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Gambia: Breaking News: A Chat With Alima Sallah At Her New Paradise Estate Home!

A Chat With Alima Sallah At Her New Paradise Estate Home!

Gambia's First Lady Alima Sallah has been exposed to secret kidnapping by her cokehead husband dictator Yahya Jammeh, who placed  her under “civilized house arrest” at a home situated at the Paradise Housing Estate at Old Yundum, the Freedom Newspaper has gathered.  A respected source, who recently met the depressed Alima Sallah at  her new home guarded by soldiers explained how Mr. Jammeh has tormented the young girl by restricting her right to freedom of movement and association. Ms. Sallah has been isolated from her friends, family members, and loved ones by Mr. Jammeh, who is apparently refusing to grant her official divorce despite repeated request by Ms. Sallah.  

Dictator Jammeh has seized Alima’s passport in an attempt to prevent her from leaving the country for reasons best known to Jammeh. He did not stop at restricting her movements within the country. He has also assigned “highly trained soldiers” who specializes on close protection services to closely watch Alima and secure her Paradise home.  

A roving Freedom Newspaper informant, who has been investigating the exact address where Alima Sallah has been hosted in the Gambia said she was taken to Alima’s new home at the Paradise Housing Estate by an old friend. Our informant said she was greeted by soldiers at the gate on arrival there. Our informant was treated for lunch by Alima. She likes “Fishcate” a lot, and pool swimming, our informant said.

People familiar with the area will notice that Alima Sallah  is hosted at the first storey building just at the entrance of the Paradise Estate. Global Properties, a local Gambian company in partnership with Swami India International started a $15 Million Housing project in Old Yundum since 2007 called The Paradise Estate, the company reported on its official website

The main objective of the alliance is to provide quality and affordable Housing for Gambians at home and abroad, as well as tourists and other investors. The project comprises a total of 180 houses in three model designs, the site owners reported.

Neighbors who wished to remain anonymous confirmed seeing Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh at the property late at night. One neighbor remarked: “ Alima Sallah lives here, but her presence is being treated as a top state secret. If you want to prove your curiosity just knock at the gate. You will find soldiers there. You see that storey building with a Green Flag on the roof and a satellite; that's her new home. The President frequents here from time to time.”

The source repeatedly pointed at the house where Alima Sallah has been  hosted. Our informant had already knew where Alima lives, but she was trying to gather more intelligence from the neighborhood. It was during the course of our investigations we learned that Jammeh assigns his guards to escort Alima when attending family functions. For example, when Ms. Sallah recently expresses her intention of attending her cousin’s birthday party one Chaneh, Jammeh instructed his guards to follow her. Every movement of Alima was being closely monitored during Chaneh’s birthday party, the informant said.

A similar close surveillance was meted out to Alima during her brother’s naming ceremony. The guards escorted her to her brother’s home. She is no longer a free woman. Her phone conversations, social interactions and family reunions are also closely monitored.

Mr. Jammeh had lied to his Moroccan gold digger wife Zeinab Suma Jammeh by telling her that he has divorced Alima, but the fact of the matter is that Mr. Jammeh is trying to hide his marital relationship with poor Alima Sallah. He doesn’t  want to upset Zeinab, and yet he has the audacity to abuse our God fearing Gambian sister. Jammeh’s conduct tantamount to secret kidnapping and spousal abuse.

According to one source, who spoke to the Freedom Newspaper, Alima Sallah is no longer interested in marrying Yahya Jammeh. The dictator is refusing to let her go, the source said.

“ If Alima has the means to leave this country today,  she will do it without hesitation. Her passport has been seized. She cannot travel within the country without been escorted,” said our source.

Alima’s close…. (names withheld ) who spoke to our informant have expressed their resentment at Jammeh’s mistreatment of their old buddy. They are not happy with the way Mr. Jammeh is enslaving the young girl. The source said Alima has been an outgoing girl, who enjoys night life (clubbing).  She has been mentally traumatized by Jammeh’s hijacking of her freedom, the source said.




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