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On the whole Jarga was a janitor and not CEO: The prince that never was! Essay part one!
Friday, August 31, 2007 (1921 reads)

Keeping a job at Joko Enterprise depends on the individual’s productivity and willingness to show up on time. Many are call, but few are chosen. Having worked in 50 different stores, Jarga had a history of unstable work history. He hardly can keep a job for three months. Jarga still believes that he is a prince and should not do unskilled jobs, while in Noflie land. The first day we met at work, he started telling me his story. He said his father was the king of Cambi Bolong. He served high positions in government. He got PHD in “woralu” meaning idling. That he was at a wrong place, at a wrong time. Jarga would often brag that he will quit the job, if his supervisors fail to give him a good raise after his ninety days probation. He also complained about how other staffers treat him.

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State Guard Soldiers Graduate from IT course!!
Friday, August 31, 2007 (1931 reads)

By Correspondent Famara Jammeh, Banjul.
Paid for and commissioned by the Freedom

Several Soldiers from the State Guard and two civilians today graduated from IT training at their IT School based in the State House assisted by Quantum Associates and Air Tip.According to their training instructor Momodou MD Sama, 21 students including 2 civilians trained in this 7th batch of intake that were giving certificates today.  He said 5 got distinction, while 8 got credit and the other 8 just passed and 2 among them failed. He praised Jammeh for letting them achieve this. He said Quantum donated lots of money and training materials.

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Breaking News:NDAM Will Never Be Part Of NADD-Juwara Declares- He caution Gambians abroad!
Thursday, August 30, 2007 (2587 reads)

Gambians Abroad Trying to Unite The Opposition Should Relax- Says Waa Juwara.

NDAM Will Never Be Part Of NADD-Juwara Declares

As he disassociates NDAM From NADD

"Juwara's comments would no doubt shatter the hopes of Gambians in the diaspora, especially those in the United States currently busy trying to unite the divided opposition. Juwara told our reporter that the current Gambian opposition was not a solution to the country's political predicament. He urges his colleagues to admit failure and move on. He aslo had a beef with Gambians abroad trying to dictate the political process, when according to Juwara they are out of touch with realities on the ground. Juwara says the opposition had failed and non of these people can bring them together."

By Correspondent Famara Jammeh, Banjul.
Paid for and Commissioned by the Freedom

Controversial Gambian politician Lamin Waa Juwara, who is also the leader of the oppositon NDAM party has said NDAM would never be part of NADD, following reports about some Gambians in the USA discussing on the disintegration calling it “ill fated.” Mr.Juwara in an interview with the Freedom Newspaper says for NDAM to join NADD again was totally out of it. He says  those trying to bring parties together should relax,  as the country’s opposition is more divided today than ever before in the country's political history. He says such individuals should redirect their efforts in other areas than trying unite a failed opposition. Mr.Juwara known for his controversial stance on political matters, never minces his feelings on NADD and the sorry state of The Gambian opposition.

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Breaking News:Michael Scales donates another $550 dollars to Freedom Newspaper! Editors to purchase a new lap top!
Thursday, August 30, 2007 (1712 reads)

A friend and strong supporter of the Freedom Newspaper, Michael Scales has extended another $550 dollars donation to the paper to enable its Editors to secure a lab top that would be used to update the paper 24/7. Mr.Scales's  intervention came at a time when our main office computer is experiencing technical problems. To some extent, this had hindered the day to day operations of the paper. This was the computer Jammeh and his agents hacked in May of 2006. In a letter addressed to the Freedom Newspaper, Mr.Scales announced the gesture he extended to the paper. He advised the Freedom Editors to check their paypal account, as he had wired the said sum to Freedom. Scales said he is ready to stand by Freedom come what may. He says the Editorial staff of Freedom are doing a fine job by keeping Gambians and friends of The Gambia abreast about political and economic developments taking place in The Gambia.

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Breaking News:Prison boss trial takes twist! Colleagues pour testimonies in David Colley’s case
Thursday, August 30, 2007 (1985 reads)

By Correspondent Famara Jammeh,Banjul.
Paid for and Commissioned by the Freedom
Two prosecution witnesses this morning gave testimonies in the ongoing trial of the former Director General of prisons at Banjul Magistrate Court before Magistrate B.Y. Camara.In the alleged generator theft case involving David Colley, the former Director General of Prisons some of his colleagues have testified.

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Breaking News:NIA Reacts, Puts record straight!!AS Magistrate warms them up
Thursday, August 30, 2007 (2008 reads)

By Correspondent Famara Jammeh, Banjul.
Paid for and commissioned by the Freedom
Following a story published in the Point Newspaper in which Magistrate Moses Richards of the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court was quoted to have warned the National Intelligence Agency and the Police to desist from interfering in civil matters have racted.
The NIA has issued the following statement below:
 Due note is taken of Point’s Newspaper edition of 30th August 2007 captioned “Magistrate Richards Warns NIA, Police to stay off Civil Matters.”May I please point out that the case in question was not reported to the NIA as insinuated in the purported judgement delivered by Magistrate Richards at Kanifing Court on the 29th August 2007. I would also like to observe that in almost all criminal matters involving financial transactions, there is always an element of civil transaction; hence the need for parties to resort to civil proceedings where amicable resolution failed.
Indeed the Director General of NIA has warned members of staff of this Agency to desist from handling and interfering with civil cases.

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Magistrate Jammeh sends Abortion signnal
Thursday, August 30, 2007 (1710 reads)

By Famara Jammeh

  Two women were convicted and sentenced today at the Kanifing Magistrates’ court before Magistrate Pa Harry Jammeh for commiting abortion.   Mariama Tirera and Sidat Bangura were each today convicted and sentenced by Magistrate Pa Harry Jammeh of the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court to pay D3000.00 in default to serve one year imprisonment. 


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Breaking News:Major Kalipha Bajinka and his wife arrived in the US!! Fugitive Bajinka settling down in Boston!
Thursday, August 30, 2007 (3481 reads)

By A Staff Writer

After spending one year in exile in the Senegalese Capital of Dakar, Major Kalipha Bajinka and his wife have finally resettled in the United States, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Bajinka who arrived in the US two weeks ago accompanied by his wife fled the Gambia shortly after the March abortive coup, which led to the arrest of dozens of army officers. Five of the coup suspects including Gambia’s former intelligence chief Daba Marena were reportedly murdered by the government. Competent and dependable sources say Bajinka and his wife are currently residing in Boston. 

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Breaking News:GAMTEL Sale:Gambia's President Receives D100 Million Dalasis Kickback Bribes-Reveals A Perm Sec!
Thursday, August 30, 2007 (3107 reads)

GAMTEL, GAMCEL AND GIA SALE:D100 Million Dalasis kickback deal went into Jammeh's pockets-State House Sources unveil!

GAMTEL Board fired, as the new owners step in

State House Permanent Secretary says The Government is under increasing pressure from World Bank and IMF for selling GAMTEL, GAMCEL AND GIA.

“ They went into this deal without putting into consideration its aftermath. Our donor partners are the least happy about the President’s move to sell these institutions. They have protested to the Government and are awaiting comprehensive explanation on this matter from Government. This was not what the IMF recommended to Government. The President thinks that he can take such major economic decisions without the World Bank and the IMF knowing about it. He might soon compromise some people in government to just to satisfy the donors. Since the signing of this deal, calls and letters of concern had been pouring at the State House.” said the Permanent Secretary.

By Staff Writer Justice Sam, Banjul.
Paid for and commissioned by the
Freedom Newspaper.

In what appeared to be a well coordinated graft to reap-off GAMTEL, GAMCEL and GIA, well placed sources in the heart of The Gambian Government are speaking out at this hour, about President Yahya Jammeh’s underhand deals to receive kickbacks amounting to over D100 Million Dalasis from the new Lebanese investor group, which recently purchased the above mentioned public corporations, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively report. Our sources at the State House in Banjul, said before the reaching of the said privatization deal, the Gambian leader was bribed with D100 Million Dalasis to give his blessing to the much talked about GAMTEL deal. The sum in question was hand delivered to the Gambian leader, who is increasingly isolated locally and internationally.

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Breaking News:Gambia:Gambia:Briton Murderers go for Life imprisonment!
Wednesday, August 29, 2007 (2702 reads)

Gambia:Briton Murderers go for Life imprisonment!

Ron Ford Killers to spend Rest of their lives behind bars-Court Rules!

"British Tourist Ron Ford was killed and buried in Kaberkel in Casamance, Sengal"

"It was clear from the prosecution witnesses testimonies that the accused persons are the ones that killed Ron Ford and it was also clear from the prosecution evidence after the murder the accused persons benefited from the money and other properties of the deceased.  The magistrate went on to add  "After weighing the evidence of the prosecution and that of the defense, the court believed the evidence of the prosecution witnesses. The evidence before the court had clearly shown that the prosecution has proven their case against the accused persons. Accordingly, the court found the accused persons guilty of the offence under which they were charged with and consequently sentenced to life imprisonment."says Magistrate Buba Jawo

By Correspondent Famara Jammeh, Banjul.
Paid for and commissioned by the Freedom

Two men accused five years ago of a murder of a Briton were today sentenced to life imprisonment by Magistrate Buba Jawo of  the Kanifing Magistrates' court, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively report. Dawda Bojang and Kawsu Jarju were today sentenced to life imprisonment by Magistrate Buba Jawo for their murdering in cold blood of  Ron Ford, a British national who was a holidaymaker in The Gambia then. The British National who was buried outside the Gambian frontiers, was declared missing by his family in the United Kingdom. Scotland Yard Detective officers participated in the investigation of Mr.Ford's murder, which led to the arrest of the two convicts.

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