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The Freedom Newspaper Maiden Issue On Jammeh’s Divorce, Sex Life, Arms, Betrayal Schemes, And a Lot More!

BANJUL, THE GAMBIA—After weeks of speculations, and counter speculations regarding the recent divorce between President Yahya Jammeh, and Gambia’s First Lady Alima Sallah, the daughter of Gambia’s Chief Diplomat in Saudi Arabia, the Freedom Newspaper can report with authority that the relationship between the pair had ended for good. The disgraced Gambian leader, an excessive womanizer, who married the teenager at her eighteen birthday, prematurely ended the relationship thereby—leaving the Sallah family to live in shame, and emotional distress, sources reaching this medium said. Mr. Jammeh was pressurized by his gold digger Moroccan wife Zeinab Suma Jammeh to let go little Alima, whose marital relationship with Jammeh never went down well with her. Zeinab, had to pack, and leave Banjul, and briefly resettled in Washington DC, as a form of registering her disaffection against Gambia’s De Facto dictator.  She was the least pleased with Jammeh’s polygamous marital life. She laid down strict conditions to enable her return to Banjul; one of which was for Jammeh to divorce Alima, who she perceived as an “intruder, and an illegitimate” wife of the mentally challenged despot.

According to highly placed sources close to the Jammeh Kanilai villa, who are familiar with Alima’s divorce story, Mr. Jammeh could not sustain running a home in DC, and Banjul at the same time. The dictator became “broke” following the halt on the illegal arms sale, and drug trafficking. He is on the world’s watch list for the alleged proliferation of arms, and drugs.     

“Essentially, after Jammeh married the 18 year old Alima, he was in a position whereby his first wife was living in Washington DC and living the life.  At that point, the President had plenty of money and his illegal activities were generating plenty of cash,” said a knowledgeable source, who is very conversant with Jammeh’s clandestine flamboyance life style.

“Soon after however, he found both the drug running and the arms trafficking routes closed off.  Without access to sources of cash, Jammeh was left beholden to his Moroccan holdings.  This is where Zeinab came in as all the investments in Morocco are in her name,” our source added.   

This was not the end of Jammeh’s marital nightmare.  In order to facilitate the return of Zeinab to Banjul, the dictator was compelled to reach a truce with her. One of the agreements reached was for Alima to be divorced.  And it happened! 

State House Imam Fatty, led some Muslim religious leaders, on behalf of the President to convey to Alima’s parents about Jammeh’s desire to end the relationship.  The message was properly conveyed to the Sallah family.

“So, Jammeh found himself having to keep the relationship with Zeinab strong again.  He therefore made the approach to her around October of 2010 for her to come back. One of her conditions was that Jammeh would have to divorce his second wife.  Jammeh having used this teenager was only too happy to oblige.  He sent some imams led by Imam Fatty of the State House mosque to ask for the divorce in March,” said our source.

Alima Sallah, was caught by surprise by Jammeh’s sudden move to let her go.  She could not believe that Mr. Jammeh would just wakeup one morning and ended the relationship without following the right protocol for Muslim divorce.  She was not only kicked from their rented home in Kotu, but Mr. Jammeh ordered for the confiscation of the luxurious vehicles assigned to her.

“The girl does not want the divorce but she has no choice. All the bodyguards have been withdrawn from her except one.  Also, all the State cars that were allocated to her have been withdrawn.  She however is refusing to acknowledge the fact that she is no longer in fact married to Jammeh. She has not seen Jammeh for the past 3 months,” said a highly placed source close to the Jammeh State House.

Prior to marrying Jammeh, Alima Sallah was a close friend of the daughter of Gambia’s Justice Minister Edward Gomez.  In fact, she got to know Mr. Jammeh, through Mr. Gomez’s daughter, who was at the material time speculated to be dating the President.  She was convinced by her concubine Mr. Jammeh to convert from Christianity to Muslim.  She was named after Alima’s Mom, a former beautician.    

Mr. Jammeh’s original plan was to marry Ms. Gomez.  But as soon as he started talking to Alima Sallah, he changes his mind. That paved the way for Alima to socialize with our low life President.

Tempted by money, and the luxury associated with  marrying a sitting President,  Alima’s parents sold their “soul” to the dictator. They cared less about the implications of snatching “Babilimansa” now known as “Nassiru Dean” from Edward Gomez’s daughter. They went ahead to formalize the marriage—despite the moral issues associated with their unscrupulous actions.

Today, Alima Sallah, and her parents have been humiliated by the Kanilai monster.  A local bank (name withheld) even wanted to loan a huge amount of money to Alima’s mother, because her daughter merely married to the President.  It’s not clear if the bank went ahead with the loan disbursement, but what is evident though Mr. Jammeh had divorced Alima.  She is no longer married to Jammeh.


Posted on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 (Archive on Wednesday, June 29, 2011)
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