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Gambia: ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bom Bensouda Told “Charity Begins At Home” By A Former School Mate!
ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bom Bensouda Told “Charity Begins At Home” By A Former School Mate!


By A Concerned Gambian

Dear Editor Mbai,

I was following the news when I came across the quote below made by the Gambian born ICC Prosecutor, Madam Fatou Bensouda.   I attended the school with her at Gambia High School in the Sixth Form. I must admit, I am very proud of her achievements and proud of the fact that She is a Gambian woman.  However her own words below are strong and must not be taken so lightly.  Mr. Editor allow me to dissect this quote without bias, based on the context as was presented by Madam Bensouda.

"The office of the prosecutor will go where the victims need us. Law is a shield for the powerless, not a club for the powerful, and no one will divert me from the course of justice. "The world increasingly understands the rule of the Court and Africa understood it right from the start. As Africans we know that impunity is not an academic, abstract notion. The African commitment to ending impunity is a reality and we have to find ways to focus attention on that." (Source: Guardian Newspaper May 23).

Mrs. Bensouda did emphatically state that her office will go where the victims need them. Well said Madame Chief Prosecutor, but guess what, charity begins at home and many in your own homeland Gambia are victims and do need your intervention now.

For example, the death of your school mate Ousman Koro Ceesay stills remain uninvestigated. Similarly, the murderers of Deyda Hydara still work free in the streets of Banjul. In addition to this, the families of the murdered students of April 2001 are still waiting for justice. Chief Ebrima Manneh is still missing even though Gambia's Police Chief claims Interpol saw him in America which in itself is not only a lie against such a reputable organization such as Interpol but an insult on the US Government. Innocent Gambians are languishing in jails for years without trial.

Everybody knows that the NIA headquarters is Africa's most dangerous torture chamber.  Just a few days ago your former Boss Yahya Jammeh gave an order to his security Chiefs to "shoot first and then ask questions later." Is this not away of eliminating anybody he wants killed by using his men to shoot at innocent people or his opponents if I may call it and just stage manage a crime scene for that matter.

Well you said it right Madame Chief Prosecutor and you could not have said it any better. Now the onus lies on you as you rightly pointed out "law is a shield for the powerless, not a club for the powerful and no one will divert me from the cause of justice." These were your own words and for that matter the course of justice is in the Gambia to begin with. The whole world is watching you. You have made a bold challenge by these statement and everyone is watching if sooner or maybe later, you will take your friend (Yahya Jammeh ) head on.

 To quote you once again, you also did say that the African commitment to ending impunity is a reality. You bet and again you nailed it just like Mrs. Carrol would say back in the days of our schooling.

Now Madam Chief Prosecutor, please take note that you are one of the most influential people in Africa and that leverage can be used to bring justice to the door step of your own people in The Gambia. The statements you make cannot just be made because you had to. You cannot stand at any forum around the world and utter such remarks when your own people are the victims of abuse and mayheim. It’s a matter of conscience and I know you have conscience. The saying goes, talk is cheap and charity begins at home, the time is now to start with Gambia. We are watching and these words will judge you tomorrow, especially if Gambia has to become another Liberia. CONSCIENCE must come into play today. Time is running out take Yayha Jammeh to the ICC before he ends up like Momar Ghadaffi.

Thanks for space Editor M'bai.

 A concerned Gambian


Posted on Friday, May 25, 2012 (Archive on Friday, July 20, 2012)
Posted by PNMBAI  Contributed by PNMBAI

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