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Gambia: Health Ministry Insider Exposes Riders For Health—Calls On Jammeh’s Intervention
Health Ministry Insider Exposes Riders For Health—Calls On Jammeh’s Intervention

RFH Corruption And Tax Evasion

By An Insider Banjul


I thank you so much for publishing the article on what the Gambians need to know about MOH. As promised, this issue will be revealing corruption and the magnitude of tax evasion at Riders – For – Health (RFH). RFH is the most corrupt entity ever registered in the Gambia. In other countries RFH is a non-profit making entity but in the Gambia it’s making more profit than any other entity in Sub – Saharan Africa. Mr. President you were again been fooled by Mrs. Therese Drammeh , Cherno Jallow and Omar Jah, remember when  Ford Ambulances,  Pick –ups and Motorbike were displayed at the July 22nd Square in Banjul, where they promised to institute an operational modality called Zero breakdown (Meaning no vehicle, Generator or motorbike will ever run short of fuel or develop any form of problem for 5 years). That has never been the case all the aforementioned engines are experiencing fuel shortage, mechanical problems etc. Sir where is the monthly 2 Million dalasis being paid to RFH Excluding the monthly payment of Cost per kilometre (CPK)? Sir is RFH an NGO, Parastatal or Government entity? Can you please establish what they are so that they can pay prescribed tax. They are using the duty weaver to clear all their shipments from the port and elsewhere.

Here is the summary of the total CPK to be paid by the MOH for only December 2011

1.      Ambulances D 1,494,720.10

2.    Pick- ups           D 1,027,573.64

3.    Motorbikes       D 457,283.64

                  Total 2,979,577.32

Remember this didn’t include the monthly D2 Million Dalasis (24 million annually). The three people mentioned above were the architects of the entire saga including Minister Yankuba Gassama, Mariatou, Malick Njie and the late Dr. Gaye, can you see what they are capable of doing all of them resigned from the Ministry and took high positions at their corrupt RFH. Sir, all the structures and the equipment being used belongs to MOH, but here again they managed to inherit everything from the Ministry. Yaya Jammeh your Ministers: Malick Njie, Yankuba Gassama, Mariatou and the late Dr. Gaye knew it all.

RFH celebrated the sacking of Minister Mariatou Jallow because she was not supporting them. You know what they did the entire organization contributed money and sent a delegation to Mali for the Marabout  to make sure she was fired and that was done that’s why they celebrate it (Mariatou that was better for if not you be dead by now, I can call the names of those who went to Mali). The biggest mobilizer and liar is Omar Jah  and Cherno Jallow is the wisest fool, he is the most greedy person on this planet.

He (Cherno), Deputy Director for RFH resigned from the Ministry of health for RfH but he still runs a whole unit headed by his inefficient wife Yamundow Lowe Jallow. This man sits on the funds of that unit and spending it the way he feels, no staffer at that unit is happy about the management of that unit.

The President find out the faith of Vehicles donated to the Ministry by Challenger (The short green Land cruisers) Malick Njie knew much about that. Yaya jammeh wake – up and see for yourself, and please kindly give the current administration all the support they require and you will see the difference, here again the odd ones amongst them are DPS Tall and CMD Secka.  Sir Secka will (xxx)  all the good equipment from the RVTH to his private Clinic. Dr. Tall is not in touch with issues and very bias, always in favour of Laboratory services quest and encouraging Divide & Rule.

Mr. President I thank you on your landslide victory in the last presidential election.










Posted on Tuesday, February 28, 2012 (Archive on Saturday, March 31, 2012)
Posted by PNMBAI  Contributed by PNMBAI

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