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President Obama’s Reaction To The Assassination Of An American Diplomat In Libya Was Politically Motivated—Vice President Isatou Njie Saidy

President Obama’s Reaction To The Assassination Of An American Diplomat In Libya Was Politically Motivated— Gambia's Vice President Isatou Njie Saidy Tells Freedom Editor

As VP Compares President Macky Sall’s Reaction With Obama’s Libya Terror Attack Denunciations 

Gambia's Vice President Isatou Njie Saidy has said that President Macky Sall of Senegal merely condemned the execution of its nationals by the Gambian Government just for the sake of calming down raging Senegalese citizens in the wake of the secret executions, but in reality, the Vice President said Sall has no problem with the Gambia executing its constitutional mandate by killing Senegalese death row inmates.  The Vice President also said based on the feedbacks she received from President Sall during private talks she had with the Senegalese leader at the United Nations conference in New York; she was told by Sall that Senegal has no problem with the Gambia enforcing the death penalty. She claimed that Macky told her that the Gambia acted in accordance with its laws and that no amount of propaganda can separate the two nations.

The Gambian Vice President, who was taken off guard by a Freedom Newspaper Editor, posing as a strong supporter of the President and his ruling party, spoke eloquently on matters relating to Gambia's foreign policy, sub-regional issues, the President's marital life, and the country's domestic politics.

The Vice President said the reaction taken by President Sall in condemning the execution of Ms. Tabara Samba, and Gibbi Bah, both Senegalese death row inmates in the Gambia, was highly anticipated--given the domestic pressure President Sall has to endure in the aftermath of the killing of two of their nationals by the regime in Banjul.

The Vice President argued throughout my conversation with her about the justification of the executions. She even tried to compare President Obama's reaction to the assassination of the United States Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens
with the reaction made by Obama's counterpart Senegalese President Macky Sall in regards to the execution of death row inmates in the Gambia.

"You remember when the US Ambassador to Libya got killed, and President Barack Obama made a reaction similar to that of President Macky Sall's condemnation of Gambia's execution of the death row inmates.  Such reactions are expected. In order for President Obama to calm down Americans in the wake of the assassination of their Ambassador to Libya, he has to step-up to the plate by condemning the incident just for the sake of downplaying the mounting political tensions within America.  Obama spoke just for the sake of calming down the situation in America. That's part of politics.  President Macky Sall too did the same thing. Sall condemned the Gambia executions just for the sake of appeasing aggrieved Senegalese. He never meant his words. That I can tell you.  I had a meeting with President Sall and he told me unequivocally that The Gambia is on its own right to enforce the death penalty. Sall has also informed me that his Government has no problem with the executions," said Vice President y Njie Saidy.

"Do not listen to what our detractors are saying.  It's the people talking; trying to blow things out of proportion.  There is no problem between Senegal and the Gambia.  That I can assure you.  If Macky had not condemned the executions, his opponents would have politicized it.  What else do you expect from Macky? He has to do what he has done to win the confidence of Senegalese. Between the two countries, we know what's happening. Let them say whatever they want. The leadership of the two nations are talking. There is no problem," she said.

The Vice President's comparison of President Obama's reaction to the killing of the US Ambassador to Libya and that of Macky Sall's remarks in regards to the Gambian executions, clearly exposes Isatou Njie Saidy's lack of empathy and her diplomatic ignorance when it comes to global issues. Her remarks also suggest that she could be a potential terrorist supporter, or sympathizer. Any right minded human being should sympathize with America about the terror assault directed at their Embassy in Libya. But the Gambian Vice President has decided to use the Libyan terror attack to defame the American President, and also to deceive and mislead this caller. How on earth can Isatou Njie Saidy recklessly politicize the killing of an American diplomat, when peace loving countries are working with the United States Government to combat global terrorism? Her conduct is just insane!

I do not see the connections between the Libyan terror attack and the Gambian death row executions. Unless Isatou Njie Saidy wants to tell us that her boss dictator Yahya Jammeh is a terrorist.  If she does said so, she is partly right because Jammeh represents evil.  All these years, he has been perpetrating terror on our people.

Gambia's naive Madam Vice President thinks that Obama's condemnation of the Ambassador's murder was politically motivated. She even falsely claimed that the US President's statement was motivated by public pressure to issue such denunciation of the terror attack.  She tried to convince me that Obama's reaction was largely shaped by public opinion in America. What a wishful thinking Gambia.

Meanwhile, an unpredictable reception awaits Vice President Isatou Njie Saidy upon her return to Banjul.  The dictator is reported to have threatened to confront Madam Njie Saidy upon her return on some of the issues she mentioned during her phone conversation with Editor Pa Nderry M'Bai.  

Mr. Jammeh is ragging that the VP commented on his private marital life. This angered him a lot.  Mr. Jammeh wants to know from Isatou Njie Saidy, who gave her the permission to brief a foreign journalist about his matrimonial home. The VP has been panicking since the broadcast of her private conversation with Editor M'Bai.  She is worried that the dictator might let her go.  A worst case scenario, she could be arrested and charged with divulging state secrets to an American journalist.


Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2012 (Archive on Friday, November 30, 2012)
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