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Gambia: Breaking News: President’s Office Issues Ultimatum To Tax Defaulters!

President’s Office Issues Ultimatum To Tax Defaulters!


As Jammeh Blocks Proxy Websites Granting Access To Gambians To The Freedom Newspaper

By A Senior Government Official

Dear Sir,

Unfortunately, I don’t have any data on the Iranian issue. I only heard the rumours like everyone else. I will let you know as I get information.

You may be interested to know that your website has been blocked again. Even through proxy blockers we cannot have access.

Anyway, you may be interested to note that this afternoon the President's office issued a demand letter to all companies on the list of Tax evaders. They have been given a deadline to pay the amounts which they have been reassessed by the 11th of July. Failure to pay will lead to legal action against them.

The office of the President should not be involved in collection of taxes. Yet again another confusion of roles! This is becoming a nightmare. I am getting telephone calls from so many Managing Directors. An ultimatum from the highest office in The Gambia. People are in panic and still the government stupidly continues forward. If they enforce this many companies will close in The Gambia. I can tell you that for certain.

The letter has been delivered with amazing timing to so many companies at once!

Editors Note:  Thanks Mr. Government officer for the patriotic duty you are rendering to our dear country. It is unfortunate that dictator Jammeh is denying Gambians access to the Freedom Newspaper. The E-mail below was sent to us by a concerned Gambian explaining how Gambians back home can access the site through third party websites.


Hi Pa,

I am one of your Freedom Newspaper and radio viewer and listener as well. I am concerned and feel sorry that Gambians back home are blocked access to your famous newspaper and radio.

Anyway, I am residing in the United States and have always access to your radio and newspaper whenever am on a visit in the Gambia even though the whole country is being blocked through '' .

All you have to do is to Google on to this website. click on to ENGLISH or GERMAN whichever you wish. You'll be asked to type in the website you want to get access to and there you just enter '' and there you are set to read or listen whatever you have on your famous site.
Try it and am quite sure Gambians back home will not worry anymore that they are blocked from your newspaper and radio.

Please try it cause am quite sure that it works because I have never had problems getting access to your website whenever am in the Gambia thanks to this link.

Please secure my email address because many people have it. I am just a concerned citizen. Please send me a reply to let me know this link was useful.

Wish you all the best and regards.




Posted on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 (Archive on Wednesday, June 13, 2012)
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