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Gambia: Breaking News: FJC Wants Freedom Newspaper Editor Pa Nderry M'Bai Killed!
‘Don’t Hit their site, because if you do, you are giving them Google AD Sense Dollars,’ FJC, As She Declares A War On Freedom Newspaper.

FJC Appeals To State Ministers To Convince President Jammeh To Sue Freedom Newspaper

Former Gambian House Speaker Fatou Jahoumpa Ceesay has declared a war against the US based Freedom Newspaper.  She wants President Jammeh, his Government, and APRC supporters to help her shutdown the paper from the Internet by any means necessary. No kidding. She is using Social media sites, such as  Facebook, and her connections in the Jammeh Government to undermine our news medium. She has hatched a dangerous plot against this media establishment.

An APRC supporter, one Jainaba Faye posted on the APRC Youth Wing Facebook page saying that she was “sick and tired”  of Gambians in the diaspora making endless negative comments about the developments that are taking place in the country. 

The APRC griot FJC responded by urging her party supporters to stop reading the Freedom Newspaper. FJC said the Freedom Newspaper earns its living through the Google Ad sense Ads displayed on our site. She even urges the APRC supporters to stop clicking on the Google Ad sense on Freedom.

“What you do is; don’t hit their site because if you do, you are giving them dollars as they can only survive on that.  Remember they have to feed their families and pay the bills. So just ignore them, as they cannot stop the good things happening back home. They will never come back to The Gambia and face us,” said FJC.

FJC went on to contradict herself: “So let them write and we help them get the dollar. They can use it to sell the Gambia in a good way, but they prefer to write false stories and fabrications and not development.” 

FJC is right when she said the Google Ad sense ads on the pages of the Freedom Newspaper attracts economic income for us. Thanks FJC for the free publicity accorded to us by reminding your party supporters to patronize us.

Just for the records: We do not solicit our readers to click on the ads as this violates Google policy. We strictly adhere to the rules governing Google Ad sense.

FJC is reminded that even the Daily Observer, the Government newspaper is a beneficiary of Google Ad sense. The Observer receives Cheque (Check), or bank wire from Google at month end like the Freedom Newspaper does. So what’s the big deal about the Freedom Newspaper being on the payroll of Google Ad sense?

With regards to traffic, the Freedom Newspaper is ten times most read than the Daily Observer. There is no doubt FJC is jealous about our growing hits.

We wish we were able to receive $10,000 dollars monthly check from Google as erroneously implied by our old good friend. She thinks that the Freedom Newspaper is making fortunes from its Ad sense ads.

We want to thank Google for creating AD sense because it’s helping young businesses such as the Freedom Newspaper to supplement and offset some of its business expenses. We will be selfish to deny that Google Ad sense is not helping us to pay our bills. Yes, it’s helping greatly to foot our bills.

There is a lot of inconsistencies in FJC’S statement. At some point she calls on the APRC to stop clicking on the Google Ad sense Ads on the Freedom Newspaper, and the next minute, she appealed to them to click on the Ads to help us pay the bills.  Interesting right?

FJC Google has a mechanism to detect genuine impressions. We do not need to appeal to anyone to come to our site. Our hits are increasing by the minute, and the hour. Some of these visitors come to the Freedom Newspaper on different reasons. They do not visit the site because of an Ad from Google Ad sense. Please get your facts right.

FJC is desperately trying to attract Jammeh’s attention. She is using the Freedom Newspaper, and other online Gambian papers to achieve her ambition. Good luck FJC on your political prostitution scheme!

The other day, a Government Minister confided to us that he was approached by FJC to help persuade the President so that the Freedom Newspaper can be taken to court. The Minister said FJC has been interfering with his busy schedules by harassing him with unsolicited phone calls about her beef with the Freedom Newspaper.

The same Minister told us that he suspects that FJC is suffering from depression and economic miseries. The Minister said four of his colleagues have also been approached by FJC, who appealed to them to convince President Jammeh to help pay a Lawyer in North Carolina to take Pa Nderry and Freedom to court. She wants Freedom to be taught a lesson and if need be have the site shutdown because it’s causing problems for the Government.

One of the State Ministers told FJC that he was going to get back to her on the proposed lawsuit against the Freedom Newspaper upon his return from his overseas trip. The Minister never returned FJC’S calls upon his return to Banjul. She became angry and started grumbling to her friends. She said she will stop mentioning the Freedom issue to the said Ministers.

FJC doesn’t have money to pay for an NC Lawyer to sue the Freedom Newspaper. She wants President Jammeh to sponsor her and other aggrieved parties to file a class action lawsuit against the Freedom Newspaper and its publisher.

President Jammeh if you are reading us this morning, FJC needs your help to finance a lawsuit for her against this medium. None of your Ministers contacted by  FJC are not willing to listen to her. She is becoming frustrated. Please use your illicit money to help her to take us to court. There are attorneys in Raleigh, who can represent her for a decent fee. It’s too expensive to retain a lawyer in the US, but I bet you can afford it.

FJC has been bad mouthing the Freedom Newspaper and its Editor in recent times. This was evident on her recent GRTS interview with Malick Jones. She is blaming us for the country's economic stagnation and the lack of investors in the Gambia. She claimed that the Freedom Newspaper is out to destroy President Jammeh and his Government.

From FJC’S own mouth “ The Freedom Newspaper should be stopped by any means necessary.” The State Minister told us that FJC is currently busy designing a dangerous plot against this paper. But FJC said that she cannot execute the plot alone. She needs President Jammeh’s help.

The same FJC complained against Deyda Hydra’s “Good Morning Mr. President Column” few months before his murder by President Jammeh. FJC by default contributed to Hydara’s murder. She instigated Hydara’s murder by making malicious and false accusations against Hydara. Her boss Jammeh responded by ordering his hit men to kill Hydara.

FJC cannot escape blame for instigating Deyda’s murder. She misled Jammeh about Hydara’s intentions for the Gambia and her people. She portrayed the late Deyda Hydara as a villain, who was bent on undermining President Jammeh and his Government.  That was far from the truth. Hydara was a true patriot, who loves his country. This was evident on his writings.

If FJC is back on her murder conspiracies with Jammeh to plot against Pa Nderry’s murder; then so be it. We will not be intimidated by her conspiracies to incite Jammeh’s Ministers to persuade the Kanilai monster to go after us legally, or to kill our Editor as a last resort.

The central point of her message reads: “ We should stop Freedom by any means necessary.” One can conclude that FJC will welcome the murder of Pa Nderry M’Bai. And the State Minister who spoke to us emphasizes the “seriousness” of FJC’S threat against our Editor and this paper. The world is being informed about FJC’s sinister intention against this medium. He who God blessed, no one can curse. We rest our case!









Posted on Friday, June 08, 2012 (Archive on Thursday, August 30, 2012)
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