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Gambia: Breaking News: Gambia President Marries 22-Year Old Ghanaian Girl

Gambia President Marries 22-Year Old Ghanaian Girl

The Gambian President, Alhaji Sheikh Prof. Dr. Yahaya Abdul Aziz Jamus Junkung Jammeh, reportedly tied the knot with a 22-year-old charming Ghanaian lady in Kumasi last weekend.

Mrs. Nora Jammeh, formerly called Munira Yahaya, a graduate of Sunyani Polytechnic, was engaged to the Gambian president two weeks ago in The Gambia, which was followed by the secret wedding at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Kumasi last Sunday.

The Gambian president was not present at the function but was represented by H.E. Huseini Yaba, the Gambian has oversight responsibilities in Ghana.

Three leading officials of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration, whose names are being withheld, reportedly played vital roles in the organization of the successful wedding ceremony. The wedding was low key because the Gambian president did not want the media to make so much noise about him and his pretty-looking bride.

But the matter, which had been kept secret for almost 48 hours, finally found its way to the public domain on Tuesday morning following investigations by Omanhene Yaw Adu Boakye, Morning Show Host of Kessben FM in Kumasi.

Having been briefed about the wedding ceremony by his sources, Omanhene posed as a former teacher of the new wife of the Gambian president. The Kessben FM programmes manager, speaking on phone with Mrs. Jammeh, congratulated her on a successful wedding and later asked why she did not invite her former teachers including him to the wedding ceremony.

Mrs. Jammeh, who sounded excited, responded that she was kept indoors for two weeks where she was groomed for the big event, so she directed other people to invite dignitaries on her behalf, saying it was not her intention to exclude her former teachers in the big event.

The new wife of the Gambian president disclosed that the wedding ceremony went smoothly as planned, adding that she would be traveling to her new husband in Gambia by today Wednesday.

Nora Jammeh could not state whether her parents would be accompanying her to the Gambia, hinting that they might stay back in Ghana whilst she leaves to join her husband.

When Omanhene asked Munira whether she had personally met her husband President Yahaya Jammeh, she replied that they met in the Gambian about two weeks ago when they had their engagement ceremony.

On whether she would further her education now that she had got married to the Gambian president. Mrs. Jammeh said plans had been made in advance for her to continue her education in the USA soon.

Meanwhile, information making the rounds in Kumasi indicated that president Jammeh when he was serving as a soldier, offered help to the mother of his new wife, who was then a Ghanaian living in the Gambia.

Nora Jammeh’s mother was so touched by the benevolence of the Gambian leader that she promised to give her pretty daughter in Ghana in marriage to him when the little girl became ripe for marriage.

Nora’s mother since then kept constant touch with President Jammeh and she finally kept her promise by offering her beautiful daughter to the Gambian leader in marriage this year.

The latest marriage was the fourth for the Gambian leader who recently executed nine people on death row in his country. The Gambian leader first got married to Tuti Faal Jammeh, but his marital relationship with her ended prematurely.

After the departure of Tuti Faal, Jammeh married a Moroccan lady, Zeinab Suma, who is now the first lady, adding Alima Sallah, the daughter of the country’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

Source: Daily Guide.

Editors note: On July 23, 2012, we received an email from one of our sources, hinting about Jammeh’s recent marriage with the Ghanaian girl. But due to lack of enough information to back it up, we decided put the piece on hold. I could remember reading the letter on Freedom Radio. Below is the full text of the email:

How many wives does Yaya Jammeh have?

As always please keep my identity a secret!
This piece is no joke or make-up story this is a hard face!!!!!!!! I don't think most people in Banjul know about this. It’s only a few, those close to Jamme know about this.  Before going further, I am taking a big risk by sharing this information because it’s a top secret Yaya and his team will be shocked to learn that some of us know this. I never wanted to speak up but I will not be doing myself and the Gambian nation justice if I don't speak up.

Yaya Jammeh has just married a Ghanaian lady! Yes! That’s what you just heard. He has married a Ghanaian lady! The knots were tied last week Thursday by three Imams, yes three! One of them is? You guess is as good as mine: Imam Fatty!

Jammeh was charged $2000 as dowry, but guess how much he paid? $30,000! This is no make-up story. The lady and the mother traveled with him (Jammeh) from his recent trip to Addis. One Yaffa the Consular in  Ghana led the delegation to bring the lady to Banjul and he was given or named as 'father'. They were lodged at Coco Ocean. 

Yaya, are you going to deny what is just said here? Try and deny you will see what we will send again. We are here in Banjul with you; you might be the President, but hey wake up fool, you not ruling the country alone 'we are'!!! We are connected, you can fire, jail, kill as many Gambians as you want, but you know what you can’t stop the power of information! We know you do read this paper, even if you don't you have people updating you on what’s been written there!  There is nothing you are or is going to do that we won’t know!  Where is Zainab? Is she aware? I don't think so. 

How on earth can you even sleep? When the country just declared 70% crop failure, young youths dying, 80% of the nation leaving in poverty, 75% of the nation are youths without no jobs! What are you doing about it? Busy marrying women from all over the world! I just hope that the lady knows how evil you are ?! You are busy wasting out tax payers money on silly parties and flashy life style! You have lost touch with the nation!  Your days are numbered!!!!!

Let anyone who attended the ceremony come out and deny this marriage?  Pa, if you want to counter check on this story call Imam Fatty and ask him and see.  He dears not try to deny it, because I was there.



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