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I read with disgust the article written by Michael Scales on Gambia plc-Says Armitage Gambia

By Armitage Gambia

  I read with disgust  the article written by Michael Scales on Gambia plc. I am Gambian myself, living in England for the past 25yrs, educated and currently working as an Operations Director for a very successful blue chip company in England.As Gambian Journalist I can empathize with a lot of what is affecting you, and the sacrifices you have taken to continue 'reporting' on what is affecting us. However, I am a great believer in Patriotism,, 'Buga saraew', in everything a citizen does......micro to macro economic development, together with fighting criticisms that will impact on the development of your country.
  Michael Scales is British, went to Gambia to exploit business opportunities, he probably did not have in Britain! A salesman....jack of all trade...because not only is he a salesman, he is also into sports....spoke to Arsene Wenger about helping sports in the Gambia! He has 'experience', 'serving his country well'; why and what is stopping him to continue serving his country still? 27 million pounds achieved for a salesman his age is very poor, even a good avon saleswoman can achieve that figure in their career. His achievements throughout 'Great Britain' does not give him a right to inter fare or libel an entire Nation. ' When I came to the Gambia- with the backing and goodwill of Her Majesties government'....did Her majesty close the British embassy and replaced it with Michael Scales? Someone 'given' the goodwill of Her Majesties government, should be a good ambassador and be able to do justice to the Queen's language-English- as well, but not Michael
 Scales-'litriture'. Mr Editor, you are Gambian and thus have a right to comment on what is affecting YOU in your COUNTRY. Michael is an opportunist and a fraud, and the medium you are giving him to comment on affairs of our country will not be given to you by any news media in Britain or America. The donations he is giving you equals bribery, to satisfy his ego and exploit your paper to fight Gambians that did not give him a chance to exploit the country.
  'The GAMBIA  suffers from the lack of inspection and evidence of understanding there proposals' many prospective investors leave Great Britain everyday? Could these investors not have delivered 'unparallelled growth, wealth and production (long term) to the British economy? Michael if you are as good as you claim, use  your inspired and American lead knowledge to help GREAT BRITAIN, and stop inter faring, unless you are trying to be another Mark Thacther........Mr editor I am not into politics, but comments like Michael's can affect prospective and genuine investors in our country. We should as citizens be responsible enough to guard against anything that could affect our country....Nit da nga bugasaraew...regardless of whatever could be  or is happening in  The Gambia, it is still our country and insallah you will be back home one day. Thus you should refrain from allowing this foreign opportunist and fraudster....Michael Scales from using your paper to comment on
 OUR COUNTRY. I personally know a lot of very successful foreign businesses operating in the Gambia, and I will personally challenge any genuine foreign investor, who is not hell bent on exploiting the country but interested in investing in a business, to visit their nearest Gambian embassy for information. The Gambia as a country encourages and supports genuine investors. I have a very successful business in Gambia, Alham dullil lah, and know of some British nationals that are very happy with their investments in The Gambia.
  Buga sa raew si jaa mu Yalla la borka, Marr buum la taaha nan pootit, all good citizens should detest personal gain against national development. I hope you publish my mail.
  Kind Regards  

       Editors note:The views of the author do not reflect the position of the Freedom Newspaper. This paper cannot take any liability for the content of the author's piece. The author is blaming Mr.Scales for nothing. The Jammeh government created the conditions for lack of investors. Any serious government  would have put in place sound micro/macro economic policies to woe potential investors. This cannot be achieved in the absence of a vibrant and independent media.  The media which is expected to hold the government accountable has been censored by the very government you are trying to defend.  The Freedom Newspaper will never censor Michael Scales as advised in your posting. We must be open up to independent voices if we want to attain full blown democracy. 

This paper holds no grudges against government supporters, but you should be brave enough to use your real name  when reacting to important topic like this one. You better tell Jammeh to respect the rule of law to enable investors to come into this country. The Freedom Newspaper will continue to report the atrocities committed by this administration. We careless  about how they view our editorial position. 

If receiving financial help from Scales means bribery, then so be it. Scales is a true friend of the Gambia and freedom. We can bet that you desperate need to get hold of this investor. You need to find a decent living and stop hiding in the name of pen name to settle  old scores. This paper is not petty and will never be provoked by such critics. We careless if you are a labourer or cleaner in the UK. Unless you give up your personalty cut problem, you shall continue to blame others for your own problems. Go get a life and stop the folishness.

Thanks for your attention.

Posted on Saturday, September 08, 2007 (Archive on Monday, January 01, 0001)
Posted by PNMBAI  Contributed by PNMBAI

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