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Good Morning,Mr.President:The Salif Sadio diplomatic passport talk!!! Morning,Mr.President,
The Salif Sadio diplomatic passport talk. We are not surprised about the said piece written by a Senegalese Newspaper. From day one, you have been providing sanctuary to the Casamance MFDC rebels in The Gambia with the aim of destabilizing the democratic administration of President Wade of Senegal. This led to the killing of innocent civilians in the troubled Southern Province of Casamance and total destruction to property.The Gambia is the safe heaven for the MFDC rebels. They enter the country anytime they wishes and are often spotted at your home village Kanilai. It is gathered that some worked at your farm to raise funds for their usual attacks against government security installations in Senegal. There is no evidence to suggest that you supplied them with arms, but what is clear is that these MFDC rebels had their secret meetings in The Gambia. You personally give them free accommodation and shelter while in the country.
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Mr.President, we are troubled by Salif Sadio's recent visit to Ivory Coast and the Gambian diplomatic passport issued to him. If these reports are to go by then, Senegal should be concerned about its security as a nation. We recently hinted on this very column about Iranian arms for tiny Gambia, which were channeled to transit through Ivory Coast. Who knows if Salif Sadio is Jammeh's new secret envoy to coordinate the distribution of the said arms? Who knows if Salif Sadio will be given arms by his Banjul friends to further pursue his faked dream for Casamance independence? Why is Jammeh issuing diplomatic passport to a man perceived to have caused untold suffering and hardship to the people Senegal, through his so called struggle to liberate the people of Casamance? There are more questions than answers. Since we ran the said piece there was no denial from Jammeh's government. Their non reaction seems to give credence to the piece. Silence means guilt. Jammeh ought to be very, very careful in his recent move to use the MFDC to run his dirty errands.
The same President Jammeh uses Samuel Sarr, a Senegalese/Gambian in the early days of the coup to negotiate on his behalf about several thousands of tuns of crude oil proceeds that were supposed to be processed through a British oil firm called the Chantril cooperation. Samuel Sarr, one of the owners of GAM power company, was issued with Gambian diplomatic passport, just like rebel leader Salif Sadio to run errands for the Gambia. Sarr who is today managing an energy firm in Dakar later cleared the air when the crude oil scandal hits the nation. He spoke his side of the story and how the deal was reached. Samuel never denied being appointed by the former military junta as its representative to pursue the said Nigerian crude oil gift, which was extended to the Gambia by late dictator Sanni Abacha.

Senegal should take up this Salif Sadio issue with Jammeh before the SeneGambian region is put into flames. We all know how rebels are capable of doing during crisis time. To avoid the Sierra Leonean and Liberian crisis situation, Senegal should lodge a complain with the United Nations and other leading democracies across the globe. Jammeh should stay away from the Casamance conflict in the interest of sub-regional peace and stability.

We know for a fact that Jammeh is angry with Senegal for its non committal to hand over perceived Gambian dissidents in that French speaking country. Jammeh is not comfortable with the growing  number of  GNA soldiers in Senegal, who fled the country as a  result of persecution they  suffered from his  government. It is gathered that a good number of former army officers in Senegal including the then  junta's number two man Sanna Sabally.

Senegal is now a nation of refugees. Gambian journalists, ex soldiers, politicians and human rights activists are currently seeking sanctuary in Dakar. All these people have well founded fear not to return to the Gambia. Jammeh and his chickas are posed to kill them upon their return. President Wade and his government should be praised for welcoming Gambian fleeing refugees. Who knows if Jammeh himself will one day sought  sanctuary in Dakar? One thing he Jammeh fails to realize is that Senegal cannot hand over these refugees. It is wrong for them to hand over these people at this hour. It is also wrong for Jammeh to resort to arming MFDC rebels in retaliation.

Mr.President, Gambians want to see you go sooner or later. Senegal has been our good neighbors over the years. We as a nation cannot afford making enemies with countries at our door steps. Senegal needs us, we also need them. Stop the criminal activities and play by the democratic game. Salif Sadio's diplomatic passport should be revoked to preserve our country's image.

Posted on Sunday, July 30, 2006 (Archive on Saturday, July 29, 2006)
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