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Baba Leigh, a prominent Gambian Imam, who recently criticized the execution of the nine death row inmates by the country’s De Facto leader Yahya Jammeh, has been arrested and detained by the personnel of National Intelligence Agency, the Freedom Newspaper can report. Imam Leigh was picked up from his Kanifing residence on Monday by the NIA. The reason for his arrest is unknown.  But Sources close to the Jammeh State House in Banjul said the Kanilai monster has been working on Baba Leigh’s arrest since the religious leader’s remarks condemning the mass execution of the nine inmates, two of whom were Senegalese nationals.  Mr. Gibbi Bah, and Ms. Tabara Samba, both Senegalese were executed by dictator Jammeh.

Mr. Leigh had contended that the killings were unislamic and should be condemned by God fearing Muslims. Jammeh has since harbored grudges against Imam Leigh, following his critical statement against his leadership, our source said adding that Baba Leigh is on Jammeh’s blacklist of folks he lined up for potential elimination.

Occasionally, Jammeh will use his assassin team to secretly poison inmates under state custody. His assassin team also torture inmates under the President’s directives.  Baba Leigh’s wellbeing and personal safety, is of concern to us, our source said.

A family member of the detained Imam confirmed Baba Leigh’s arrest. “ Pa, I have personally confirmed that Imam Baba Leigh was picked up at 10 PM this night. I spoke to his (withheld) and she confirmed it,” said another source. 

Earlier on, during Pa Samba Jow’s weekly radio show aired on Monday, a texter said he received information that Baba Leigh has been arrested by the NIA. Within few minutes, another source confirmed that Leigh has indeed been detained. Our colleague Seedy Ceesay has made repeated attempts to reach Baba Leigh on his cell phone and  landline, but he was indisposed for comment.

Administration sources said dictator Jammeh is detaining Baba Leigh largely due to the Imam’s critical comments in the wake of the execution of the nine death row inmates. “ Yahya Jammeh personally ordered for Baba Leigh’s arrest. I think he wants to keep him off the streets,” said a source.

Baba Leigh is one of the few Gambian Imams speaking the truth to power in the Gambia. His colleague Ba-Kawsu Fofana was forced into exile weeks before the execution of the inmates by dictator Jammeh after he was brutally tortured by the dictator’s assassin team.

The Imam was beaten to coma by thugs led by Major Sanna Manjang. The torture was authorized by Jammeh, who instructed his killers to tape the torture in a video. The dictator later laughs his ass off while watching Ba-Kawsu crying during the torture session.  Imam Fofona has since fled the Gambia. He  lives in neighboring Senegal.

Posted on Monday, December 03, 2012 (Archive on Thursday, February 28, 2013)
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