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Gambia: Breaking News: Radio One FM, Independent Newspaper Arsonists, And Ghanaian Killers Named!
Radio One FM, Independent Newspaper Arsonists, And Ghanaian Killers Named!

By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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The self confessed Jammeh hit man, who recently exposed the killers of the former Point Newspaper Managing Editor, and AP Banjul Correspondent Deyda Hydara, has decided to name the security personnel, who burnt down the Radio One FM,  about ten years ago, under the instructions of Gambia’s dictator Yahya Jammeh, the Freedom Newspaper can report.  The incident left the station’s proprietor George Christensen seriously injured including his night watchman. The arsonists named herein also vandalizes the radio station before proceeding to the home of Disco Jokey Alieu Bah, where they attempted to set his apartment ablaze. Mr. Bah, was at the time in bed with his wife, and new born baby.

The self confessed Jammeh killer, who is still on active duty with Gambia’s Armed Forces also named the soldiers involved in the burning of the defunct Independent Newspaper, and the soldiers responsible for the killing of the forty Ghanaians in July of 2005. Some of the murdered Ghanaians were buried at Kanilai, the President home village, while the remaining dead bodies were dumped in the outskirt of the Gambian coastal village Brufut. 

Below is the transcribed audio interview we had with the Jammeh hit man.  The killer has asked us to protect his identity; until such a time that  a new administration is installed in the Gambia.



I have been sitting on this information for a while now. Since you have proven to be a credible, and dependable journalist, I’m comfortable to relate to you about the people, who were responsible for the burning of the Radio One FM, belonging to Mr.  George Christensen. 

First, I want to confess to  Gambians  that I’m part and parcel of the  secret hit squad created by the President Jammeh (Oga).  I think my recent revelations on the death of Deyda Hydara is on record, and come post Jammeh era, I will make myself available to testify before any Commission of Inquiry to explain what happen on the day in question.

Regarding the Radio One FM arson attack, we were instructed by the President to firebomb the radio station. The President was unhappy with the station’s media coverage, and he thought that the best way to avenge his anger was to burn the radio; and possibly kill its owner; and staffers.

On arrival at the radio, our men poured gasoline in the station and set it on fire. The watchman on duty was badly assaulted. The owner George Christensen was in the station at the time.

The attack was carried out by the following men named herein. I was a living witness to the incident. All what I’m saying here is the truth and nothing but the truth.  The list goes:

1.      Lance Coporal Famara Camara alias Seicon ( Now in America)

2.    Bai Lamin Sanyang ( Deceased)

3.    Lance Coporal Alieu Bojang ( Dismissed)

4.    Sergeant Paul Bojang (dismissed)

5.     Lance Coporal Modou Lamin Tamba( Dismissed)

In regards to the Independent Newspaper arson attack, to the best of my recollection, the following army personnel were responsible for the incident.

1.     Lance Corporal Sheriff Gissey, alias Ndara (Dismissed)

2.   Major Sana Manjang

3.   Lt.  Micheal Correa

4.   Major General Saul Badjie

5.    Lt. Yusupha Sanneh, an orderly to President Jammeh

6.   Ousman Sonko ( Minister of Interior).

Pa, Ousman Sonko, the former Inspector General of police now Minister of Interior, coordinated the Independent arson attack.

When our men stormed the Independent Newspaper printing press house, Major Sana Manjang poured gasoline on the machine before setting it on fire. Mr. Manjang sustained serious burns during the incident. He even dropped his MAB PISTOL at the independent. The pistol was recovered by the staff on duty, and was later handed to the police.

Mr. Manjang, was briefly hosted at the residence of Kalifa Bajinka, where he was being treated for the burns he sustained. The plight, and whereabouts of Manjang was later leaked to the press—prompting for his relocation to Kanilai for further treatment. That’s where our base is. All the Jammeh hitmen are stationed in Kanilai.

When politician Hamat Bah raised the issue of the Independent Newspaper arson attack before the floor of the National Assembly, and demanded an official inquiry into the incident, after naming the perpetrators, Manjang was confined to Kanilai to avoid the public seeing the burns he sustained. Some of our colleagues in the army were privy to the incident.

Editors Note:  A United States Embassy Cable leaked by Wikileaks ( said: "Bajinka believes that Jammeh’s attempts to arrest him are based on his knowledge of Jammeh’s nefarious activities during his time on the President’s staff and as commander of the Presidential Guard. Bajinka knew that Jammeh ordered the arrest, detention, and torture of numerous political rivals."

               Ghanaian Killers Named

While the July 22nd 2005 anniversary was in progress in Banjul, we received a word that some mercenaries, who plotted to attack the country were captured and detained at the Navy in Banjul. The suspects were transported to the late Baba Jobe’s residence in Kotu for further processing. This is the residence where the President’s Mom lives.

The first batch of suspected Ghanaian mercenaries were later taken to Kanili. On arrival at the President’s home, two of the suspects escaped, while the third suspect was shot by WO 2 Malick Jatta during his struggle to escape from custody.

One of the escapees was later apprehended at  a village called Bambara in Foni behind Kanilai. The village is situated near Allah-Kunda. The suspect was cut into pieces with a cutlass by Sana Manjang before putting his remains into a bag locally known as “SAKO).  The bag containing the murdered foreign national was dumped near the outskirt of  Buiam Santangba. 

Pa, if you can recall, there was a time an unidentified dead body was found in the said locality. The body was wrapped into a bag. The body in question was part of the suspected murdered mercenaries.  The man was killed by Sana Manjang. He was cut into pieces, and wrapped into a bag by Manjang.

The story about the unidentified dead body found in the area was reported by the Daily Observer and GRTS. It was our men who perpetrated the killing.

The remaining suspects were shot and killed at a close range at a place in Kanilai (location withheld for now). WO2 Malick Jatta, and Sana Manjang carried out the killings, with the help of others named herein.  Both Malick and Sana were armed with MAB PISTOLS during the execution of the detainees. The suspects have been buried in Kanilai (location withheld for now) due to national security issues.

The other suspects were killed and dumped in the bushes of Brufut. The villagers later alerted the authorities when they found the smelling corpses.

The individuals named below participated into the killing of the Ghanaians in The Gambia. They also supervised their transportation to both Kanilai and Brufut.

1.     Tumbul Tamba ( Deceased)

2.   Musa Jammeh  ( Deceased)

3.   WO2 Malick Jatta

4.   Major SANA MAJANG

5.    Lt. SOLO Bojang

6.   O2 Alieu Jeng

7.    Sergeant Omar Jallow

8.   Major Sarjo Jarju

9.   Staff Sergeant Bubacarr Jallow

10.       Staff Sergeant Lamin Sillah

11.  Captain Sambou Barrow

The late Tumbul Tamba and Musa Jammeh coordinated the extra judicial killings. The President Yahya Jammeh instructed us to kill the Ghanaians. It was more than forty men,  who were massacred on the day in question.

Pa, I’m supplying you such state secrets for posterity. We have been used and abused by Oga. Gambians should forgive us for the atrocities we have committed on behalf of the commander-in-chief.  No one here dares disobey his orders.  We normally act on instructions given to us by our superiors. He (the President) delegates, and we execute the secret killings, tortures, and burning of media houses.  I will be back with more damning revelations in days to come.  My first piece had shaken the State House. Expect more confessions from me. We are pissed off with this monster!

Posted on Monday, November 28, 2011 (Archive on Tuesday, January 31, 2012)
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