and Electricity Company Abdoulie Jobe and NAWEC'S power supply director Mr.Tijan Bahoum has been fired with immediate effect, a well placed source at the state house told the Freedom Newspaper few minutes ago. Jobe and Bahoum who were rounded up and taken to the country's main central prisons Mile Two, were said to have angered President Jammeh following frequent power disruptions in Kainilai and at the state house barely few weeks before the elections. Sources also hinted about the recent AU Summit which was marred by repeated power cuts, which never went down well with some foreign delegates hosted at the Brufut Sanneh Mentering villas. President Jammeh according to sources personally ordered for the arrest of Jobe and Bahoum. Mr.Bahoum is NAWEC'S chief engineer and his arrest according to NAWEC insiders will further affect the dead generators which could hardly provides two hours uninterrupted power services. NAWEC insiders say the arrest of their officials was engineered by Sirra Walley, an official of NAWEC. Sirra was said to be a former classmate and Jammeh's secret girl friend. NAWEC sources say the Gambian leader listened to Sirra more than the company's MD Abdoulie Jobe. NAWEC, according to these sources is currently faced with internal power struggle and undermining schemes spearheaded by Sirra Walley. Sirra is said to be eying for the MD portfolio even though she lacked the qualifications to run such a post.

Abodoulie Jobe faces Jammeh with NAWEC staff

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Monday, August 28, 2006 (1818 reads)

                              AND STILL WE DIE
By Mathew K. Jallow
                         I see distraught and grimacing faces
                        Bloodshot eyes can cry no more
 But yesterday, the tears rained down her face
And still there is no answer, no closure
Now only more questions, more anguish
I heard a child's gentle tap on mama's lap
I want my daddy, where is my daddy? She asks
Will daddy ever come home; even mama doesn’t know
A child doomed to never hug a beloved daddy again
And still we die

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Edy Kabayfu with Suwokuta-Why allow to be enslaved and later fired by Jammeh?
Monday, August 28, 2006 (1976 reads)

Why allow to be enslaved and later fired by Jammeh?

Justice Assan Jallow the judge who worths his salt

President Jammeh few years ago said people he sacked from his government will suffer for the rest of their lives, as they will not be qualified for rehire or to be appointed by local and international organizations. The President believes that without his government such political appointees cannot make head way in life, as in his own words"they are useless people who cannot deliver the goods." Since the making of his statement, we have seen many of these people sacked by Jammeh living good and had far more important jobs they used to run for Jammeh. A classical case is Assan Jallow, former Supreme Court judge. Mr.Jallow is today UN'S big gun at their war crime court in an African country. Assan Jallow can pay President Jammeh and get some change. Mr.Jallow refused to be used as a mercenary judge, which led to his resignation. Assan calls it quits when he realized that he cannot work with Jammeh. This is the only person who won my respect and admiration. He never allowed to be used for political gains.

Justice Hassan meets the President.

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Editorial:Today is D Day for Presidential Nominations in Gambia-The Race for the State House kicks off!!
Sunday, August 27, 2006 (1899 reads)

Today is D Day for Presidential Nominations in Gambia-The Race for the State House kicks off!!

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. The Verdict of the people should prevail-Let Give peace a chance please.


The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. is the D day for the nomination of Presidential aspirants in the country's upcoming polls scheduled for September 22ND. Three Presidential flag bearers are engaged in the State House race. Yahya Jammeh of the APRC, Ousainou Darboe of the UDP/NRP Alliance and NADD'S Halifa Sallah. Both Jammeh and Darboe are not strangers as far as the Presidential race is concerned, unlike Halifa Sallah who is contesting for the first time. We hope and pray that Gambians will nurture the peace by ensuring that the nominations and the elections are conducted in a free, fair, transparent and peaceful manner. Our nation is once again placed under test. Our people should demonstrate high level of maturity in days to come especially the government of the day. The issue of violence and electoral malpractices should be set aside. Let the contending parties allow the verdict of the people to prevail in the coming elections.newpanderry1.jpg

Pa Nderry M'Bai, Freedom Newspaper Managing Editor,cum publisher

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As nominations of Presidential Candidates kicks off today- Waa Juwara accuses the APRC of rigging the elections!!!
Sunday, August 27, 2006 (1718 reads)

As nominations of Presidential Candidates kicks off today- Waa Juwara accuses the APRC of rigging the elections!!!

                Waa exposes the random ID Cards issuance, registration of non Gambians and government's attempts to deny the opposition access to GRTS!!!

Lamin Waa Juwara an official of NADD says the country's September 22 Presidential elections had been partly rigged by the Ruling APRC as he cites the random Identity Cards issuance, the registration of non Gambians and the lack of level political field. Juwara widely known as the Niamina Dankunku lion said the opposition had been denied access to the state controlled media GRTS, which in his own words "is being used by the government for propaganda activities. Mr.Juwara says the opposition NADD will challenge the electoral fraud at any given time, while insisting that President Jammeh got to go this year. He said the coming elections will determine the future of the Gambia and therefore warns that any attempt made by the Gambian voters to re-elect Jammeh means the country will continue to face climate of fear,political uncertainty,rights abuses and gross mismanagement of state resources. Waa Juwara a firebrand politician says Gambians had the option to vote for democracy by electing the opposition or risked being bullied and misrule by dictator Jammeh. He urged Gambians not to vote for President Jammeh who he accused of not having the country's interest at heart. Mr.Juwara says the country had been exposed to totalitarian and despotism over the years under the leadership of President Jammeh. He says Gambians were in dare need of regime change and will demonstrate such a desire come election day. "We have had 12 years of dictatorship and what we need now is democratic change. Gambians want change." he posited.


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Breaking News:Sub-Saharan Immigrants die trying to reach the Canary Islands!!
Sunday, August 27, 2006 (1813 reads)

Fifteen Sub-Saharan immigrants die trying to reach the Canary Islands
By m.p.
Sun, 27 Aug 2006, 21:08

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Some of the illegal immigrants intercepted off Almería at the weekend. Photo - EFE.

Fifteen sub-Saharan immigrants have been found dead on a beach in Mauritania, after they set off from Senegal to try and reach the Canary Islands.
Fourteen of them were buried on Sunday, in the presence of diplomats from Gambia and Senegal. A fifteenth body was only found that day. The others were discovered on Saturday.

They were amongst dozens of passengers on two open-topped boats which set sail from the north of Senegal more than a week ago. 179 of them were rescued, but there are no exact figures of the number who died from dehydration on the journey and were thrown overboard.

The Mauritanian authorities say they may find more bodies.

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