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Breaking News:The Big Interview: Gambia’s Opposition Leader Tough On Jammeh!!!
Sunday, August 30, 2009 (4045 reads)

The Big Interview: Gambia’s Opposition Leader Tough On Jammeh!!!


…As UDP Leader Exposes Yahya Jammeh’s Leadership Deficiency

Tales Of Gross Human Rights Violations, Corruption, Abuse Of Power, Dictatorship Highlighted

Jammeh Extends Financial Aid To Taiwan-Darboe Reveals

By Pa Nderry M’Bai, Raleigh, NC

The leader of Gambia’s main opposition United Democratic Party (UDP’S) Ousainou Darboe, has branded President Yahya Jammeh as a “ failed leader,” arguing that every sector of  Gambia’s society is in complete decay. Darboe, who is on a visit to the United States, characterizes the Jammeh administration as a terror regime, which is hell  bent on undermining the rights, and liberties of  Gambians. “He has failed. It is not a question of failing. He has failed as a leader. There is absolutely no doubt about that.  He has failed as a leader. The rhetorics, the promises that Gambians were greeted with in 1994, have all been swept under the carpet. So he has failed as a leader. There is absolutely no doubt about that.  Every sector of The Gambian society is in decay. The economy is on a downturn, the education standards are low, think about any sector of  Gambia’s society is falling. President Jammeh has really failed,” posited the UDP twice Presidential candidate. Speaking in an exclusive interview with Editor Pa Nderry M’Bai, Mr. Darboe catalogued the gross human rights violations perpetrated by the Jammeh regime over the years. “The Gambia is not at peace with itself. There is certainly a lot  of things happening that has thrown the country into polarization. So really a country that is polarized is not a country that is at  peace in itself. There is a great deal of repression, oppression, the rights of the individuals are being trampled upon. And obviously, there is a great deal of discontent, silence discontent in the country, within the citizens of the country. So the country is not at peace,” Darboe said while lambasting President Jammeh for his lack of leadership direction. Darboe also talked about Jammeh’s  recent foreign aid he (Jammeh) extended to the people Taiwan. He commented on a wide range of issues: ranging from his career as a politician, Jammeh’s wealth, opposition front, IEC’S credibility problem, members of the security forces participating in active politics, among others. Below is the full text of the interview. Please read on…


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Freedom's Exclusive Interview with Mathew Jallow: Jammeh Is In Great Danger
Sunday, August 30, 2009 (2940 reads)

Jammeh Is In Great Danger-Mathew

We Will Smoke Jammeh Out-Warns Mathew Jallow

We are already seeing signs of fraying and weakening of his regime, as one by one, he is distancing himself from some of his former non-Jola trusted advisers, and replacing them with Jolas. We also recently learnt that he often changes routes when he is traveling in the country, and this they say, is for security reasons. Well, Yahya Jammeh may dodge the bullet for one day, but we will live to fight and hunt him down another day. For as far as he is in the country, he will never be entirely safe, and even if he goes into a hole as Saddam Hussein did, we will smoke him out. It may not be far fetched to think that soon there may be selective elimination of threats to our peaceful existence, and for this, individuals hand-picked and favored by Jammeh to help perpetuate his rotten regime, may be the targets of systematic cleansing of our country of rodents, leaches and slimy worms,” These were the exact words of journalist Mathew K Jallow. He was speaking in an exclusive interview with Editor Pa Nderry M’Bai. Below is the full text of the Interview.


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Scales Takes Issue With Gambia’s Online Community
Sunday, August 30, 2009 (1918 reads)

Scales Takes Issue With Gambia’s Online Community                                        

Dear Mr.Editor,

 There is a very healthy debate ensuing at this time amongst the contributors to the Gambian online media. To add to the debate, I ask the it relevant that some Gambian's are not as gifted as some others, in the use of the English language. For what connects  the debate is that all use the English language to express feelings, opinions and emotions. With the occasional smattering of Worlof or dialect that we English do not always recognize or understand. What I can say with confidence is that an ever increasing number of non Gambians are tuned into your words and the expression of your God given right to express how you feel. Therefore what you say and how you express yourself becomes important from the perspective of being Global ambassadors for The Gambia and Africa as a whole. The other aspect that raises its head daily, is the standard of Gambian journalists and the Editors of the respective online newspapers. For within the debate comes the occasional rift between Editors and  those who carry the debate with obtuse opinions. Is this good? and does it reinforce the thrust for an open and uncensored media. either within or without The Gambia.


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Editorial:The Gambia Becoming A Death Trap Nation!!!!
Saturday, August 29, 2009 (2147 reads)

Editorial:The Gambia Becoming A Death Trap Nation!!!!                                        

The Gambia is increasingly becoming a death trap nation. Barely a week passes without reports of an automobile accident. Innocent people are dying,  thanks to Jammeh’s misplaced economic priorities. Major roads across the country are in deplorable conditions. The Government lacked funds to repair the battered roads.Many blamed the accidents to over speeding, but the reality is that bad roads also aggravated the problem. In the absence of good roads, there is bound to be accidents. The Government should be blamed for the loss of lives. It is the duty of the Government to ensure that there are safe, and reliable road network across the country.

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Friday, August 28, 2009 (2316 reads)



P. O. Box 1440, Banjul, The Gambia

email: url:




A new position of Executive Director, Gambia Press Union Secretariat is vacant.

The position will be funded by the recently approved capacity building project “Media for development – Development for media” which includes the institutional strengthening of the Gambia Press Union. The Project, financed by the Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DANIDA) and implemented in cooperation with the Danish organisation GAMES (Gambia Media Support ) is part of a process to strengthen the institutional capacity of GPU.

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Breaking News:Gambia:Corruption Allegations Against Vice President Isatou Njie Saidy!!!!
Thursday, August 27, 2009 (3724 reads)

Corruption Allegations Against Vice President Njie Saidy!!!!

VP Secured Job For Her Daughter Amie Saidy At The Treasury Department Without Any School Certificate

To start with our exposure of the VP: Here is Amie Saidy’s cellular phone number:  9998928.  I  am releasing this information for any future Government interested in pursuing the corruption allegations against the Vice President.  I am not convinced that President Jammeh will part company with her in the short term, nor will he form an inquiry to probe her, but I deem it imperative to bring this high profile official corruption on  the table for Gambians to decide. The Vice President is not only corrupt, but discriminatory.  She is denying hardworking Gambians jobs  to the expense of her  own daughter.

By A Special Correspondent

Amie Saidy is the daughter of  Gambia’s Vice President Isatou Njie Saidy. She has just graduated from High School. It was in June of this year, when she sat  for  the West African Senior Secondary school examination, conducted by (WAEC).  While she is awaiting for her Examination results, her Mum Isatou Njie Saidy, uses her position as the country’s  Vice President to secure her a job at the Treasury Department.  Guess what? Amie is now an Accounts  Clerk. She was hired without any certificate, or an official transcript from her former school, the Methodist Academy.

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Breaking News: Disturbing Revelations Surround The Escape Of The Daily Observer Editor!!
Thursday, August 27, 2009 (3059 reads)

The Reason why Editor Cham fled Gambia!!!!

Disturbing Revelations Surround The Escape Of The Daily Observer Editor

Cham’s Flash Drive implicating Momodou Sanyang, Director General of GRTS, Pa Malick Faye, current MD of the Observer Company and Dr Saja Taal, former  MD of the Observer Company Intercepted!

By Staff Reporter  Modou  Jammeh, Banjul

An insider close to State House in Banjul has revealed to this reporter that the actual reason behind the fleeing of Kemo Cham, the former editor in chief of the Daily Observer, the pro-government newspaper, is tied to a report he purportedly wrote, implicating Momodou Sanyang, Director General of GRTS, Pa Malick Faye, current MD of the Observer Company and Dr Saja Taal, former  MD of the Observer Company.The alleged report which is said to have been handed over to the NIA, was discovered on Editor Cham after been subjected to close surveillance by the ever jittery Observer management, on the orders of Momodou Sanyang who has been battling with the sacked Gambian ambassador to the US, Neneh Macdoull-Gaye, over who has a say on the leadership of the paper. While Momodou Sanyang favoured Pa Malick Faye as Observer MD, Neneh Macdoull-Gaye had wanted to make Cham as MD, sources said.

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I’m Ashamed By Gheran Senghore’s Misconduct- Michael Scales Posits
Wednesday, August 26, 2009 (1755 reads)

I’m Ashamed By Gheran Senghore’s Misconduct- Michael Scales Posits

Dear Pa Nderry, 

 I feel deeply ashamed at the further conduct of Gheran. I will raise the matter with his Mother who is presently in The U.K. Av very kindly and devout Christian lady and one of my life’s best friends.

Rest assured that when we meet later this year either in the UK or will be completely safe and highly welcomed.

I cherish our friendship and consider you a very honest and trustworthy colleague. Your personal contribution to The Gambian people is outstanding and should be recognized with respect and honor.

 Message of sympathy and support .


Editors note: Thanks Mike for the solidarity support. Dude needs to get a life. He is messing with the wrong person. I don’t give a damn about him, and all the idiots yapping on us. We are blessed. God is on our side. We do not have time for detractors. Journalism for life. I look forward to seeing you in Raleigh, NC.

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Yahya Jammeh Exposed Again!!!
Wednesday, August 26, 2009 (2139 reads)

Yahya Jammeh Exposed Again!!!

The Gambia Press Union USA Branch (GPU-USA) And Save The Gambia Democracy Project (STGDP), a pro-democracy movement working for the restoration of good governance, rule of law and press freedom in The Gambia, jointly condemn the recent arrests, prosecution and subsequent sentencing of the six Gambian journalists to two years imprisonment.

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EX US Army Reservist Gheran Senghore Still Determines To Murder Freedom Editor!!!!
Wednesday, August 26, 2009 (2593 reads)

EX US Army Reservist Gheran Senghore Still Determines To Murder Freedom Editor!!!!

We Received Disturbing Email About Senghore’s Sinister Plots Against The Freedom Newspaper

By A Concerned Gambian

This is a private email.  Please be aware of this. I want to inform you that since moving to England from USA due to lack of a decent  job and frustration, Gheran Senghore is still struggling to destroy the image of Pa Nderry Mbai and the Freedom newspaper.

Gheran is circulating serious allegation and other issues that are very improper against you and I think you must be mindful and take precaution.

Instead of concentrating on his personal business, he keeps on interfering. All what you wrote about him formerly is true as I see it now. So beware of this guy as he sound very confused these days.

Remember the moment you publish this like it is, he may know is me because  we are close. Thank you.


Editors note:  Thanks Reader for volunteering such an important information. We are privy of Gheran Senghore’s  character assassination against this paper.

First, he threatened us with death, only to move to the UK.  Now he is resorting to smear campaign with multiple pen names. Cool!!  Good luck to this disgraced, and useless  former US Army reservist.  No wonder, he has been reduced to a destitute in the UK. He can’t make it here in the US. He lost his Securitas Security job after we filed a complaint against him for abusing company computer systems.

Gheran left his wife, and family in the US idling in the UK. He claims to be going to school, but we very much doubt his claims. This guy dropped out of college in Kansas City. He better work on paying the Financial Aid he secured from Government  than peddling lies against the Freedom Newspaper.  He has been out of college for six months. It is time to pay that money. 

Matter of fact, I received briefings from a colleague, who recently returned from the UK on a visit. We dare publish the information we gathered about Gheran for ethical reasons. This guy has gone nuts.  He needs serious help!!!!

For your information, the Freedom Editor will be in the UK around December of this year. The FBI, and the UK Intelligence services will be notified accordingly about Gheran’s  looming threat of taking Mr. M’Bai’s  life.  You can run, but cannot hide.  All your hate emails are being stored, and reviewed. You and your  accomplice(s) will be held responsible for the death of Pa Nderry.  Take note hater!!! We are no cowards to be bullied. You get that Gheran!

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