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Lady Zeinab Jammeh-second baby-Muhammed Yahya Jammeh-father curing infertility

Lady Zeinab Jammeh-second baby-Muhammed Yahya Jammeh-father curing infertility

By Hammadi Maasinah

Today Zeinab Suma Jammeh left the shores of Dulles airport destination Banjul. Her entourage was that of guards,ladies-in-waiting,sacks and sachets full of diapers for the new boy of Yahya Jammeh's family. The Gambian first lady has been in Washington DC for the past weeks slaying our country's economy to the best of her ability while Bwiam hospital's electricity was DEAD! It went off in the presence of a visiting eye specialist who was invited by the Gambian head of state to see his so-called infrastrutures. Structures built for a dying population bearing the yoke of oppression and mercilessness.
Aha! Yahya Jammeh...One question for your shameless face again? Was Zeinab part of the patients receiving your herbs-to cure infertility? Lets do the math here...Zeinab's last child was born almost 8 years ago. Her second child is just a few months old. Was she spacing birth or was she refusing to have another baby for the baby-hungry president? Which is which here? In this math it ONE PLUS ONE EQUALS TO ZERO! Can anyone in his right senses imagine how much of a fabricator Yahya Jammeh is? None can ever measure this man's endless deceptive strides. He curves and turns at anytime with a very shallow mind. Some people ask how comes Yahya is still in power and you call him stupid man...? This is not difficult to figure out. He is there because he is fool scattering wealth for the hypocrites and appologist. These are the elements helping maintain Yahya.

For sure those who know Yahya,see nothing inside his head other than cowardice and dreamology. Yahya is like a Kangkurang
helping a fans club raise funds! Period. This is why he will be removed by those who are pecking the coins him the fool is scattering. They use him and sell his secrets to us.

We are confident that Yahya Jammeh will demise exactly as Sanni Abacha disappeared God willing. These are not empty dreams Yahya is not strong or politically-smart he is there because we have slimy killers helping him while posing as saints. This is how the regime is breathing. Has Yahya asked himself why Musa Jammeh and Tumbul died so fast? I will stop there for now...

While President Yahya Jammeh was harping on the effects of his herbal medicine against infertility he had a ripe beautiful Morrocan at his back yard.It took this attractive girl 8 good years to conceive a second child for him the shameless preacher. While Yahya Jammeh was selling these lies to gullible or reckless spectators his former wife Tuti Faal could not conceive a baby for him all through out their marriage.

After all Gambians who knew Tuti can attest to the fact that she had a baby before marrying Yahya Jammeh. Is the problem with Tuti or Yahya? There are some who say Yahya must reduce his "Jujus" if he wants to be having babies? Is Yahya Jammeh more into the "Juju" culture than former kings like Musa Molloh and others? Those kings had children for goodness sake. The latter is not a tangible argument. Yahya himself is "infertile"! How on earth can he cure infertility? It amazes sound minds when we see opportunnists trying to blend in myth only to cover a lying President. These very souls tell people that in Gambian culture we do not insult leaders by calling them liars. Can we seperate Gambian culture from the traditions of Islam? Doesn't the holy book characterize such rulers as liars? Where would "Fir'Awn" fit here? Was he not a ruler? A ruler who was one million times more powrful than Yahya the armed bandit. Look Gambians lets open our eyes and stop fooling our selves.

The more we fight amongst ourselves,the more an armed bandit like Yahya entrenches himself within our midst. As soon as Muhammed Yahya Jammeh starts producing his infantile two teeth there will be Gambians back home attributing special powers to the child. Some will start treating him like the son of former President Gnasingbe Eyademah of Togo. Infact the latter was Yahya Jammeh's God father. All these are things to expect in a society of opportunists being run by mediocres. Soon we will be seeing newspaper adverts wishing the new born at state all the best of luck. These appologists are doing so because they are so cheap period. Wishing the best to Yahya's son where they would never wish the same to their own sons at home. Are they real? None of them likes Muhammed more than their children but thats what they want to show Yahya and Zeinab. Hypocrisy brings a nation down! It brings faith down. It brings the society down.

Muhammed Yahya Jammeh is born at a crucial time when his father has caused orphans in Banjul Certainly Muhammed himself will become an orphan.Because his father will meet the wrath of the ghosts of those he killed so mercilessly. I care less if people see this as mean. Muhammed Yahya Jammeh has to read these pieces when he grows one day. If he grows to read the bad side of his father's history let him not blame Gambians. Let him go and kick his father's own epitaph.

For sure Yahya Jammeh will die in a very ruthless way. You know why? Because Yahya shows everyone that he cares less about causing orphans. This is why even if he kills all opponents before his death he will also be killed by the sword he uses. There is no doubt about that.

The dirt in Banjul is just too much. Lady Zeinab Jammeh had to rush and get a baby because girls like Amina Cole are there. Amina is a married woman who never sees her husband Yahya Jammeh. Yahya knows who and who "certified" that marriage. He knows that Amina is scared to divorce him because she was threatened not to disgrace him. He also knows that he has withdrawn from Amina because Zeinab threatened to leave for Morroco. He grinned and begged her to get him a new baby to help him shun Amina. Thats a fact!

Amina Cole should start thinking about running out of Banjul if she wishes herself good. Anyone who calls for Viviane Ndour near Yahya maybe missing the point. Yahya Jammeh's thirst for skirts is within Banjul itself. Amina could not escape his net. The next on target is a girl in Serekunda whose last name starts with "K". Yahya Jammeh thinks posting Kujabi at DC and raising his nephew at NIA, while using threatening tactics via Casamance and Dakar can stop us from trailing his shameless tail? He will be taken by a big surprise soonest God willing. Yahya has to remember that he overthrew Jawara without the help of the Senegalese. The cock crow will not come through Karang. He will see.It is not a crime to talk about removing Yahya Jammeh from power. He came to power through those means. Those hypcocrites who want to delegitimize removing Yahya from power are sleeping or drunk. Yahya Jammeh himself sells arms,threatens politicians,kills journalists,kills travelers from ECOWAS countries and today people are saying removing him is not legitimate? Where does that stand in the holy world of decency? I for one will never treat Yahya as a democrat. He was not one,is not one and will never be one.
Now onwards Yahya should use all his strings and say whatever he wants but we will inform the whole world that The Gambia is a "crisis" area. It will be justified and handled with utmost importance as usual. Yahya Jammeh cannot be added to the decent list of democratic leaders.Gambians do not need any other country to do the job we will face Yahya with readiness to be buried. We swear we will not rest until Yahya Jammeh understands that he cannot kill determination. The confrontation has not died it will ever be here as far as Yahya Jammeh thinks he is untouchable. We swear that Yahya Jammeh will be dealt with.

Posted on Thursday, December 20, 2007 (Archive on Monday, December 31, 2007)
Posted by PNMBAI  Contributed by PNMBAI

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