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Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh is in the business of sleeping with the wives of public servants employed by his administration. He occasionally jail and sack the husbands of his secret mistresses if their husbands object to their fraternizing with the dictator. Dictator Jammeh has been using his position to destabilize matrimonial homes in the Gambia. This piece will further confirm Jammeh’s destructive character.

When dictator Jammeh seized power from Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara through a coup in July of 1994, he visited GAMTEL accompanied by his junta colleagues. He met Neneh Jallow, a resident of Latri-Kunda German. Neneh was working at GAMTEL at the time before being moved to GAMCEL. Neneh was Jammeh’s neighbor when the dictator was hosted by one Pa Alphonse Tamba while he (Jammeh) was going to school in Banjul. Jammeh had always wanted to date Neneh Jallow, but Ms. Jallow had always turned down Jammeh’s sexual advances.

Jammeh’s first question when he met Neneh at GAMTEL was: Who is your husband? Neneh replied: “I married to an ordinary Gambian like you.” The dictator became embarrassed. He downplayed Neneh’s straightforward response. He remarked by telling his junta colleagues that Neneh has always been a stubborn girl. Jammeh then handed some cash to them and left with his entourage. He invited Neneh to the State House. Neneh responded to his invitation. Jammeh’s attempts to lure the lady into relationship never worked out. She refused to date Jammeh.

Neneh Jallow and her husband Seedy Jaiteh later took up employment with GAMCEL. Neneh is an engineer, while Mr. Jaiteh, who is a native of Jarra Pakalinding, was the company’s human resources manager. Guess what Gambia? Dictator Jammeh recently ordered for the arrest of Seedy Jaiteh. Mr. Jaiteh is currently serving six years jail term. He was accused of stealing 11 Million dalasi.

Tenengba Jaiteh was in Mecca to perform Hajj, where she met Jammeh. The dictator instructed Mustapha Bojang, the son of the late Sanjal Bojang to hand over his personal cell number to Ms. Jaiteh, so that Teneng can give him a ring. Mr. Bojang used to be Gambia’s Consul in Saudi Arabia. Ms. Jaiteh’s husband is Karamo Jaiteh. Karomo Jaiteh used to work with Gamworks as an engineer.

The dictator’s initial attempts to lure Ms. Jaiteh into sexual relation was turned down by Ms. Jaiteh. She wanted to remain faithful to her husband. Guess what? Jammeh ordered for the arrest of Karomo Jaiteh. Jaiteh was jailed for some days before he was dismissed from Gamworks. Karomo Jaiteh too is from Pakalinding.

After sacking Karomo, Jammeh promoted his wife Teneng. Teneng was a Permanent Secretary at the office of the President before Jammeh elevated her to the position of Secretary to cabinet. Teneng being Secretary to cabinet will avail Jammeh the opportunity to meet with her anytime he wants. Teneng used to commute between Banjul and Kanilai. She used to spend a lot of time with the dictator. Her husband was kind of concerned about her long hours at work. She spent more time with Jammeh than her husband.

Jammeh later promoted Teneng to the position of Secretary General, a position she briefly held before she was sacked. The dictator rehired her, this time as a deputy Minister. She was later appointed Minister of petroleum.

Jammeh was also messing with the wife of Amed Kebbeh Samera Kebbeh. He appointed Amed Kebba a nominated member of the National Assembly. When it became public knowledge that he has been floating with Samera, Jammeh sacked Amed Kebbeh.

The former KMC Mayor Lie Conteh is also a victim of Jammeh’s growing sex appetite. Jammeh tried to lure his wife into relationship, but the lady refused. Fatou Jahoumpa Ceesay accompanied the lady to Kanilai, where Jammeh tried to lure her into relationship, but she refused. Jammeh even tried to ridicule the lady’s husband by describing him as a “ Telebunka Jungo.”  Jammeh later appointed the lady as a judge of the high court. The lady used to date with Peter Singhatey.

Tina Faal, the former wife of the Malian millionaire Babanding Funtanka Sissoho also encouraged her daughter Natali Gomez to date with dictator Jammeh. Tina’s husband Edward Gomez used to be the Attorney of Babanding. She married her husband’s client and in process she got twin babies from that relationship.

Jammeh’s first date with Natali was an interesting date. Natali returned home and ran into laughter when she entered the sitting room. She told her mum Tina that the person she hooked her up with doesn’t know how to kiss. She said Jammeh doesn’t know how to kiss a woman. Her mum response was: shut up. Just go after the money. What matters is the money Jammeh is giving you. Someone who witnessed the conversation told Tina that it is wrong for her to encourage her daughter to date with someone’s husband. Tina’s response again was: Shut up. A pxxxy never talks. She was after the money and nothing else.

A source in Kanilai said she witnessed Natali Gomez spending night with Jammeh in Kanilai on numerous occasions. The source said Natali’s boyfriend used to bombard the girl with phone calls during her late night love with Jammeh. The girl later entrusted her cell phone to the guards to avoid Jammeh becoming suspicious. The guards would pretend that the callers were calling the death house so that the girl’s boyfriend will stop calling Natali’s phone.

It was Tina Faal, who recommended Lamin Darboe, a former UDP supporter to be employed as Deputy Commissioner in Mansakonko, when Darboe defected to the ruling party with other UDP supporters. Lamin Darboe studied in Birmingham in the UK, where he bagged a Masters degree.

Meanwhile, sources close to  the State House said Chief Justice Emmanuel Agim has been appointed as a supreme court judge in Nigeria. President Jonathan Goodluck personally asked Agim to return home so that he can be nominated as a judge. Agim was sworn in on Tuesday as a supreme court judge. His appointment as a supreme court judge is life based on Nigerian law. The Nigerian government is trying to recycle  its renegade legal luminaries in Banjul by encouraging them to return home take up employment. 



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