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Breaking News:Justice Na-Ceesay Sallah Wada Reinstated As High Court Judge
Thursday, October 30, 2008 (2235 reads)

Justice Na-Ceesay Sallah Wada Reinstated As High Court Judge

By Staff Writer Charles Williams, Banjul.

The recently fired high court judge Justice Na-Ceesay Sallah has been reinstated with immediate effect, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Our source said he saw the letter of reinstatement of Na-Ceesay Sallah. State house sources said the former sacked judge has since been notified to return to work.

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MOD Radio Signals:Jammeh's 96 crocodiles lay eggs, The budget of 3 state houses on our national budget!
Thursday, October 30, 2008 (3667 reads)

MOD Radio Signals:Jammeh's 96 crocodiles lay eggs, The budget of 3 state houses on our national budget!

Yahya Jammeh's 96 crocodiles lay eggs many more to be fed!

In the beginning Yahya Jammeh started with 96 crocodiles at his zoo in Kanilai. These are crocodiles he imported into The Gambia at his own pleasure.It costs a huge amount of money to import them with all the necessary  travel arrangments,risks,insurance,freight,packaging and handling of other stuff accompanying the beasts from point A to point B. Think about that folks!

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Advertorial:Breaking News:Youssou Ndour To Play In New York City On Thanksgiving Day!!
Wednesday, October 29, 2008 (1778 reads)

Advertorial: Youssou Ndour To Play In New York City On Thanksgiving Day!!

New York City is calling. It’s the place to be on November 26Th and 27Th.  Get ready for a nice Thanksgiving Ndaga show. Yes, my friends…Be there or be no where. Start booking for your tickets for the grand show. The Senegalese musical star Yousou Ndour would be performing live and direct in New York come Thanksgiving day.

The Senegalese Mbalax maestro , Youssou Ndoure alongside  his world-renowned Super Etoile Band will storm the United States of America next month to stage a two-day  scintillating live performance. The long-awaited and much-talked about  gig which is being organized by the Senegalese community in New York is meant to give music aficionados a treat of a lifetime. According to the organizers, the concert will be held from 26 to 27 November in New York City, adding that tickets are now available for sale at various locations including Touba Boutique, African Kine , Grand Dakar Restaurant as well as at 

Arrangements are being made to interview one of the organizers of the show, Buba Ndour, who is the manager of Youssou Ndour. Our entertainment crew are working on the proposed interview. Please stay tuned!!!!

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PANORAMA with 'Bulfaaleh'General Tamba CDS,Bo Badjie NIA,Ensa Badjie IGP,Ousman Badjie Army Training Wing-Who can overthrow Jammeh?
Wednesday, October 29, 2008 (3732 reads)

PANORAMA with 'Bulfaaleh'General Tamba CDS,Bo Badjie NIA,Ensa Badjie IGP,Ousman Badjie Army Training Wing-Who can overthrow Jammeh?

An octopus network of tribal strings.

General Tamba or Jammeh? One of them shows he is in control the other is pretending to be but not at all in control of events. What to expect if a sudden mutiny was to happen? Total chaos and a heap of more regrets. We will not point fingers at any one here. We will invite you to simply read the analytical approach in this intel piece  and then decide for yourselves. President Jammeh is constantly accusing the wrong people for staging coups against his regime! He MUST BE WARNED AND STOPPED! by coordinated professional methods.


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Breaking News:Gambia Government Terminates Telecommunication Contract With Spectrum!!!
Tuesday, October 28, 2008 (3355 reads)

Gambia Government Terminates Telecommunication Contract With Spectrum!!!

….As Gambia Govt. Issues 72 Hours Notice To The Management Of Spectrum

Government Asked Management To Provide Information Regarding  Financial State of Gamtel-Gamcel

By Staff Writer, Charles Williams, Banjul.

All is not cool  and dandy with Spectrum, the  new co-owners of Gamtel-Gamcel, as The Gambia Government is threatening to end its contract with the Lebanese-owned telecommunication company. In a rather nonchalantant move,  the government yesterday pressed the management of Spectrum to provide them with concrete information regarding the financial state of Gamtel-Gamcel  within 72-hours or risk to face dire consequences.  Spectrum has been accused of withholding financial information pertaining the company.

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Breaking News: Jammeh Accuses Islamic Organization Marakass Of Coup Plot!!!
Tuesday, October 28, 2008 (3921 reads)

Jammeh Accuses Islamic Organization Marakass Of Coup Plot!!!

…NIA Raids Marakass Islamic Center, Following Allegations Of Arms Trafficking And Coup Plot!!

Imam Darboe Warns Agents Of Misinformation Stop Linking Islam With Coup

By Staff  Writer Charles Williams, Banjul

The Gambia's Islamic centre widely known as Marikass has been  accused of planning to over throw president Jammeh from power. The members were suspected of harboring arms prompting the vicious National Intelligence Agency to mount thorough investigation on the Islamic centre, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively reveal. The Islamic Organization is being investigated on allegations of trafficking arms and ammunition. The agency in a preliminary confidential intelligence report says the Islamic organization was planning to over throw the Jammeh Government.

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Horomsi: Has Ousainou Darboe Been Bought???
Monday, October 27, 2008 (3363 reads)

Horomsi: Has Ousainou Darboe Been Bought???

….We Investigate Darboe ties with the APRC, His Double Standards, Poor Leadership, Greed, Unpatriotic, Selfish and whether Jammeh is Spying On Local Reporters!!!

Supporters of the United Democratic Party, should ask their leader to resign. Lawyer Ousainou Darboe is a selfish part time politician, who careless about the plight of his suffering supporters. Darboe has betrayed his supporters and countrymen. With all the atrocities taking place in the country, Darboe has sealed his mouth for obvious reasons. He is pretending as everything cool and dandy, when his supporters are perishing in jail. He only cares about his clients and not his party supporters. Darboe places more importance on his legal profession than politics. Chey domiaduana!!! Keymohbun!!! Nyinmangbeteh!! Does this man has moral conscience? How can he sleeps comfortably, when his own supporters are dying in jail? Besides, going to court to fight for their freedom, what is he doing to demand for their freedom? Why not organizing peaceful demonstrations? Don’t tell me that, you don’t have permit to organize such demos? Don’t tell me that your supporters are not ready for demo? Shame on Darboe!!

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Banjulians and Kombo Residents Lament Poor Sanitation
Monday, October 27, 2008 (2414 reads)

Banjulians and Kombo Residents  Lament Poor Sanitation

 By Staff  Writer Charles Williams, Banjul.

Despite President Yahya Jammeh's much vaunted blitz on environmental sanitation, the city of Banjul and  many towns within the Kanifing Municipal Council still  remain  an eyesore. Residents of these places  are still grappling  with  poor environmental sanitation thanks to the ineffective services rendered by their respective   councils. According to our correspondent , despite the Saturday monthly cleansing exercise commonly known as set-settal the city and many towns could not still boast of clean environment.  He said that malaria and other tropical diseases are now on increase because of poor sanitary conditions within these localities.

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Monday, October 27, 2008 (1977 reads)



By Memunatou Barry

The coastal town of Bakau was yesterday hit by acute water shortages causing great discomfort to the residents of the area. According to our correspondents the residents of this popular tourist hotspot woke up yesterday morning only to find that their taps were totally dried up thus forcing them to trek long distances to fetch water for their daily domestic needs.


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PANORAMA with 'Bulfaaleh' JT Kujabi from Kalimu not Bondali Casamance elements in key positions within The Gambia Government.
Saturday, October 25, 2008 (4340 reads)

PANORAMA with 'Bulfaaleh' JT Kujabi from Kalimu not Bondali Casamance elements in key positions within The Gambia Government.

 Who actually is JT Kujabi within our midst?

JT Kujabi is presently serving at The Gambian Mission in Washington DC.Within the hierarchy he could be called a First Secretary but when it is about influence he could be called one of President Jammeh's "feeders-pipes" at the mission. JT Kujabi is the son of a man called Atori Kujabi. He was born in a hamlet called Kalimu which is right behind a village called Kangwaali. His father Atori Kujabi and his mother are both from Casamance. JT Kujabi's own birth right as a Gambian is highly questionable, investigations are underway to authenticate where he was born. These investigations are nearing their end, some of the clues received are not all that helpful for JT and his loved ones as far as his birth right as a Gambian is concerned. As soon as we finish our last part from a village head in Casamance(name withheld) the details will be released forthwith to be backed by valid documents.

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