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Editorial: Alima Sallah/Zeinab Jammeh State House Struggle!
Editorial:  Alima Sallah/Zeinab Jammeh State House Struggle!

…..The Pictures Are Finally Here!

Alima Expecting A Baby???

From a Marketing Agent for the country’s Premier cellular phone company AFRICELL, 21 year old Alima Sallah, the daughter of a Gambian Diplomat in Saudi Arabia, found herself in an unexpected romantic affair with Africa’s iron fist dictator Yahya Jammeh.  Africell’s Promotional Sales advertisement slots in both print, and electronic media featuring the elegant young dynamic Madam Sallah  seems to have enticed Mr. Jammeh, who wasted no time in delegating trusted aides to meet with the girl’s parents in a bid to marry Alima. 

Well, marrying Alima indeed goes with a price for Mr. Jammeh. Mr. Jammeh’s wife First Lady Zeinab Suma Jammeh, has since embarked on an self imposed exile upon hearing the news of  Jammeh’s new wife. She, and her delegation, including the State Guard’s Close Protection Unit are currently being hosted at a Maryland Hotel, while toddler Muhammed and his sister Mariam have been enrolled in school.

The economic cost involved in hosting the First Lady’s delegation is unimaginable.  We are talking about millions of dalasi being wasted on hotel bills, food, transportation, and other social entertainments. We know the hotel where Zeinab, and her entourage are hosted. It’s not a cheap hotel.  Her bodyguards could be seen surfing the Internet at the Hotel’s lobby. This is their only means of communication to reach out to loved ones within, and outside The Gambia—because the State House is not comfortable providng them with cell phones for security reasons. 

This paper has been privy to information that some of the guards assigned to the First Lady are likely to desert after their tour of duty here in the US. The source who is familiar with the First Lady’s security detail said some of the guards are not convinced about their safety, and job security upon their return to Banjul under Jammeh’s watch. For example, our source cite the false arrest, and prosecution of military officers in the name of bogus coup attempts, and Mr. Jammeh’s lack of leadership direction. 

The State House has made arraignments for the guards to be replaced routinely, but sources close to the Jammeh Kanilai villa said there is likely to be some desertions because the guards cannot afford to trade the freedoms they enjoy here in the US, compared to The impoverished nation of The Gambia, where fear, and tyranny is the order of the day. Soldiers are routinely arrested, tortured, and in some occasions summarily executed.  Former spy chief Daba Marena, and six other senior security chiefs were allegedly murdered following their alleged involvement in a failed coup in March 2006.   

To the chagrin of The Gambian Community, Zeinab and her delegation travelled to Mecca with President Jammeh for pilgrimage. The Mecca trip availed the couple the opportunity to sort out their differences.  They spent time together worshipping, and diagnosing their marital woes. This was evident on their continued stay in Mecca—even though the majority of the pilgrims had left the Islamic country for their respective countries. 

If  indeed Zeinab had divorced Mr. Jammeh, it should be made known to The Gambian public. There is no need to hide the facts because at the end of the day; the truth shall prevail.  It is unacceptable for the Government to waste millions of dalasi on the First Lady.

While Mr. Jammeh is trying to appease Zeinab with promissory notes, monetary compensations, and overseas retreat vacations, his new wife Alima Sallah is being marginalized.  She has been hosted at a Fajara residence.  Mr. Jammeh does not want her to stay at the State House. Alima doesn’t deserve such mistreatment from the President. She should be allowed to live in Kanilai, or at the Banjul State House for God sake.

On the other hand, sources observed that Jammeh’s move to house Alima outside the State House could be attributable to his lack of faith in Madam Sallah—given the fact that she is too young. She could be  vulnerable to outside manipulation to discuss, or expose Mr. Jammeh’s personal secrets, a source observed. A lot of classified state activities take place in Kanilai, and at the Banjul State House. Mr. Jammeh wouldn’t want Alima to be privy to certain state matters, said our source.

Mr. Jammeh is more comfortable having a foreigner wife at the State House, than a “Banjulian” born native, who is prone to outside manipulation, sources added.  Keeping Alima away from the State House would make Mr. Jammeh  more secure because in the past his personal secrets were subject of discussions in offices, and public places prior to marrying Zeinab. Probably, he is trying to avoid a replica of such a dilemma, said a source. 

There are unconfirmed reports suggesting that she is expecting a baby.  In that, Mr. Jammeh hurriedly married her to avoid having a baby outside wedlock.  If such reports are true, then the  marital relationship between Jammeh, and Alima might not last long.  We wish the couple a stable, prosperous, and lasting relationship.

Mr. Jammeh should forget about the issue of Kingship. He should put his house in order before trying to glorify himself with cheap titles. The Gambia cannot afford monarchy. It is absurd, and unthinkable so to speak.  Our President needs help!  He is destroying our great country. Stop it Mr. Jammeh. Think about the implications of your undesirable actions.







Posted on Saturday, November 20, 2010 (Archive on Monday, February 28, 2011)
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