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By Pa Nderry M’Bai                                                                                   

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Many a time dictators around the world would want to hide political crimes, or traces of evidence associated with them while in office, but in the case of Gambia’s delusional leader Yahya Jammeh, he has crossed interstate lines to conceal evidence linking him to crimes against humanity. Dictator Jammeh has gone overboard with his terror madness. Guess what Gambia? With the help of his assassin team, dictator Jammeh was able to cross the Gambia/Senegalese border (just in the outskirt of his villa in Kaniali) to dump the remains of the  forty murdered Ghanaians, and twenty other West African nationals who were mistaken as mercenaries back in July of 2005, in an old well situated in Senegal’s own territory.

The well in question, is not far from the border demarcation between Senegal and the Gambia. It is just behind dictator Jammeh’s home in Kanilai. Also dumped in the old well were the remains of Gambia’s former intelligence chief Daba Marena, Lieutenant Ebou Lowe, Alieu Ceesay, Staff Sergeant Malafi Corr, and RSM Alpha Bah. 

The remains of the missing Gambian journalist Ebrima Chief Manneh, and three relatives of the President Jammeh: Haruna Jammeh, Marcie Jammeh, and Jassaja Kujabi have also been dumped in that old well. There are other unidentified dead bodies in that well based on credible information gathered by the Freedom Newspaper.

Jammeh has been accused of committing an international crime by dumping the bodies of foreign nationals and Gambian citizens murdered in the Gambia in Senegalese territory. The allegations against Jammeh could spark political tensions between the Gambia and its neighbor Senegal. Senegal has in the past accuses Jammeh of arming the MFDC rebels to harm its citizens.  

A self confessed member of dictator Jammeh’s assassin team said he is aware of murdered Gambians and non Gambians dead bodies dumped in the well situated between Cassamance/Gambia’s border. The assassin team member said Major Sanna Manjang mistakenly dropped his pistol while he was dumping the bodies of Daba Marena and co back in 2006. 

This damning revelations came to light days after soldier Musa Sarr, a former member of Jammeh’s assassin team exposed some of the secret killing perpetrated by dictator Jammeh while in office. Musa’s revelations warranted the recalling of the sacked assassin team members to report back to duty as another form of damage control on the side of dictator Jammeh.  Wo2 Bai Lowe, Sergeant Abdoulie Jallow, Lance Corporal Sang Mendy and co have been reinstated with immediate effect.

“I am appealing to the Senegalese government, the UN, Amnesty International and other right groups to please visit the well situated in Senegal’s territory to exhume the bodies of the murdered Ghanaians, and Gambians. The President instructed his assassin team to dump the bodies in Senegal’s soil. If Senegal fails to secure the well, he will soon exhume the dead bodies,” said our source.

The source said Jammeh fooled the UN and the Ghanaian government when he handed them with the remains of Gambian dead bodies presenting them as Ghanaians when he knew very well that the corpses were Gambians.

Acting in concert with his jailed former police chief Essa Badjie, Jammeh instructed Mr. Badjie to exhume Gambian dead bodies at the Jeswang cemetery and handed them over to the UN/Ghanaian delegation, who were in Banjul to collect the remains of their murdered nationals.

“This was one of the biggest crimes ever committed by Yahya Jammeh. He lied to the UN and the Ghanaian government by swapping Gambian dead bodies with Ghanaian dead bodies. Jammeh also has the audacity to cross the border to dump his mess in Senegal’s own soil. The Senegalese government should look into this and possibly lodge a complaint with the UN because Jammeh has trespassed Senegal by dumping murdered Ghanaians and Gambians into Senegalese territory,” our source said.

Meanwhile, Jammeh’s chief assassin Major Sanna Majang is increasingly worried about his safety, following soldier Musa Sarr’s revelations that he Manjang has been very instrumental in carrying out the majority of the assassinations that has taken place in the Gambia under Jammeh’s watch. Mr. Manjang appeared very confused and disoriented, our source said.

Through our own investigations, we were informed by Jammeh’s assassin team that after the assassination of Jammeh’s former close confidant and longtime loyalist Lieutenant Almamo Manneh, by men led by the late Major Musa Jammeh, the President himself personally instructed his assassin team to bury the remains of Almamo at the Yundum army barracks clinic. Almamo was buried under the Yundum army clinic. The clinic foundation covered Alamo’s remains, our source hinted. In other words, the clinic was built where Almamo was buried. There are other structures within the Greater Banjul Area owned by Yahya Jammeh, in which dead bodies have been concealed, our source added.

In another development, Yahya Jammeh secured a  poison from Libya prior to Qaddafi’s demise to secretly poison Musa Jammeh, Tumbul Tamba and Captain Solomon Jammeh, a source close to Jammeh’s assassin team told this paper. Jammeh will be shocked this morning to learn about the revelations of such top state secrets. Jammeh killed Musa Jammeh, Tumbul Tamba, and his brother Solomon Jammeh through secret poisoning.

Our source said he suspects that the dictator is likely going to kill Sanna Manjang, Malick Jatta, Modou Jarju, Nuha Badjie, and the other jungullars through secret poisoning since his crimes are being leaked to the public. Another interesting news is that Mr. Jammeh fed his killers with wild dogs, one jungullar told me.

“It is hard to tell whether the meat being served in Kanilai is a dog meat. It is well marinated and cooked,” our source said. Major Sanna Manjang likes dog meat, our source hinted.

In another development the following Iranian Revolutionary Guards were in Kanilai to train Jammeh’s guards. These are first account of narrations coming from Jammeh’s trusted assassin team.

1.     Major Sahed, an Iranian Revolutionary Guard trained Jammeh’s hit men on guerrilla warfare, and counter intelligence.  

2.    Captain Jalong, also an Iranian, trained Kanilai commandos on “maxmanship” and map reading

3.     Lt. Sahed, another Iranian Revolutionary Guard trained Kanilai Guards on combat, diving skills, and wrestling

4.     Lt. Ali, also an Iranian, trained the men on explosive detonation and self defense tactics.

5.    One Mr. Rasul, an Iranian, served as an interpreter during the Commando training. More details will follow in coming days about the activities of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, who were stationed in Kanilai to train Jammeh’s assassin team. Jammeh's arms importation from Iran will be exposed here at Freedom. The Kanilai monster, who earned his fame  as Gambia's  "Merchant of death" due to his his global arms trade should brace up for more damning revelations in coming days. We have inflitrated Jammeh's criminal cartel in Banjul. The jungullars are talking and we are documenting their revelations against the Kanilai born despot.


Posted on Sunday, November 18, 2012 (Archive on Saturday, December 29, 2012)
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