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By Pa Nderry M’Bai


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Musa Sarr, the Gambian soldier who exposed President Yahya Jammeh’s secret assassination of Gambians on Freedom Radio and Freedom Newspaper is on the run, as Jammeh’s assassin team burglarized his rented home in Dakar with the intention of killing him. Mr. Sarr, a former member of Jammeh’s Special Forces in Kanilai known as the jungullars survived an  assassination attempt on his life.

Sarr was not at home, when men believed to be dictator Jammeh’s assassin team members running secret cells in the heart of Senegal vandalized his door. Musa Sarr said he received intelligence reports from Jammeh’s assassin team in Banjul days before the incident that the Kanilai born dictator has instructed his killers to pursue him in Senegal and possibly assassinate him.

When Sarr returned home the next morning, he found his door vandalized.  Sarr then called his landlord to inform him about the incident. He told his landlord that he got to move to another apartment different from where he used to stay for his own personal safety, as dictator Jammeh is determined to end his life. Sarr lives by himself. He is the only tenant residing at the Dakar property.

Running from political persecution from his onetime boss “career killer” Yahya Jammeh, Sarr said he has been advised by his former colleagues stationed in Kanilai to relocate from his current address because Jammeh has dispatched his assassin team to pursue him in Dakar.

“I was told by my former colleagues that the President has instructed them to pursue me in Dakar and kill me. They warned me to relocate or otherwise I might risk being killed. They said that the President is unhappy with my revelations on Freedom Radio about his secret killing of Gambians and foreign nationals. That Jammeh wants me dead. I am moving from this apartment. I do not feel secured here. I am aware of Jammeh’s plans to have me dead,” said Musa Sarr.

Mr. Sarr is living in an expensive city Dakar, without a job. He is faced with feeding problem and paying his rent on time. When asked how he manages to survive in Dakar without a meaningful employment, Sarr, who is an Iranian, trained Commando said: “It is very tough to live here in Dakar without a source of living. I am compelled to do jobs that I wouldn’t do back home in the Gambia. For example, I had to dig well for people in order to feed myself and pay my rent. I sometimes lay bricks block for people. I am finding it extremely difficult to feed myself and pay my bills. I do not have a dependable job,” Sarr said.

“There is no electricity in my apartment. That’s why when you call me on my cell phone sometimes you cannot reach me on the phone. I had to travel for some miles to charge my cell phone. This is how I am living here in Dakar.”

Mr. Sarr is also worried that dictator Jammeh will send his men to kill him in Senegal. He said he is aware of the capabilities of Jammeh’s assassin team. Sarr said the dictator once assigned his assassin team to pursue the runaway former army chief Colonel Ndure Cham in Dakar, and possibly kill him. He said the dictator has been pursuing perceived political opponents on his killing list residing overseas to be killed by his assassin team.

Mr. Sarr said once he get settled in Senegal, he is going to escort Human rights activists and the Senegalese government to an old well situated between the Gambia and Senegalese border, (not far from Jammeh’s Kanilai villa,) in which the dictator dumped the bodies of the murdered Ghanaian sailors, who were suspected as mercenaries, and missing Gambian political detainees. Sarr said the bodies of the late Gambian spy chief Daba Marena, Lt. Alieu Ceesay, Lt. Ebou Lowe, RSM Alpha Bah, and Staff Sergeant Manlafi Corr were dumped in the old well. He accuses Jammeh of trespassing Senegal by dumping murdered foreign nationals and Gambians in Senegalese soil.

Posted on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 (Archive on Tuesday, November 27, 2012)
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