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My Brother Ben is wicked and heartless. As I promised, I shall rattle, batter and shatter him with the truth of his own diabolic deeds and nothing more, no lies. Whatever SULANDING KUNJARO writes on this idiot is the truth. I live in him and always listen to him while his SUPERKANJA mouth slips. This stupid TAINTED WITNESS ALLOWED TO PASS LAWYER is very wicked and has caused rivers of tears in many Gambian households. I wish the president knows who this liar is, I know it will happen but how soon I really don’t know. Today I shall track his trend of Lies, Deceit, Hate and Vengeance and I shall call this part one.

When this moron took over the mantle of affairs at our once effective and moral boosting NDEA, the first thing he did was to demoralize the staff in his attempt to scare everyone by firing twenty innocent officers with the help of his then sycophant Mbye Njie. It was Mbye Njie who submitted the names of Fanny Williams and nineteen others for dismissal. Ben reported these officers that they are Bun Sanneh’s loyalists and they were all sacked.

Today Mbye and Ben are sworn enemies and Mbye’s greed has landed him in hot soup. Mbye, may be lightening strike your dead, I don’t care. You were too wicked, you aided Ben to destroy Samba Camara and Jerreh Jarju whose only crime is to arrest Ben’s kin with drugs. You nearly cost Maolud Faal his job because you told Ben that he was not serious in your plot to falsely implicate Camara and Jarju. By the way, did you return the eleven thousand dalasi you collected from the relatives of the drug dealer and never presented it to the court? The court has ordered you to return it. Why didn’t you present that money to the court? What was your intention? Ben has used and dumped you.

Ben upon assuming office at the NDEA, the first thing he did was to seek independence of the Minister of Interior who he says is his enemy. He told us this, he talks like an old type writer especially in his hangover mood. He just lacks the political clout otherwise he would have booted out Minister Ousman Sonko a long time ago.

After the NDEA was transferred to the President’s office, he told us he does not care the minister of interior and that the president respects him more than Sonko and that Sonko would soon be sent packing. He did everything to stain Sonko during his bias and malicious investigation into the pristine consulting case. He caused a lot of trauma to the Touray Brothers who were genuinely contracted by the state to do the ID Cards. Sonko and the Touray brothers know what I am saying here. That case ended in disgrace to the state after detaining one of the brothers for months. His pathological liar sycophant so called Commissioner Yusupha Jatta was also behind this mess. Ben you are SATAN incarnate.

Ben also landed the dismissed prison officers into trouble, Bora Colly knows what I am saying here. He was the one identifying David Colly’s friends to Bora and accused them of mining Mile ii with Jujus. Ben is responsible for David Colly’s woes. He made sure the man is fired several times and frustrated around. He confided in one of his trusted men that the last time he got some sympathy for David and asked that he be appointed prison adviser, he bluffs that he is running the show and that the president knows him well and that apart from being brothers, his late Alkalo brother of Kanilai has asked the president to always respect him and not to fire him again, that he should listen to him always. He said the president also fears the late Alikali because he knows what that man can do. He said it was due to his Alikalo brother’s advise that the president brought him back and that the president will not fire him again because he will always believe him more than anyone else, even when he lies. So he can destroy anyone. He hates David because the man took care of his Twin daughters who he disowned after they converted to Islam. Ben, you are wicked but your wickedness will exact what befalls you latter in life.

This idiot is also responsible for the problems of Bun Sanneh and Ensa Badjie and I please beg the president that now that his anger has subsided, he should revisit these cases and he will be shocked at what he will find out. He used Pa Mbye and some Nigerians to lie on Ensa Bajie that Ensa said he was selling drugs for the president and used convicts and other officers to frame Ensa up. Now H E, please ask Pateh Jallow, Alhagie Morr and the investigators what Ben asked them to do in this case. He used Alhagie Morr to finish Ensa and BUN and dumped him later.

When he finished with Alagie  Morr ,Jim and Darboe, he first tried to finish Alagie Morr by alleging that Morr stole some foreign money at the scene of the big cocaine catch at Bonto, when that failed, he made sure the case against Lamin Kabu and Lamin Sima is withdrawn and used them as witnesses against Alagie Morr and the others that arrested them. This has always been Ben’s  mode of evil machination, using convicts and accused persons against innocent officers. Please H E tell these officers from the NIA and the Police to confide in you and you will be shocked. Ben has mystified himself to us at NDEA and has given the impression that he can act with impunity and he has always shown that air of impunity. I also ask you to investigate the HOLGAM from day one and you will be shocked that they are more criminal than those they arrest. That place is a CRIMINAL enterprise.  Kunchi and Yuspaha Jatta are very corrupt like Pa Mbye and Foday Barry together with our Allowed to pass lawyer boss. In the ongoing case against Foday and Pa Mbye, Kunchi is equally guilty because he was involved in everything that Pa and Foday did in that case, he also counted the money and recorded less in the records and was also holding the duplicate key to the safe where the money was kept. The defense was right when they complained to the court that Kunci is still working when  Mbye and Barry are charged. They know what they are saying. I don’t know why the police  did not charge this criminal.  Seventy-five percent of our budget is concentrated on HOLGAM, why? What special are they doing?  Ben, you treat human beings with levity but Nemeses will catch up with you soon.  I shall end this part now and watch out for part two.


Note. Please warn the Dakar guys to be wary for the absconded NDEA agent Lamin Gassama, he is spying on them and feeding Ben. I have earlier posted a story on him. He can be very dangerous. Take care.

Posted on Sunday, November 25, 2012 (Archive on Thursday, November 01, 2012)
Posted by PNMBAI  Contributed by PNMBAI

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