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Breaking News: Gambia: Freedom Radio UK Fans Club Launched!

Freedom Radio UK Fans Club Launched! 

The Freedom Radio London fans club was officially launched on Sunday in Brighton, United Kingdom.  Jamano show host, and anchor  Seedy Ceesay, his family, and a cross section of the community were in attendance on Sunday’s  barbecue. The formation of the UK Freedom Radio fan club, followed the printing of over one hundred T shirts bearing the company’s official Logo, a statement which reads “ I am a Freedom Radio Fan” and the image of its founding proprietor, and Editor Pa Nderry M’Bai.  The T shirts would be distributed in The Gambia, Senegal, Europe,  and across the globe.  It’s another form of showing our heartfelt appreciation to our loyal listeners, and readers, who have been one of the major driving forces of this success story that we celebrate today in the UK.

In a short statement, Freedom Editor Pa Nderry M’Bai, who is due to visit the UK later this year to meet up with the radio’s growing fans, thanked Mr. Ceesay, and the loyal Freedom Radio Fans for coming up with such a laudable initiative.

“ We shall continue to exceed your expectations. Thanks to your moral support, and inspiration, we are able to gather such a huge audience.  Without you circulating, or promoting the gospel of Freedom Radio, and what it stands for,  we wouldn’t have achieved, what we achieved today. Millions of people around the world listen to Freedom Radio, including President Yahya Jammeh,” said Editor M’Bai.

“Our journalistic educational messages are going into the hearts, and minds of Gambians, and friends of The Gambia. Our primary goal is to provide an unbiased news reportage, commentaries, and comprehensive news analysis to our target audience. And I must salute my colleague, and dear brother Seedy Ceesay for the excellent job he is doing by translating Freedom, and other mediums news stories into the Mandinka local language. We received positive feedbacks from our listeners in  Africa, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Holland, England, and elsewhere around the world registering their sincere appreciation to Mr. Ceesay’s tireless services by trying to get them up-to-date, balanced, and accurate information about happenings in The Gambia.”

According to Mr. M’Bai, in coming days, some of the  Freedom Radio T shirts would be shipped to The Gambia, and elsewhere around the world. He pointed out that the move is not political, and for a kick start the T shirts would be distributed free of charge to our loyal listeners.

“ Freedom of expression is essential in any given democratic dispensation. And for The Gambia to earn the respect of the world, and its neighbors, including the international community, it must nurture such a fundamental tenet of democratic values.  Freedom of the press, and expression are the cornerstones of a nation’s democratic health. Governments should endeavor to allow its people to be free, and speak their minds on issues pertaining national matters,” Editor M’Bai noted.

"Each time a given nation deprives its citizens of such fundamental values, there is bound to be naked injustice, impunity, lawlessness, and lack of official accountability.  In other words, an oppressed nation, is a recipe for disaster, and political calamities. All these wars, uprisings, and rebellions are as a result of lack of justice,” said Mr. M’Bai.

“Some people resort to violence to change a Government, or vent their anger against the status quo if there are no avenues to seek justice.  That’s why it’s crucially imperative for the Jammeh Government to embark on a political shift by lifting the political bondage of “captivity, and suppression”  it exposes Gambians since coming to power 17 years ago. The Gambia is not immune from the North African Spring revolution. It must brace up for the inevitable because the writings are already on the walls for a national collapse,” Editor M'Bai warned.  

“ Such proposed political reforms must go with financial discipline, official accountability,  transparency, and probity. The Government must be responsive to the needs, and aspiration of its citizens. Gambians do not want a President, who would transform the nation as his personal property.  A President who would steal from its citizens, and in turn dish them handouts. A President who exploits the state for the fulfillment of his economic, and political dreams is not needed during this crucial period of Gambia’s fragile political history.  Gambians want a representative Government—not tribally dominated, and above all accountable to its people.  Thank you for your attention,” Editor M’Bai concludes.

Posted on Sunday, September 04, 2011 (Archive on Wednesday, November 30, 2011)
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