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How Gambia Became a Lobbyist's 'Nightmare'
Saturday, September 30, 2006 (2534 reads)

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Emma Schwartz


For more than two years, Washington lobbyist John Aycoth was paid to make Gambia look good. But a dispute over $500,000 Aycoth says the government owes him has transformed the one-time spokesman of this tiny West African nation into one of its biggest critics.
During a four-day bench trial last week before Judge Gladys Kessler of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, testimony from Aycoth, his business partners, and two Gambian officials offered a rare glimpse into how one lobbyist tried to remake the image of an unpopular world leader and how their relationship fell apart. Though impoverished countries like Gambia have ambassadors and envoys in the United States, many hire Beltway insiders in hopes of fast-tracking their nations into a better and more lucrative relationship with Washington. But such work is a high-stakes business that comes with certain financial and personal risks. Payment delays are common, if not expected, among lobbyists working for African nations. And clients come and go at the whim of unstable politics and leaders. The dangers are clear, and Aycoth surely knew that. His work for the Democratic Republic of Congo ended in 2001 when its president was assassinated.
John  Aycoth.jpg
           John Aycoth

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PANRAMA with 'Bulfaaleh'-Ousainou Darboe hard feelings on the way,Dr Manneh cabinet and revenge.
Saturday, September 30, 2006 (2340 reads)

Ousainou Darboe his past speeches made President Jammeh hate him more..

During the campaign Darboe used a good strategy by reminding Gambian farmers about the need to sell their nuts.This was a good shot. President Jammeh and Yankuba Touray saw no chance in getting a winner on that one. They chose to say that,it is the duty of the private sector to purchase our farmers' nuts? This reveals the campaign strategies of the APRC behind the scenes. This is exactly what they were saying during their night visits in different households. They used Darboe's name to win votes. They told some people that they did offer Darboe a trade licence in the past but he refused. There are so many of our farmers who will see Darboe as the bad man. Yankuba and Jammeh are saying Darboe has the chance to help but he refused to do so because he is not the mansa. Remember these folks are desperately in need so they might have simply been bewitched by Touray with that shallow thought. They have been made to fear the opposition. This is why Yankuba chose to use the same version in the open now that Jammeh has stolen the elections. Any person who was told decided to surrender his or her card. These are the people who did not vote.
This is why President Jammeh thru Yankuba is making noise on that one these days. Yankuba dared not utter what he said if Jammeh did not permit him to do so. Darboe will be seeing more unexpected smear campaign from the APRC. The Jammeh camp believes Darboe was so right about his contacts in Geneva which he exposed during the campaign.
Jammeh is a joke big time!

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Aycoth Sees Smear Job!
Friday, September 29, 2006 (3841 reads)

O’Dwyer’s Public Relations News, New York, NY

Sept. 26, 2006



John  Aycoth.jpgJohn Aycoth

EAW Group CEO John Aycoth testified Sept. 25 in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia that he is the victim of a smear campaign launched by Gambian government officials who are trying to destroy his reputation by alleging that he had an affair with that country's First Lady.

The firm is suing Gambia in an effort to recoup $500K in PR fees plus interest from '02 that it claims is owed to it.

Aycoth told the Court every time he visited Zeinab Suma Jammeh in her Washington hotel suit she was surrounding by her entourage and body guard. He denies any sexual relationship with the wife of President Yahya Jammeh.

Aycoth said John  Bojang, Gambia's former Ambassador to the U.S., tipped him off about the smear campaign. That effort is geared to killing his relationship with Gambia's leader.

Aycoth has also said that he has received death threats because of the legal squabble.



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Friday, September 29, 2006 (1777 reads)

Athored by
Essa Bokarr SEY.
"Zombi no deh tink if you no tell ham tink"
These were Fella's words from pidgin English.
Don't they really suit those Khaki denims?
Listening to Fella Ransom Kuti was a pleasure on that platform.
'Meow!!!!!' chase that bad cat.
'Sipp waaye!'

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Breaking News:Washington Federal Judge to write A Judgment on EAW Case Against Jammeh!!
Friday, September 29, 2006 (1959 reads)

The protracted legal battle between the Washington based lobby firm the EAW Group and the Gambian government ended yesterday. The Presiding judge Gladys Kessler  promised to issue her judgment soon. The trial proper which began this week seen the testimonies of witnesses from both the plaintiff and the defendants. The Chief executive officer of the EAW Group John Aycoth, slambed half a million United States dollars law suit against the Gambian government for breach of contract and loss of earning. John was hired years back to serve as Gambia's lobbyist in the US. His contract was terminated while the regime allegedly failed to pay him for the services he rendered to them over the years. In order to beef up his case John Aycoth presented in court documentary evidence to prove that a contract between him and the government did indeed existed. The state in their deposition says the lobbyist failed to live up to their expectation and thus decided to let him go. Their star witness Crispin Grey-Johnson testified earlier that John was unable to bring investors into the country. SoS Famara Jatta in his testimony also made a similar comment. Come judgment day, Gambians and the world will know the out come of the said case. EAW Group President John Aycoth has always been hopeful of winning the case.
The Long Awaited Verdict Coming Soon!

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Breaking News:Shocking Revelations AT The DC EAW Court With GG-Famara Jatta faces court!
Wednesday, September 27, 2006 (4904 reads)

ShowLetter.jpgBreaking News:Shocking Revelations AT The DC EAW Court  With GG.

Intercel Boss Spill The Beans, As He Narrates How Corrupt Government Officials Tried To Undermine His Project With Kickback Demands!

Bakary Njie.jpgBakary Njie Demands $50,000
Dollars To Okay GSM Project-While James Kujabi was Accused of Demanding $400,000 Bribe For Jammeh's Re-Election....
       By Our Washington DC Legal Affairs Correspondent

Gambia's Central Bank Governor Famara Jatta yesterday told a Washington Federal court that the fired President of the EAW GROUP INC, firm lobbyist John Aycoth never carried out any significant work that might impress the seat of power in Banjul. Jatta who flew from Banjul to DC  to testify on the half a million US dollars case slambed against the Jammeh administration says the lobbyist never improved the country's image when hired, a charge John Aycoth and his team flatly rejected. Jatta who spent some hours on the dock testifying says the decision to fire John Aycoth was reached at cabinet level, as the administration was not pleased with the lobbyist's work. Also among their target area was wooing investors, which the Minister testified was lacking on their side of the lobby firm. Jatta says the government did not accept the intercel and Gamfuels projects. These were millions of dollars project which the EAW Group firm says in their court deposition that it was  designed to bring jobs for the country's unemployed population.

Governor Jatta Faces US Court

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Breaking News:UDP Led Alliance Issues Statement Rejecting the Elections Results!
Wednesday, September 27, 2006 (1960 reads)


Ladies and gentlemen of the local and international
press, we have gone through a Presidential election on
Friday 22nd September, 2006 and now that we have
received the declaration of results by the Chairman of
the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), we in the
UDP/NRP/GPDP Alliance wish to state that:

We totally reject the results declared by Jammeh’s
IEC whose Chairman had declared during his swearing in
before the President that eighty to ninety percent of
the country are behind Jammeh.
Ousainou Darboe.jpg

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Breaking News: Duta Kamso's Son Appeals To Jammeh To Release His Mum In the Name Of Ramadan!
Tuesday, September 26, 2006 (3235 reads)

Breaking News: Duta Kamso's Son Appeals To Jammeh To Release His Mum In the Name Of Ramadan!

                Expelled MP Kamaso is feared dead-Anxiety and worry grips her family!

Saidykhan calls on the US government to intervene to facilitate his mum's release...

Interview two.JPGParliamentarian Duta Kamaso was not only arrested and dumped in jail by the administration of President Yahya Jammeh in May of this year, but was also expelled from the ruling APRC party, which she served as an elected MP for Wulli East.  The female MP'S troubles with the Jammeh government started when the regime embarked on a crack down against  what they called journalist Pa Nderry M'Bai's  informants.  Scores of Gambians were arrested and tortured as they were linked to having ties with the leading US based online Newspaper. They were accused of passing information to Mr. M'Bai which the state claimed MBai uses to vilify and castigate the democratically elected government of President Jammeh. MP Duta Kamaso was one of those accused by the Jammeh regime of passing classified state secrets to the Freedom Newspaper, a charge the editors of this paper flatly denied. MP Kamaso's family and loved ones made numerous efforts to get into contact with the detained former parliamentarian without success. While Kamaso is currently feared dead as a result of the physical abuse she received from the hands of her captives, his 23 year old son Ousman Saidykhan has launched a passionate appeal to President Yahya Jammeh and his government to release his mum in the spirit of Ramadan.

Editor M'Bai talks to Duta Kamso's son

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Breaking News: Devastating Revelations At a Washington Court-EAW Chief Denies Having An Affair With Gambian First Lady!
Monday, September 25, 2006 (2710 reads)

zynebmain.jpgBreaking News: Devastating Revelations At a Washington Court-EAW Chief Denies Having An Affair With Gambian First Lady! 

John Aycoth Tells Court that some officials in Banjul suggest to the President that there was something going on between him and the first lady...
                         By Our Washington DC Legal Affairs Correspondent

While President Yahya Jammeh and his supporters are celebrating his third term re-election, a shocking bombshell emerged from a Washington  Federal Court House, when John Aycoth the Chief Executive officer of the US leading lobby firm gave a devastating testimony in court  Monday, alleging that their were people surrounding the President who tried to smear his image to the President  suggesting that something was going on between him and the First lady Zeinab Suma Jammeh during her past Washington visits. The veteran lobbyist who had fallen out with President Jammeh after he slambed half a million United States dollars law suit against the Jammeh administration told the court that he was warned by the former Gambian Ambassador to the United States John P Bojang to watch his back as there was a conspiracy reached to destroy his relationship with the Gambian leader by certain people close to the head of state. 

John Denies the allegations...

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Yahya Jammeh did not win,IEC'S Carayol not a smart thief,math of voter turn out reveals more!
Monday, September 25, 2006 (2082 reads)

Our Political Commentator
No apathy from us, towards Yahya Jammeh's seditious moves. His moves are hurting  our country's very soul! This reaction towards the election results does not mean we recognize the essence of elections under Yahya Jammeh it is an extended justification of the fact that we have been proven right. This is why Yahya Jammeh openly said "elections and coup d'etats cannot remove me from power. I am here to stay for the next forty years" Oh Yes! this is exactly what Yahya Jammeh means. He is ready to stay there for the next forty years. Is he going to live that long? Maybe yes if we as Gambians are simply bent on being reactionaries. We always react to what Yahya says or does. Anyone who stays hopeless after the so-called victory of Yahya Jammeh should be questioned if he or she is a true freedom fighter?
Careyol IEC.jpglt__jammeh.jpg

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