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 The Kanilai Bureau Of Human Intelligence Unit

Major Sanna Manjang and I hangout during his leisure time at a Bar (withheld) situated within the Greater Banjul Area. I overheard Majang one fine evening telling a friend of his on the phone that he has taken out a black goat charity. Charity for what? Your guess is as good as mine. I think the person he was speaking with is residing somewhere overseas.  I don’t know where exactly this fellow is residing, but I overheard Manjang talking about  a charity that he has taken out.

Manjang also told me from his “own mouth” that his friend is trying to help him to leave the Gambia by any means necessary. He said he is no longer comfortable working for Oga Jammeh. He said he regrets killing Gambians and non Gambians for Yahya Jammeh. Sanna said he feared that Oga is likely to kill him through secret poisoning like he has done to Major Musa Jammeh, Captain Tumbul Tamba, and Captain Solomon Jammeh. Sanna told me that the President killed these folks through poisoning. He said Jammeh ordered a deadly poison from Libya, which he Jammeh uses to secretly kill his onetime close loyalists. Manjang no longer trusts Oga Jammeh.

Major Manjang trusted me a lot as a comrade. He confided with me most of his secrets and the secret killings that he has perpetrated on behalf of the President. It was through Mr. Manjang that I came to understand that his planned move to migrate into the United Kingdom through a fake name (aliases) failed due to the recent Freedom Newspaper publication on the list of the Jammeh assassins in Banjul, which he (Manjang) topped the list.

According to Mr. Majang’s own account of events, the game plan that was reached was: He was going to apply for a UK visitor’s Visa through the British High Commission in Banjul with an aliases different from his birth name. Some Jammeh assassin members entered the UK, and elsewhere around the Western world undetected under similar circumstances.

Jammeh has been running secret cells in neighboring Senegal, UK, and in elsewhere around the Western world, said one intelligent agent at the State House. Jammeh agents have been walking in and out of Dakar unnoticed. They spied at suspected political dissidents plotting to overthrow his regime.

We also heard about plans by Jammeh to send his men to Philippines on a mission. Details of the Philippine trip will be reported later. Our source also talked about Jammeh running some “errands” in Pakistan.

Mr. Manjang said he was very confident of securing a UK Visa through fictitious name, but since the Freedom Newspaper publication with his picture painting him as Jammeh’s lead killer in Banjul, Manjang said he has given up his chances of entering the UK through a fake name.

He also told me that he has broken up with his British girlfriend one Sussan. He has been trying to lure an English lady into relationship to facilitate his easy exit from Kanilai. Mr. Manjang is very desperate at this hour. All he has been saying is that: “I want to leave this fucking country. Oga wants to kill me like he did to Major Musa Jammeh, Captain Tumbul Tamba and Captain Solomon Jammeh. I want to settle in the UK. I no longer feel safe in the Gambia. I want to exit out.”

Had been that the Freedom Newspaper has not blown Mr. Manjang’s cover as a serial killer for Jammeh, it would have been very easy for Manjang to secure a UK Visa since his fingerprints have never been taken by any Western Embassy. But Manjang told me that the Freedom publication has messed up his life. He is very angry and mad.

If Mr. Manjang can abscond to neighboring Senegal, he can reach a deal with Britain on condition that he is willing to confess to some of the assassinations that he has carried out on Jammeh’s behalf. He stands very good chances of being accepted by Britain if he is willing to confess and expose his killer master Yahya Jammeh.

A former Mugabe hit man was granted sanctuary in the UK under similar circumstances. Mr. Manjang, it is worth giving a trying.

A Gambian intelligent agent has emphasized to me that Oga Jammeh is planning to kill Sanna Manjang. According to the intelligent agent: “Jammeh said that Sanna Manjang has been talking too much and he is going to finish him very soon.”

Posted on Tuesday, November 20, 2012 (Archive on Tuesday, November 27, 2012)
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