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After sacking his former in-law Jamal Micknas, the President Yahya Jammeh has just booked a special flight for his “gold digger” Moroccan wife Zeinab Suma Jammeh to spend her summer vacation in the United States, authoritative State House sources have just confided with the Freedom Newspaper. Zeinab, and a sizeable delegation are expected to leave Banjul for Washington DC sometime next week on what the State House insiders called “another wasteful spending spree.”  She is going to be hosted at the new house Mr. Jammeh  purchased for her in Mary Land, sources familiar with her travel details said.

Since Jammeh divorced his second wife Alima Sallah, the Moroccan First Lady has been in a jubilant mood.  She constantly appear in the public view—trying to showcase that she is in charge of Gambia’s mentally unstable leader.  She was very instrumental in ending the relationship between Jammeh, and teenager Alima Sallah. She pressurized Jammeh to let go Alima. She was totally opposed to Jammeh marrying a second wife.  

Mr. Jammeh was given the option to either let go Alima, or be divorced. This is the sad reality behind the Alima/Jammeh affair. The poor Gambian was sacrificed by Jammeh to satisfy Zeinab. 

Zeinab’s  annual up-keeping is estimated at several millions of United States dollars. The annual expenses on Zeinab is far more than Gambia’s annual budget.  This is no exaggeration. 

Jammeh bought an expensive house for her in Mary Land. She also had luxurious modern vehicles packed at  the property, sources said.  Zeinab is a “high maintenance” First Lady. 

Under a normal protocol, The Gambian Embassy in DC should be handling her travel, and other expenses, but the First Lady has insisted that she doesn’t want embassy staffers to meddle into her business.  Besides the guards and the protocol team escorting her, there is no staffer of the Gambian Embassy who handles her daily errands—opposed to what used to obtain in the past.

She is very conversant with life in DC, and its suburbs.  She is expected to visit Detroit during her trip to meet with a sister of her, sources said. 

Meanwhile, a concerned Gambian who reached the Freedom Newspaper is appealing to Gambians, and friends of The Gambia who are privy to Yahya Jammeh's properties in the US to please volunteer information. A concerned party is  working on  suing Jammeh. 

Given the high cost of litigation in the US, it would be unwise to institute legal proceedings against Jammeh without having any assets associated with him to be attached in the even of a judgment against Jammeh.  Be part of the team researching on Jammeh's assets in the United States. Gambians who are privy to Jammeh's assets in the US are being urged to please volunteer information.

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Posted on Saturday, June 18, 2011 (Archive on Tuesday, August 30, 2011)
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