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As the countdown on Yahya Jammeh’s toppling is getting closer, the dictator’s close confidants have started defecting to the progressive forces determined to liberate the country from Jammeh’s eighteen years decadence and misrule. For a kick start, the Jammeh aides have started providing us with pictures of Jammeh’s assassin team henchmen. The army major on a military uniform is Sanna Manjang, Jammeh’s chief assassin. The t shirt Majang is putting on belongs to the British army. Perhaps, he got the t shirt from his British girlfriend.

The army Major without Military Academy Training is in charge of dictator Jammeh’s assassin team in the Gambia. Mr. Manjang participated in the killing of journalist Deyda Hydara, Dawda Nyassi, Daba Marena, and co, the firebombing of the Independent Newspaper, and the massacre of the 40 Ghanaians in the Gambia in July of 2005.  Manjang has also executed other high profile killing missions for Jammeh.

The soldier in a civilian dress with the writing inscriptions: “THE BIG EVENT” is Wo2 Modou Jarju, alias Rambo. Mr. Jarju is a native of Kombo Brikama. Mr. Jarju is also an active member of dictator Yahya Jammeh’s killing mission. Like Sanna Manjang, Modou Jarju too, also participated in the murder of Deyda Hydara. Jarju is among Jammeh’s leading assassins in Banjul. He participated in other secret assassinations under the directives of Yahya Jammeh. 

Our source said he deems it imperative to expose Jammeh’s killers since Jammeh is bent on killing, jailing, and maliciously torturing our people under the disguise of sustaining his regime. The source said the slightest chance, or opportunity  he gets, he will shot and kill Yahya Jammeh. He said Jammeh deserves to die since he is abusing his position as a “head of state.”

Inside the army barracks, the source went on, there is a growing distrust amongst soldiers. He blames Jammeh for the insecurity within the army. “We know that he is using Manjang and co to kill our people. We also know that he is bent on dividing us with his discriminatory promotions. He promoted Manjang because this is the guy, who kill for him. Malick Jatta, with all his arrogance is more soldier material than Manjang. Jammeh’s discrimination has no boundary. There is favoritism within his assassin team. He favors his Jolla assassin team members. Imagine Sollo Bojang, who was a member of the police Intervention Unit and was promoted ahead of his fellow jungullars. The Mandinka jungullars, and the other non Jolla tribe jungullars are being discriminated by Oga,” said a source close to the Jammeh State House.

 Lieutenant Michael (Sang) Correa is also among dictator Yahya Jammeh’s assassin team members. Mr. Correa has also been accused of participating in some of the secret assassinations in the Gambia. A source who reached us said Correa is among the most lethal alleged Jammeh killers. During the day, he appeared to be a gentleman, but at night he is a different human being.

Mr. Correa, has been described as a serial killer for dictator Jammeh. He earned his rapid promotion thanks to his willingness to satisfy Jammeh, one source said. “Michael bragged that it was specifically his bullet that killed Alieu ceesay, another source said.

A source informed us that Mr. Correa is currently in Europe on a mission.  A Facebook account  bearing Correa’s name with the letter (L) missing on his first name hinted that he is currently residing in Belgium.  Mr. Correa claimed on his Facebook profile that he is a “FBI undercover police at seamanLives in Brussels, BelgiumIn a relationship with Sarah TaylorFrom Antwerp, Belgium.”

In this portrait, probably you might recognize some common faces of Jammeh’s assassin team. Michael Correa, Malick Jatta, Modou Jarju, alias Rambo, and Nuha Badgie standing up from left to right. We   want to thank the gallant sources on the ground for providing us with the pictures of the jungullars. It is about to time to ID these serial killers hired by the dictator to kill our people. We salute you folks for exposing these criminals.


Posted on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 (Archive on Thursday, January 31, 2013)
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