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Breaking News: Gambia: Stop Press: President Jammeh’s Convey Kills Lamin Child, One Left Paralyzed
President Jammeh’s Convey Kills Lamin Child, One Left Paralyzed

As kid died, one injured during President’s Indiscriminate Biscuits Distribution Stampede

BANJUL, THE GAMBIA—President Yahya Jammeh has been blamed for the death of a Kombo Lamin child, who died during a stampede on Wednesday, as kids struggled to lay their hands on the biscuits that were being thrown at them by The Gambian leader.  Another five year old Lamin  boy Adama Jobarteh, lost two of his legs.  Little Jobarteh suffered from massive leg fracture, her Guardian  Tenda Camara tells the Freedom Newspaper during a telephone interview.  Ms. Camara, said her kid was among the injured children on Wednesday's incident, which left residents of Kombo Lamin to bury one of their loved ones—thanks to President Jammeh’s indiscriminate food distribution.  The Gambian leader indiscriminately threw biscuits at the starving kids, who assembled on the highway to be fed by the dictator.

According to Ms. Adama Jobarteh, one Lamin kid was killed during the stampede. “ I heard that one kid was left dead during the push and pull. The kids struggled to lay their hands on the biscuits that werethrown at them by the President.  My own kid Adama Jobarteh suffered from fractured legs.  As we speak, he has been hospitalized at the RVTH. He is responding to treatment. We hope he will get back to his feet,” she said adding “I was not at home when the incident happened.  This is common in The Gambia. Each time the President is travelling, kids will come out to receive biscuits from him. His convey has just passed us in Banjul, where kids stormed the streets—struggling to lay their hands on the President’s biscuits.”

Ms. Camara said the injured boy’s parents lived in Kombo Sukuta. She has been entrusted to oversee the child in Lamin, she said. The old woman said it is unfortunate that a  Lamin kid lost his life during the incident. She said they are very grateful to God that poor Adama Jobarteh survived.

“ We can’t do anything about it; besides putting our faith in God. It has happened, it has happened,” she said. She said that her child Adama Jobarteh suffered injuries because of  President Jammeh’s convey.

The State House is yet to issue a statement on the death ofthe  Lamin child, including the injured Adama Jobarteh.

Posted on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 (Archive on Thursday, June 30, 2011)
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