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Gambia: Death Row Inmate Rambo Released from Jail? An anonymous Source Claimed
Death Row Inmate Rambo Released from Jail?  An anonymous Source Claimed
Has Jammeh Received "Gift" From Qataris Investors?
Good morning Mr. President.  We are writing to you this morning with an utmost concern about reports reaching this paper regarding the purported releasing of one of the death row inmates, in the person of Youssef Ezzideen, alias Rambo, a businessman, who was sentenced to death alongside with former Army Chief of Defense Staff General Lang Tombong Tamba, and others. We are treating these reports as unconfirmed information, until such a time that your Government come out with a statement to explain to Gambians what might have necessitated   the "secret" releasing of Rambo.  Here we reproduced an email coming from an anonymous source who reached this medium. 
"Pa, I just want to let you know that Rambo was released from Prison.  He has already left the country.  The Qataris who came to announce a multi-million dollar project made a "donation" to our criminal president.  Rambo was released by the NDEA.  Just ask Ben.  They don't want the Gambian people to know that whilst the other innocent Gambians are languishing in jail, he has decided to release a Lebanese.  The deal was brokered by Muhammad Bazzi. The judiciary was not involved at all," The source alleged.
Mr. President, the letter writer's email contained two disturbing revelations:  One, the purported amnesty extended to Rambo, and the "gift" that was extended to you by the Qataris Investors.  The source is claiming to be within your inner circles.  He has access to information that you might deemed classified. Figure out where the information is coming from.  
There are patriotic citizens out there, who are not in support of the corruption culture that is deep-rooted in this administration. They have started speaking out, and nothing can stop them  from salvaging our country from these hungry  "vultures", who are determined to wreck this beloved nation, we call the Gambia, for their own selfish interest.
We tried to reach Ben Jammeh, the Director General of the National Drug Enforcement Agency to authenticate the veracity of the report, but he was indisposed for comments. He is believed to be outside the jurisdiction of the Gambia, as we gathered that he had traveled overseas. It is not clear whether Ben had  return from his overseas trip, but his Public Relations officer Chief Superintendent Abdoulie Ceesay would not answer phone calls from the Freedom Newspaper.  Mr. Ceesay merely hung up the phone after our Editor identified himself to him. Perhaps, the call came in  rather too late, and he decided not to grant us an audience on the subject matter.
A highly placed source, who spoke to this paper said it was news to him that Rambo was "secretly" released from jail. The source said he was  not aware of  Rambo's release, but at the same time  he adds that " this administration is not a respecter of the rule law, and court orders." For example, the source hinted that  "Major MA Bah, who was sentenced to life imprisonment alongside with Captain Bunja Darboe, and others was released from custody without the knowledge of the court, and the Gambian people.  The source said Major Bah was "secretly" released one morning from the Mile Two Prison, and reinstated into the army. 
"  I will not be surprised if Rambo is released because this Government do things on their own without having regard  for the constitution. I will do my own research on this to find out if Rambo is indeed released," the source said.
There was no phone listing available for Rambo's Lawyer Hawa Sisay Sabally to reach her for comment. The anonymous source who emailed this paper claimed that Rambo had since left the country.  Businessman Muhammed Bazzi, was alleged to have  "brokered" the release of Rambo, the letter writer alleged.
                        Imam Fatty Not Fired
This country is gradually becoming a rumour mill nation. State House Imam Alhagie Abdoulie Fatty made numerous attempts during his Friday prayer sermons last week to dispel rumors that he has been fired from his post. The controversial Imam told his congregation that he personally heard about the rumor. He wondered why should people speculate about his sacking.  Mr. Fatty assured his followers that he is still the State House Imam. And as far as he is concerned there is no iota of truth in such rumours. 
During a phone conversation with the Freedom Newspaper, Imam Fatty blamed the rumor of his purported sacking to " idle" folks whose business is to spread rumors about people. " Mr. M'Bai, I am still the Imam of the State House. Yes, I heard about the rumor, but it is not true.  I have been receiving phone calls from people trying to find out whether I have been sacked.  I led the Friday prayers this past week. If I was sacked, I wouldn't be there to lead prayers," said Imam Fatty.
The Imam said it is rather unfortunate that people can go to the extent of making up rumors about his removal.  "  Don't mind rumor mongers. This is absolute nonsense.  I have been hearing about my sacking for a while now.  Here,  I am serving as an Imam at the State House," said Imam Fatty.
A source within the State House claimed that President Jammeh was upset about Imam Fatty's conduct during the just concluded Hajj in Mecca.  In that, Imam Fatty reportedly asked the Saudi religious leader whether it was permissible for the Gambia to observe Ramadan, and pray with Mecca the same day. But Imam Fatty rejects such reports describing them as totally false. He said he was not aware of making any statement that might have angered President Jammeh. 
According to the source, President Jammeh himself in some occasions will create rumors in a bid to test the reaction of the Gambian population before executing certain executive decisions.  The source cites the case of Baba Jobe, who was labelled in the mainstream media as an agent of "terror" when President Jammeh was partly responsible for the "hate" campaign against Jobe.  The source said it would be a matter of time before Mr. Jammeh will let Imam Fatty go, but the writings are on the wall that Mr. Fatty is about to be shown the exist door.

Posted on Monday, December 13, 2010 (Archive on Wednesday, March 30, 2011)
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