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A Desperate Jammeh Plunders For Cash

A Desperate Jammeh Plunders For Cash

By Gambia’s Deep Throat Banjul


No one needs to be told that times are tough in our beloved Gambia. Our mothers and sisters are suffering and going to bed hungry. 3 pieces of kobo (chalo) fish will now cost you 20 dalasi. Power and water cuts can last up to 3 days. The Jammeh-backed Lebanese monopoly, who are the only ones allowed to import fuel into Gambia, charge 59 dalasi for a litre of fuel. This would be the same as if Americans were paying $9 a gallon.  Banjul can now best be described as a city with streets of sewers and potholes.  Things are just falling apart.  The experts and technicians who should be building the country have all been driven out of the country. Jammeh and his group of ignoramus rule the country unhindered by the rule of law or sympathy for the poor people of the country. 

As we write, Yaya has just bought his new private jet as was reported earlier on Freedom. This purchase alone has cost the Gambian taxpayers $30 million. This is about a billion dalasi. Remember he already has 3 private jets which are "pan" because the parts have been stolen by his guards and relatives.

It is because of this private jet that Jammeh has been looting the country as others have already reported. He has looted SSHFC, GPA, GAMTEL, Central Bank and GCAA.  Now that those places are near bankruptcy, he has turned his evil eyes towards the Casamance forests.

Readers may remember that the so-called Wood Re-exporters association were slaving at Jammeh's farms last weekend ( ) . The reason these people were enslaving themselves to Jammeh was because he had banned the re-export of wood as a result of Senegalese pressure. The Senegalese had arrested some of Jammeh's own employees in Casamance after they were caught cutting down trees. The Senegalese government made a lot of noise about this in their media: . As a result of this, Yaya banned all wood re-export.  

Now once these people came and farmed for him and begged him to lift the ban, it did not take the cash-desperate Kanilai Monster long to lift the ban; 2 days later: .

As you see, the whole machinery of government is now for the sole purpose of servicing Yaya Jammeh and his former call girl wife. Between the private jets and Zeinab's shopping expeditions, the Gambian government just went broke. A call girl who was charging clients $100 for the whole night will now spend $50,000 a week just on her household staff in Maryland. 

But I think we Gambians don't have to take it anymore. We can bring an end to all of this without even using a single bullet. We can fight Yaya Jammeh in a clever way. I will make my next piece about how we can bring down Yaya peacefully.  


Posted on Friday, November 23, 2012 (Archive on Wednesday, November 28, 2012)
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