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Proposed Demonstration against death penalty in the Gambia

By The NIA Intelligence Officer  

Hi Pa,

The Intelligence Officer again with a message for the Gambian People because, I was approached by an executive member of a strong youth organization in KMC to seek advise on their plans to make peaceful demonstration to show their opposition to the implementation of the death penalty. He said he knows they will not be given permit by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and they do not want to decline from their plans because they are willing to go ahead with their plans.

I confirmed to him that with the present situation on the ground and the confused status of the President, permission will never be given to you by any IGP so they should go as planned and start spreading the information in the country and outside for more support.

Pa, it is planned this way: they are urging everybody to assemble at Westfield from Tabokoto, Latrikunda, Tallinding, Kanifing Ebotown and Jeswang areas and people from beyond Tabokoto to Brikama end can take transport and join them along the way.

Another group will assemble at the Traffic Light Junction, whilst another group will assemble at theBurusubi Turn Table Junction. Pa, this is clear: the demonstration is peaceful and the all the groups will assemble by 1000 hours and start moving by 1100 hours and they will move in this way, the West field group will move to the American Embassy, the Traffic Light Junction group will be moving to the American Embassy to meet with the West field group and from there will proceed to the British Embassy in Fajara.

The Burusubi Turn Table Junction group will move straight to the African Center for Human and Peoples Rights to be joined by other people from Kerserign, Kololi, Kotu and the surrounding. The demonstration is planned to be held on Monday 03, of September 2012 and is for all Gambians to participate irrespective of tribe or religion. 

The campaign rest in the hands of all Gambians especially the families whose loved ones are to be killed or detained, missing/disappeared, killed, forced on exiled, etc. They want every Gambian whether in the country or outside should call, text or communicate on facebook to convince each other to be out on this day especially those friends and families outside.

The politicians should be in the forefront of this noble intention to save lives. The followers of Bakawsu Fofana and Dino Hydara should not be left because I know they are eager to see their Imams.

I am a security officer and many of my colleagues are behind you especially the military, who are the number one victims of all atrocities committed by Yaya Jammeh and his government.

Warning to the security Agencies: be careful and be very sensitive to people’s rights to show their feelings peacefully, but we the security should only provide them with security and move with them.

A word of caution for the security chiefs that if you give any unreasonable orders you should know that you will be responsible for the outcome of your wrongful orders and the junior officers if you take any wrongful orders remember you will be judged separate from your boss who gave the orders so therefore be very careful in your duties because the people demonstrating are your own fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and the people to be killed, killed, missing/disappeared and sent on exiled are your own family.

Pa this is everybody's business because imagine what happened last week on Tabokoto—Tallingding highway when President Yaya Jammeh's convoy was passing one man was sitting in front of one of the shops and when his vehicle passes, all of a sudden some soldiers came down and tried to attack or beat that man for failing to stand up whilst the president was passing, can you imagine.

Fortunately, some people intervened and stood between them and it was later known and confirmed that the man in question came to look for medicine at the pharmacy because was sick and could not stand for long. So Gambians should make a stop to this by themselves and should not expect the United States of America or United Kingdom or the WEST to come and do it for them. God will even help you if you start helping yourself.  So let us get up and stand for our rights now because now is the right time.

Finally Pa, you should all help and make it possible, everybody should spread the news, those in Dakar have a big role to play in spreading the news.

The Intelligence Officer  



Editors note: The info below is coming from another source hinting about the number of death row inmates in the Gambia.  Click the link and it will take you to the source of the statistical data.


LIST OF DEATH ROW (Mile 2 Central Prisons) INMATES




Posted on Thursday, August 23, 2012 (Archive on Friday, September 28, 2012)
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