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Breaking News: Gambia: Former Gambian Lobbyist Exposes President Jammeh!

Former  Gambian Lobbyist Exposes President Jammeh!

Damning Revelations against President Jammeh!

After serving as a lobbyist for Gambian dictator President Yahya Jammeh in Washington DC,  John Aycoth, who had fallen out with Mr. Jammeh is speaking out for the first time, following years of low profile.  Mr. Aycoth is very conversant with Mr. Jammeh’s foreign policy. Mr. Aycoth also acted as Jammeh’s Public Relations, and Economic adviser between 2000 to 2002.  He was the main man in DC promoting Gambia’s interest to US policymakers.  For some reasons, Mr. Jammeh decided to prematurely terminate the American lobbyist’s services.  Well, Jammeh’s action goes with a price, as John sued Jammeh’s Government for a half million dollars in damages.  He claimed breach of contract among others against the Jammeh administration.  The matter was settled amicably in court with The Gambian Government reaching a settlement deal with Mr. Acoyth.

Since John turned his back against the Jammeh Government, the regime had been marred by all kinds of allegations: ranging from corruption, drug trafficking, and gun running.  In this exclusive interview with Freedom Radio, Mr. Aycoth talked about Jammeh’s flamboyance life style.  During a trip to New York, Mr. Jammeh had a  Dental surgery at former Bill Clinton’s dentist, where he gave dental staffers $20,000 tip. Jammeh’s dental bill was all in total $8,000 dollars. After paying the bill, Jammeh  gave the staffers $20,000 dollars tip. Despite Lobbyist John Aycoth’s  appeals for Jammeh to reduce the tip to $1000 dollars, Jammeh wouldn’t heed.

During that New York City trip, according John, Jammeh travelled with $800,000 dollars.  The check (cheque) was cashed at City Bank. And the party started.  Mr. Jammeh embarked on a shopping spree.  He also had a dental work done in New York, in one of the most expensive hospitals. Tuned in to Freedom Radio to listen to the masterpiece interview.       



Posted on Saturday, November 27, 2010 (Archive on Thursday, December 09, 2010)
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