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Italian “International Parliament For Safety And Peace Organization” Allegedly Duped Iranian Medical Doctor

By Pa Nderry M’Bai


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The main man behind the recent controversial Nebraska Admiral Award that was extended to The Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh, has come out from the closet—expressing dismay over what he calls the “unacceptable” conduct of the Italian based International Parliament For Safety and Peace Organization (IPSP). Dr. Nasser Heydarian, a naturalized United States citizen, also an Iranian by origin said after working very hard to secure the Admiral Award for The Gambian leader, he was sidelined by the IPSP officials, who secretly visited Banjul to present the award to Mr. Jammeh without his prior knowledge.  Dr. Heydarian said the original agreement  reached between him and the IPSP officials was to travel together to The Gambia to so that they can  present the award to Mr. Jammeh, but to his utter surprise the IPSP representatives travelled to the tiny West African country without informing him. Dr. Nasser was speaking in an interview exclusive with Freedom Radio.

Mr. Heydarian, who is residing in San Francisco, California, with his family,  was granted political asylum by the US Government sometime in 1982, after he was forced into exile by the then Iranian administration.  He is a Medical Doctor by profession, but without accreditation here in the US. Althouh, he bagged the qualifications to becomea doctor, but he has not been licensed to practice in the US, he said.

Narrating how he came to know about the IPSP, Dr. Nasser recalled when he received an email from a German National Dr George Raif, who is an official of the IPSP.  He said Dr. Raif asked him if he could recommend President Jammeh for an Admiral award in the state of Nebraska, which he did.  He said Dr. Raif also wanted him to consider securing medicine, and other hospital equipment for The Gambia. 

The plan was to have Dr. Nasser visit The Gambia with the view of tapping investment opportunities in the impoverished West African country. But his hope was quickly dashed away, when the IPSP officials snubbed him for unexplained reasons after receiving  the Admiral award from him.

Following series of email exchanges, and phone calls, between him and the IPSP officials,  Dr. Nasser who claimed that he doesn’t know the IPSP said he regrets dealing with the Organization. " I dont know who is who in this organization. I was made to secure the Award for Jammeh based on the information provided to me by the IPSP," he said.

“ These people are behaving as if they secured the Admiral award for Jammeh, when the award came from me.  I recommended the President of The Gambia, and the Governor’s office approved my application.  They deviated from all what we agreed upon.  They presented the award to Mr. Jammeh without mentioning my name. They are very dishonest. They are claiming the credit when I should be credited for providing the award,” Dr. Nasser said.

"This certificate is not a joke and they are making it as a joke. It is coming from the United States Government.  I am shocked. I am really shocked by their actions. They are very dishonest. I am not happy. I lost my hope in them, almost 99 percent," Dr. Nasser added.

According to Dr. Nasser, who is a member of the Royal family of Iran, during his early engagement with the IPSP officials, he was offered to serve as a member of the Organization, little did he knew that the organization is composed of people of questionable characters.  Nasser said since Dr. Raif and his compatriots received the award from him they decided to cut off ties with him.

“ I haven’t heard from them since then.  I only came to know about the award in the news.  My name has been mentioned everywhere.  The award is real and it came from the Governor’s office. I am disappointed by the conduct of these people.  They misled President Jammeh. They also misled me. One cannot blame Jammeh because he has not been properly briefed by these people. They withheld the source of the award.  The award came from me, and not the IPSP. I recommended Jammeh because he is a good man. The IPSP should desist from this kind of misconduct. It is unacceptable,” Dr. Nasser said.

The Iranian born doctor said he used the address of his Coffee Shop in California, where communications relating to the Admiral award were channeled.  He said he opened the Coffee shop for his brother, who migrated to the US. His brother died tow years ago by liver disease.  Dr. Nasser is copping with the death of his brother since then. He said he is not hiding and that the Governor’s office knew where he lived. 

  I am aware of the media publicity directed at the Governor’s office including my humble self for the issuance of the award.  I submitted Jammeh’s name for approval based on the information I received from the IPSP.  I don’t know Jammeh and I have never spoken to him.  I must add that I have a personal liking for him because he is a  good man. He is a good Muslim.  I wanted to visit The Gambia so that I can help the poor and the needy… But I have been duped by the IPSP.  Dr. Raif promised to take me to The Gambia but once they received the certificate they said bye, bye.  They are portraying me as a bad man.  I helped them to get the award. This kind of behavior is unacceptable,” he said. 

While distancing himself from the IPSP, Dr, Nasser said he doesn’t have the IPSP physical address in Italy and Germany.  He also does not have their contact phone numbers.  He said he was lured into securing the award for Jammeh, only to be dumped by the organization. He said the award is not for sale.

“ I haven’t received dime from them. They asked me to help them with the award, which I did.  But they have turned their back against me since receiving the award.  Notwithstanding, I still want to meet President Jammeh in the future to talk about good things.  I have nothing to do with the IPSP. I should have been in Banjul to present the award to Jammeh, but these people are playing games.  This is an act of stupidity.  I am an Iranian and I want to meet Jammeh one day,” he said.

Dr. Nasser also talked about President Obama’s "award" to President Jammeh. He said he was not involved in the said award, but maintains that the "award" is valid. He adds that the White House normally  issue such awards to Organizations, and that if Jammeh’s name is forwarded by an organization based in the US, he would be approved.

“I was not involved in the said award. But I do know for a fact that President Obama normally issues such awards. The "award" is real.  Maybe one of the organizations here submitted Jammeh’s name,” he said.  

Posted on Tuesday, October 05, 2010 (Archive on Wednesday, October 06, 2010)
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