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When Jammeh sacked him from the office of the Inspector General of police Benedict Jammeh was so broke that he offered to sell his only laptop to Fatou Camara of the GRTS, I have gathered from unimpeachable sources. The laptop contains state secrets. But Ben was so desperate for money at the time. The GRTS television anchorwoman never bought the laptop from Ben. She sympathized with poor Ben Jammeh by dashing him with some couple of dalasi just to take care of his immediate monetary needs for that day. Ben at the time was receiving handouts from Ms. Camara.  He was a virtual beggar. GRTS staffers are familiar with Ben’s face. He used to pursue Fatou Camara at the GRTS building begging for fish money.

Fatou Camara cannot deny that Ben never offered to sell his laptop to her.  She also cannot deny that Ben used to spend time with her complaining about being broke. Ben was also mad at Oga. He was running his mouth like a mad dog. This info was gathered through human intelligence.

Ben should resign before we will discuss his affiliation with some foreign interest contacts. He is working for them. I will stop here for now.

Notwithstanding, Ben sold the laptop. He never deleted some of the files saved  on his PC. That is how stupid Ben Jammeh is. He can sell his soul for money. I know who has Ben’s PC. Ben will be surprised to know that some of the files he saved on the PC have been shared with other parties.

If Ben can contemplate selling his laptop to a GRTS presenter, what will prevent him from selling Oga’s secrets? Oga has so much confidence and trust in Ben, but little did he know that Ben will not hesitate to sell Oga’s soul for money. This man is a sellout. He has caused so much miseries and pain for many Gambian families.

Ben is not better than Pa Mbye and Foday Barry. He has been framing innocent people for nothing. Ben is after the money trail. He favors folks with money. He played a pivotal role towards the escape of the suspected Ghanaian drug dealer. The Ghanaian could not have escaped without the NDEA helping him.

There were so many underhand dealings that had taken place at the NDEA to facilitate the man’s release. Several millions of dalasi were paid in order for the man to secure his freedom. Reports have it that Oga Jammeh himself has been named for facilitating the man’s escape. Let the police further investigate the matter. They will be amazed by the amount of intelligence to collect at the end of the day.

I bet if the Ghanaian man had escaped in the hands of the police Yanks Sonko would have been at the Mile Two by now hanging out with Bun Sanneh and co. But Oga has Ben’s back. Ben can free any drug dealer he wants to set free if the person is willing to work out a deal with the State House. Mind you that Oga is the chief narcotic officer. Ben reports to him.  Case closed!

The entire NDEA management ought to have been questioned in regards to the escape of the suspected Ghanaian drug dealer, who was extradited from Ghana, Ben and his Jolla boys were busy socializing with the detainee.  He was released on bail within days. Guess what happen? The NDEA management under Ben's leadership were seen having drinks with the Ghanaian man. Money talks in Banjul. Oga should clear his name because the talk in town is that he received bribes in the tune of millions of dalasi to free the Ghanaian alleged drug dealer.

Ben is telling people that his brother Jammeh is insane and can be easily manipulated with distorted intelligence. Jammeh believes whatever Ben tells him.

Ben and Yahya wasted the energy of the Ghanaian police by extraditing the man to the Gambia, only for them to help this guy to escape. Drug dealers are very powerful in Banjul. They use money to buy the status quo.

Imagine the gravity of the case against the Ghanaian man, and yet Ben through his contacts at the fake judiciary facilitated the man’s release from custody. Cases are being negotiated at the Bench’s level. They can grant an alleged international drug dealer bail and yet deny others with minor cases bail. There is no justice in the Gambia. The NDEA is a criminal enterprise.

The magistrate who bailed the Ghanaian should be interviewed as well. No arrests were made since the man jumped bail. Don't tell me the arrest of Pa Mbye and Foday Barry. How can the Ghanaian man secure bail, when he doesn’t own movable assets in the Gambia? Who bailed him in the first place? How much money did he deposit for his bail? He paid his way out of the Gambia. The system is so fucked up in the Gambia. Excuse me for my french! From the President to the last man in his government has been corrupted.

Oga will now know how his secrets are floating around town. Ben has an agenda. His agenda is to destroy security agencies and the country. He will no doubt contribute to Oga’s demise pretty soon. Just watch!



Posted on Sunday, November 25, 2012 (Archive on Thursday, January 31, 2013)
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