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Human Intel: MFDC Leadership Wants To Engage Senegalese government For Peace Talks, But Jammeh Is The Main Stumbling Block For Peace!

Human Intel: MFDC Leadership Wants To Engage Senegalese government For Peace Talks, But Jammeh Is The Main Stumbling Block For Peace!

The Senegalese government should not give up on its efforts to engage the MFDC rebels into peace negotiations. The MFDC said it is interested in engaging Macky Sall and his team for talks, but dictator Yahya Jammeh is the one frustrating them. Jammeh doesn’t want the MFDC to engage the Sall government into peace talks without his involvement. Jammeh wants to be the chief mediator as usual, or otherwise the MFDC will close their doors for peace talks with Senegal. But within the MFDC leadership, there is unity among the rebels to engage the Macky government for talks.

The information we are about to report is coming from Jammeh’s Interior Minister Ousman Sonko, an MFDC chief strategist and coordinator in the Gambia. Mr. Sonko spoke to one of our sources close to the government about the activities of the MFDC in the Gambia, his involvement in managing the affairs of the rebels, and Jammeh’s support for the MFDC wing running offices in the heart of the Gambia. Mr. Sonko also complained to our agent about Oga Jammeh lying to him. He said Jammeh at some point promised to appoint him as a Vice President.

During the period in question, Jammeh had problems with Isatou Njie Saidy. He even asked Ousman Sonko to oversee the Ministry of Foreign Affairs around 2010. Sonko was very confident of replacing Isatou at the time because Oga told him that he was going to retire Isatou. Ousman Sonko informed our agent from his own mouth about Oga planning to appoint him as his Deputy.

This report is disturbing due to its content. Let the Senegalese government read between the lines and engage the MFDC rebels for the sake of maintaining peace in the region. The rebels are aware of the fact that it is not possible for Casamance to attain independence. They are also comfortable engaging Macky’s government due to Macy’s openness and frank talks about his administration’s commitment to promoting peace in Casamance region.

                    Who Is Pap Sanneh Of The MFDC?

Pap Sanneh is Salifu Sarjo’s Deputy. He is MFDC’s number two man. He frequents Banjul as he likes under the escort of the NIA. He is a very powerful member of the MFDC rebel faction. Pap Sanneh is a General by rank within the MFDC rebel group. He is often escorted by four rebel guards during his trips to the Gambia. He also owned homes and businesses in the Gambia. His wife and family are residing in the Gambia. He occasionally visits Gambia. And he is often escorted by the NIA during his trips.

The MFDC base along the Gambia/Senegal border is almost 500 miles from Jammeh’s home in Kanilai. The late Musa Jammeh, a former close confidant of Yahya Jammeh convinced the MFDC to relocate their base in Guinea Bissau to settle near the President’s home for tactical strategy in case Kanilai comes under attack, the rebels will serve as a backup for Jammeh.

Musa Jammeh is a Jolla Bluff, like Pap Sanneh and Salifu Sarjo. The Jolla Bulff belittles other Jollas. There is some kind of supremacy among the Cassa Jollas. It was easy for Musa Jammeh to convince the MFDC to come closer to home to help defend their brother Yahya Jammeh. Jammeh in turn provides the rebels with arms, food, and residency in the Gambia.

Pap Sanneh’s activities in the Gambia is public knowledge. He has been introduced to the NIA top brass, military, Immigration, and the police. He has met with Borra Colley, Ousman Badjie, Numo Kujabi of the NIA and other Jammeh top confidants in Banjul.

In fact, Jammeh personally spearheaded the appointment of Pap Sanneh to be Salifu Sarjo’s Deputy. We will tell you how the Kanilai monster played his role towards Pap Sanneh’s appointment.

The Senegalese intelligence might be familiar with this former MFDC Deputy Commander called Wuyai. Wuyai was next to Salifu Sarjo in terms of command role within the MFDC structure. What happen was; Yahaya Jammeh suspected that Wuayi  was talking to the Jakai rebels and the Senegalese government at the time. The Jakai rebels had parted company with the MFDC, and Jammeh perceived them as supporters of the Senegalese government.  They used to be part of the MFDC.

Acting in concert with his Interior Minister Ousman Sonko, Jammeh ordered his assassin team to kill Wuyai during one of his visits to the Gambia. Ousman Sonko personally escorted Wuyai while he was returning to their MFDC base next to Kanilai.  Ousman Sonko was on the phone with the assassin team while Wuyai was heading to the MFDC rebel base.

When they reached around Mandinaba, Ousman Sonko stopped and return back to the Kombos. Wuyai’s vehicle came under attack at a Gambian village called Gibbanack. He was killed by Jammeh’s assassin team led by Ousman Sonko. Wuyai was buried in Senegal, just near a Gambian village called Sewole in the Fonis.

Yahya Jammeh’s involvement in fanning the Casamance crisis is apparent. He coordinates the activities of the rebels. He occasionally assign them killing and abduction missions within Senegalese soil. There are missing Gambians in MFDC bases in Casamance as we speak. The rebels help Jammeh to abduct and kill Gambians.

Jammeh assigned a former commander of the MFDC called one Rambo Jarju, to help locate Ndure Cham in Casamance. Modou Jarju of the jungullars named himself after Rambo Jarju of the MFDC. When Rambo reported to him that he couldn’t locate Ndure Cham, Jammeh thought that Rambo was reluctant to execute his mission. The Kanilai monster in turn ordered Ousman Sonko and his assassin team to kill Rambo Jarju. Rambo was later killed during his visit to the Gambia. His remains were buried in Casamance soil.

                      MFDC Snubs Jammeh?

Based on credible intelligence reports, the MFDC leadership is not happy with Jammeh’s move to block them to talk to the Macky’s government. The MFDC thinks that Jammeh is trying to derail their course. The rebels have curtailed their line of communication with the dictator.

Jammeh is worried about the possibilities of him losing the rebels support. He is in a catch 22 situation. Salifu Sarjo has not been seen in the Gambia for a while now. He is chilling at their base. Salifu personally said he wants to engage Macky and his government. His men are also keen at promoting peace deal talks.

The MFDC could be used to promote regime change in the Gambia, provided that a deal is reached between Senegal, Salifu Sarjo and his team. The rebels are open for line of communication as far we know. We have access to the MFDC. My informant, who is a close confidant of Yahya Jammeh, said he is willing to talk to the Senegalese government provided that his security is guaranteed. He is also willing to serve as a mediator between the rebels and the Sall government. He is privy to sensitive intelligence information about the MFDC, and Jammeh’s recent move to stop the rebels from talking to the Senegalese government. The rebels are ready to work against Jammeh’s interest.


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