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Breaking News:Sheriff Samsudeen Hydara Murdered!! Gambian Government accused

Sheriff Samsudeen Hydara Murdered

Plain Clothes Agents Speaking English murdered him

“Accusing Fingers Directed at Gambian Security Agents.” alleges the Senegalese Press

Senegalese TV, RTS1, has just announced the cold blooded murder of Sheriff Samsudeen Hydara in Casamance by what is being described as Plain clothes agents (may be rebels) speaking English, the Freedom Newspaper has been reliably informed. He was gunned down near his home and buried today. Senegalese Interior Minister, Ngum represented Wada. He spoke of the Senegalese Government determination to track the killers and showered praises to Sheriff Samsudeen Hydara for his role in bringing peace to Gassamance.

President Wada echoed similar sentiments and added that he has instructed the Gendarmerie, Police and Army to investigate the murder and bring the assassins to book. They are not ruling out Jammeh's army as the killers were heard speaking in English after the shooting "the job is over" and were seen heading to the border with Gambia. “ Accusing fingers are being directed at the Government of President Jammeh at this hour. Dakar is thoroughly investigating what they called an “external aggression against a sovereign state. That the English speaking killers got the daring mind to invade and killed a Senegalese religious leader angered local residents in the Sothern Province of Casamance-most importantly the Wade Government. 

Authorities in Senegal have been left devastated by this incident. The murder of  Hydara followed allegations and counter allegations between Banjul and Senegal of backing dissident rebels. Jammeh has in the recent past accuses President Wade of backing Gambian dissidents posed to topple his Government, a charge the Wade vehemently denied. Dakar too has always linked President Jammeh with aiding and abetting MFDC rebels in Casamance.

Authorities in Banjul are yet to react to these wild allegations that their agents might have killed Sheriff Hydara. The Government of The Gambia has long been linked to terrorism activities. The latest case involves the murder of 40 Ghanaians in The Gambia in 2005.

The Freedom Newspaper reported the said story in good faith without malice. We are merely reproducing what the Senegalese press have reported against our Government. It's up to President Jammeh or his Foreign Minister to dispel the allegations.

For now, public opinion in Dakar, believed that the killers came from The Gambia. That the killers were members of Gambia's Security Forces. Many are of the view that the killers were assigned to kill the Sheriff.

Gambian Kora star Jaliba Kuyateh was breifely forced into exile, following rumors that the President was after his head for ritual purposes. Jaliba visited his Marabout in Bissau, who confirmed to him that there were dangerous conspiracies reached to take his life. Jaliba was given some local chams before he could return to Banjul.

The killers of Sheriff Hydara are currently on the run. They were said to have entered the Gambia through the Dasalami border post. It's not clear if Banjul will handover the killers belived to be Government security agents.

Posted on Sunday, December 23, 2007 (Archive on Monday, December 31, 2007)
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