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Breaking News: Gambia: President Jammeh Dashes One Million To Haiti
President Jammeh Dashes One Million To Haiti
 By  Staff Writer Mboob Manneh, Banjul

Gambia's President Yahya Jammeh has pledged to provide humanitarian relief to the poverty stricken Haitians in sum of one million United States dollars. Mr. Jammeh said The Gambia is morally obliged to help the former French Colony nation. Haiti  has been devastated by an earthquake recently. Several thousands of Haitians died during the tragedy, which ravages that nation. Rescue workers are still on site trying to search for remains in the rubbles.
Mr. Jammeh's move to extend helping hands to the Haitians have been received mixed reactions. While some welcomed the move, others believed that there are poverty stricken Gambians in Ebo Town who are desperate need of help, thanks to water floods and other natural disasters. They said there is nothing wrong for Mr. Jammeh to help the Haitians, but he should start with his own people before trying to portray himself as a good man when he is not.
Ebo Town is one of the underdeveloped communities in The Gambia. The Community have been complaining about bad roads, and proper sanitation for years. The Jammeh Government has been accused of neglecting the residents of the area.
Mr. Jammeh is currently rated as the richest President in Africa. He has been extending similar donations to nations such as Guinea Bissau and the MFDC rebel faction in Casamance with the sole aim of destabilizing the Wade administration.

Posted on Friday, January 29, 2010 (Archive on Thursday, February 25, 2010)
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