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Gambia: Breaking News: President Jammeh Fires His Army Chief Masaneh Kinteh!
President Jammeh Fires His Army Chief Masaneh Kinteh!

By The Soldier State House Banjul

Pa, this is the SOLDIER again. We just learned that Chief Defense Staff(CDS) Masaneh Kinteh has been dismissed and replaced by his deputy Ousman Badgie. Mr. Badgie is JESUS’S brother. We are not surprised that dictator Jammeh sacked Masaneh Kinteh. The dictator cannot last long with any descent and loyal GAMBIAN. Masaneh Kinteh is a gentleman and he and the dictator are like day and night. Anyone who can advise Mr Kinteh is to ask him to leave town. The dictator did the same thing to Lang Tombong.

According to our reliable sources from the foreign Ministry, Mr Kinteh will be shipped to one of the embassies. But TRUST the SOLDIER, the dictator is planning something, he will soon make up something and arrest him. Mark the SOLDIER's words. Masaneh Kinteh was supposed to embark on a country tour but to his surprise he has been sacked. So let's wait and see what will happen with OUSMAN BADGIE.

Again he is JESUS older brother who is suffering at MILE-2, it will be very interesting. The dictator is going crazy and does not have anyone he can trust. One of our sources who attended the security council meeting over heard the following, as you know the Vice President chairs the meeting and she is a green snake in green grass. She is dubious and operates under the table. The following people are being monitored and should be extremely careful and actually skip town.

Alhagie Martin - your name has been mentioned at the security council meeting, you are being monitored. SKIP town if you can. Mark the soldier's words.

Fatou Camara - You are being monitored and it is clearly known that you are on vacation in AMERICA and they know that you are constantly talking to BENEDICT JAMMEH. The SOLDIER is warning you not to return, stay away. They are monitoring you and planning something big for your ultimate arrest and jailing.

GAMBIAN GIRLS: As all of you know, dictator JAMMEH is the hottest bachelor in town. The devilish wife ZEINAB JAMMEH is in AMERICA for two months and this is the time for him to sleep with GAMBIAN women. As we compiled this report, he is in KANILAI and no doubt an innocent girl is with the dictator in KANILAI. Watch out for the hottest and baddest dictator bachelor, he is loose and wild. If he hires anyone as a minister these days then he is after your daughter, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. Ask FATIM BADGIE, why was she hired as a minister? The entire country knows that she is not capable to run the health ministry, she can be of more use in another ministry. How many innocent GAMBIANS are dying at RVTH hospital, she has no clue with what is going on. Do not allow your daughters or your wives to go anywhere these days, the dictator is wild and loose.

Once again, according to our reliable informant at foreign ministry, the dictator is due in South Africa this coming Sunday, but due to the CDS dismissal, the trip has been cancelled until further notice.  It is dangerous to work with this man, nobody trust him anymore. Everyone should reject working with him. He is running out of options and can't recycle resources anymore.

Let's wait and see what he does with the TAX COMMISSION. One thing for sure, since MAMA SINGHATEH, JAMES GOMEZ and MOMODOU SABALLY have become GAMBIA's number one enemy, they have all decided to be on leave. They are all on vacation and keeping a LOW PROFILE. Mama Singhateh is out of town and Momodou Sabally is on leave and staying home. They want to be ministers, but this is not the way to impress the dictator. One day, the dictator will charge them for misleading him on the TAX REPORT.  Nobody should trust DICTATOR JAMMEH. Everybody hates you in GAMBIA, your report was completely WRONG. You should confess to the dictator that you drop the ball. Let's wait and see how the trial goes.


Editor’s note: Masaneh Kinteh was supposed to be on tour—assessing the conditions of his soldiers and military instillations,  when President Jammeh yanked him out of his office. Few days ago, Editor M’Bai warned Mr. Kinteh about his imminent sacking during his weekly radio program. Now Masaneh is history. He has been dismissed from the army. Mr. Kinteh has been redeployed to the Foreign Service. We hope he will survive Jammeh’s plots to have him disgraced!

Posted on Friday, July 06, 2012 (Archive on Friday, September 21, 2012)
Posted by PNMBAI  Contributed by PNMBAI

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