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"Sankanu be ready to die wherever you are because 13yrs is a long time and could last for a little longer still."says Kebba Sanneh
"Sankanu be ready to die wherever you are because 13yrs is a long time and could last for a little longer still."says Kebba Sanneh

...Long years abroad without the possibility of going back home can have a very negative psychological impact on many people.

"I will not change my position on Jammeh and his gang of criminals."

By Kebba Sanneh, Stockholm, Sweden

It was of great interest when I went through your article, which to me could simply be called Sankanu's love letter to FJC. Mr. Sankanu it was one of the longest love letters I read in a long time. Democracy is at work, freedom of expression and freedom of association must be cherished and so did you express your self clearly. I have no doubt that by now you must have gotten a reply from our own sister that a brother fell in love with her. Mr. Sankanu, there is nothing wrong about a young man falling in love with an elderly woman just as you sighted that our prophet Muhammed married a woman 15 years his senior. CORRECT Mr. Sankanu, the difference though is what you failed to recognise and that tells me a lot about you as a person. Kadija was an honest woman of great honor and character. She was a wealthy woman who chose to marry a man with dignity and respect for human beings and that man happened to be Muhammed.

Sankanu, Nations are not satellites flying in space and controlled by men on planet earth. Our country like any other in this planet was built on pillars and it is those pillars that must be kept constantly renovated and checked. The pillars that are keeping up our country are being corroded and weak and it is therefore the responsibility of each and every citizen to take part in their repairs and renovations.

Sankanu writers were and still today, the enemies of Jesus and that of Muhammed. Sankanu you are a very good writer but you are deviating from the truth just like most of our educated men and women. The culture of listen to my preaching and but don't act like I do school of thought that you went to will be abandoned and be replaced by preach and act on it or shut up. Jawara's years of negligence and Jammeh's 13yrs of oppression have taught the Gambia the fact that we cannot be fooled by our leaders who are preaching the right and doing the wrong.

I have to say to you that long years abroad without the possibility of going back home can have a very negative psychological impact on many people. Some might resort to violence and unpredictable behavioral changes while others might be hallucinating and fantasizing the impossible. In your case Mr. Sankanu, you have a problem and that means if writers like you, skilled and professional have problems brought to them by Jammeh and FJCs and the likes, then our country is indeed in trouble. Mr. Sankanu you owe it to our nation to put your ink and paper into promoting the aspirations of our poor and the sick rather than expressing your love to a woman in one way or the other is a mother or an aunt of our country. Stop the joke and get serious. The Gambia is suffering today because of the writers like you, like the Dr. Taals and all those Imams and priests who are well versed in their own fields but compromised the truth and promote immorality and decadent life styles. You telling Gambians that you are fantasizing being with the speaker of the House of Representatives simply tells me how lighted headed madam speaker is. Video clips of Jammeh and her watching naked women dancing also indicated how sex and immorality is promoted and organised by these people among whom you loved one and that is FJC. Everyday we hear our young people being criticized and condemned by our men of the book while they were promoting and brandishing their holly books in their hands or their degree papers of evil in their briefcases.

Sankanu, revolution can be fast but some times slow, and when it is slow it becomes tedious and boring. You and I wished we could go home and take part in the development of our people but please, be ready to die wherever you are because 13yrs is a long time and could last for a little longer still. I will not change my position on Jammeh and his gang of criminals because I felt disappointed in the opposition. The opposition is just there to facilitate, organize and coordinate but it is the people who need to show their willingness to cooperate.

You have the right to fall in love with anyone of your choice but FJC might turn to be sleeping with a devil. She was there when our children got murdered, she was there when Gambian citizens and Ghanaian citizens were butchered and mutilated, and she is there still when we see journalists kept in incommunicado and being tortured. You are proud of her I understand but I wonder if HONORABLE Garba Jahumpa who formed the Islam party in the Gambia, her father, would be proud of her her own beloved daughter, who was taught in accordance with Islam but today acting otherwise.

The Koran asked us to read in the name of GOD or ALLAH because to me there is a reason. Yes many people can read and write but are there are many who read in the name of Satan too. When you read in the name of Allah, you would write what people would wish they could say, you would write about the plight of our people, you would write and express the pain of our people to the wider world instead of putting the majestic pen to promote people complacent in the atrocities committed in the name of the government that your favorite Fatou is part of? Mr. Sankanu, likes of you are very gifted but very dangerous. You said that you would return to the Gambia when your family asked you to. My understanding is you are not in for change for the country, Period. Any Gambian, in my mind, who genuinely wish to see the aspirations of our people achieved, the pain of our people relieved, poverty reduced and the rule of law respected, would consider the whole population of the small republic as HIS/HER family. I say to you in particular and to all in general that our people are crying and those of us outside the grips of this monster government needed to echo their cry louder and clear in the west and east, south and north. Anything sort of these would mean being complacent or condoning the wretch brought to the people by Jammeh and the likes of FJC.

Mr. Sankanu writing is a big responsibility and whatever we write, reveals something of our identity without even putting our names to it. Correct me if am wrong, criticize me if you wish but my believe on your personality is that you came from the few privileged families in the Gambia, you have the concept of make money any how and give no regards to how you get it even if it would mean murder, you believe just like many others that GOD in fact makes people rich and He gives thieves the ability to rob and intimidate people, that we should have criminals and promoters of immoral sex  and liars like our president who claimed to have been mandated by his IDOLS to cure aids to run the state of affairs in the republic. Mr. Sankanu please, do not forget the peasants in Sami and Jokadu, Fatoto and other areas outside the centralized power structure and Kanilai. Mr. Sankanu our people are suffering under FJC's government, our country do not have the money that the government and the like of FJC are spending and squandering, we do not have the culture of women standing up to their husbands and call it GENDER EQUALITY. If these were the qualities that attracted you to FJC, then I must say that the Gambia is not a teenager fantasizing being with older women for simple sexual satisfaction. We consider all these people as immoral figures that are corrupting the decency and sanity in our society, they are responsible for the growing number of young Gambians prostituting themselves in Kanilai before taking to the dim and red light districts of the Gambia.

Put your pen to help our people. Mr. Dare think of a total cultural revolution, a revolution that would not just end Jammeh and the APRC government's rule, but a revolution that can shape and mould the future of our country for the good of our people.

 Here Mr. Sankanu I am not talking about replacing one funny leader with another. The Gambia and the Gambians deserve better. We need to challenge all the establishments in our country and made them each responsible for what they preach and be accountable to their actions. How can we be told as kids that fornication is un-Islamic, that stealing is forbidden, that killing's punishment is hell fire, that inflicting bodily pain and other forms of pain on others is forbidden and yet still we move mountains in front of deceits, thieves, torturers and keep the drums beating? Our words are not in line with our actions, no wonder few takes Islam serious apart from being a comfortable hiding place for crooks and tyrants. They would be sanctimonious in their appearance while filthy and inconsiderate in their actions. The play and fool about must stop for we owe it to our people. Take good care and remember the GAMBIA is forgiving and accepting.

Kebba Sanneh

Stockholm, Sweden   

Posted on Thursday, August 09, 2007 (Archive on Tuesday, August 28, 2007)
Posted by PNMBAI  Contributed by PNMBAI

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