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Gambia: Freedom Staffer Alhagie Mustapha Faye Is Ready To Assume Presidential Leadership!

Freedom Staffer Alhagie Mustapha Faye Is Ready To Assume Presidential Leadership!


Our Sweden Talk-Host show Anchor and Freedom Newspaper staffer Alhagie Mustapha Faye, widely known as “Alikalagi” is dressing to impress his audience. This is evident on his classic African traditional dress showcase. We call him here at Freedom “the head of the Freedom family.” Some call him Uncle Alhagie, or Sumamackgi.  Mr. Faye serves as an adviser, role model and also a counselor to the younger generation. Alhagie plays a crucial role in advancing the cause of the Freedom Newspaper and Freedom Radio. He does not stop at his intellectual public enlightenment programs  through his radio shows, Alhagie occasionally uses his own funds to sponsor the Freedom Newspaper. 

That said, let us dissect Alhagie’s latest move to compete with President Jammeh in terms of dress style and elegancy. First, and foremost, there is no doubt in our mind that Alhagie is living good in Sweden.  He is a happy man. His family, colleagues and loved ones should be proud of this legendary African Talk-Host Show radio anchor.  His intonation is next to none. A  very intelligent communicator, with a verse knowledge of African politics, culture, and traditional values.

Alhagie’s  portrait speaks volume.  One may mistaken him as the new “king of Banjul” lined up to replace our Kanilai Jolla boy Yahya James Jukung Jammeh.  Although, he doesn’t harbor Presidential ambition. Notwithstanding, Alhagie is more Presidential material compared to Jammeh of Gambia, who ruled the African country with an iron fist.

Mr. Faye’s  actions, comportment, leadership qualities, oratory skills, and interpersonal relation serve as a glaring example for a modern African leader.

Africa does not need leaders who look down at its people; persecute its people, kill its citizens for merely expressing one’s political opinion on the situation of governance in their countries, loot its resources, and stripped off the rights of its citizens.  

Africa needs sober minded leaders. Honest leaders with Pan-African values. Leaders who are ready and determined to uplift the living conditions of its people.

We do not need a leader like dictator Yahya Jammeh, who thinks that the Presidency is an outlet to enrich one's self and his family. A leader who uses his position to discriminate at its people, kill its people, and maim his opponents. 

Despite the dictator’s attempts to censor the Internet in the Gambia, there are ways to circumvent Jammeh’s blockage of the Freedom Newspaper IP address.  Thousands of Gambians read Freedom and listen to our radio through the following web browsers.

Web browser is mostly used by Gambians to access the Freedom Newspaper.  Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and top Government officials use the site to read about Gambia’s most authoritative news medium. This is the site that provides  them with factual, accurate and balanced information about happenings in the Gambia.

Thanks to the Internet, which is bringing the world under one global village, Mr. Faye is able to reach out to millions of listeners through his radio program. He has shaped the media landscape in the Gambia through his informative programs, commentaries and news analysis.

Throughout the  length and breadth of the Gambia, including the wider diasporan Gambian Community listen to Alhagie’s show. In fact, many Gambian youngsters back home in the Gambia imitate Alhagie’s “Alikalagi” expression (meaning in English hitting the nail on the head).  Faye’s love for the truth has been exemplified by his outspokenness.  He doesn’t minces his words , or feelings when it comes to national issues. He is a frank commentator, and bold for that matter.

Posted on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 (Archive on Sunday, February 19, 2012)
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