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By Staff Reporter Bakary Gibba & Pa Nderry M’Bai


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Following months of  “secret relationship” with the daughter of Gambia’s Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Saudi Arabia, Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh on Friday announced that he has married a second wife in the person of Alima Yahya AJJ Jammeh, a press release issued by the office of the Vice President said.  In a ten clock Primetime news cast relayed on both state radio and television GRTS, the Government said it wishes to inform the Diplomatic Community and friends of The Gambia about the President’s new wife.

The news release went on to state “"Madam Zeinab Yayah Jammeh will remain the First Lady,  while Alima Yayah Jammeh would be called Madam Alima Yayah AJJ Jammeh.  She should not be categorized under the  First Lady status, but would be officially called Madam,  the release stated. The whole country should know this including the Diplomatic Community  as well.” “ No one should mix up matters," the release  concludes.

The  State House wants to prevent, or pre-empt status crisis, so that there wouldn’t be a rift between Madam Sallah and Zeinab, said a confidential source.  The President doesn’t want  Zeinab to feel marginalized, or undermined. He wants to treat both ladies equally,” said the source.

The news release followed a statement made by the State House Imam Alhagie Abdoulie Fatty, who told Freedom Radio recently that Mr. Jammeh  had married a second wife.  Madam Alima Yahya AJJ Jammeh becomes the President’s third wife.  The Gambian leader first married to Tuti Faal Jammeh, but his marital relationship with Tuti ended prematurely. The couple reached a divorce, after months of marital troubles. 

After the departure of Tuti Faal, Jammeh married a Moroccan lady Zeinab Suma Jammeh.  Mr. Jammeh was also alleged to have entered a secret marital relationship with a former Banjul Insurance broker Amina Cole, but that relationship never worked out well.  Influential State House Protocol team members were privy to Jammeh’s secret dating with Amina Cole, although the President never publicly declared his relationship with Madam Cole, who quit from her Insurance job.

Out of the four relationships, three were officially announced.  Alima Sallah’s father OG Sallah, is Gambia’s Ambassador to  Saudi Arabia.  Alima has since joined President Jammeh at the State House.  Muslim elders organized Islamic recitation for the new couple.

   Zeinab Suma Jammeh  Was In The US

Prior to Jammeh officially marrying Alima Sallah, the First Lady Zeinab Suma Jammeh left Banjul with a sizeable delegation for the United States.  The reason behind her trip is unknown. It is not clear as to how she would react to the news of Jammeh’s new wife.  Madam Zeinab travelled with her two kids: baby Mariam and Muhammed.

Even though the State House is busy trying to glorify her with the title of First Lady, observers are skeptical as to whether the First Lady would ever get along with Jammeh, including the new wife.  Although Imam Fatty said  there is nothing wrong for Mr. Jammeh to marry multiple wives.  He opined that the Koran supports polygamous marriage system.




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