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By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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Emerging from his eleven years silence after he parted company with his former boss dictator Yahya Jammeh, following a sudden resignation in protest of the expulsion of the former British Deputy High Commissioner by the Gambian government, Gambia’s former Foreign Minister Dr. Momodou Lamin Sidat Jobe says he wants Yahya Jammeh arrested by the country’s security forces and expose him (Jammeh) at the disposal of the people of the Gambia to face justice. Mr. Jobe, who now resides in Dakar, Senegal, is convening a major press conference this morning in the Senegalese capital alongside with some formidable Gambian political heavyweights such as: Buba Baldeh, Dr. Amadou Scattered Janneh, and businessman Dodou Jobe to build up a case as to why dictator Yahya Jammeh should be dislodged from power. Mr. Jobe and his colleagues will also use the occasion to showcase Gambia’s worsening and eroding human rights and governance crisis. The move is aimed at registering their outrage and displeasure at the recent arrest of Imam Baba Leigh, and lawyer Amie Bensouda by the Gambian authorities.

Dr. Momodou Lamin Sidat Jobe, used to be the former  UNESCO boss. He was in Banjul, when the Gambian dictator executed the nine death row inmates, two of whom were Senegalese nationals. Mr. Jobe came back to Dakar on October 19, shortly after the mass executions had taken place in the Gambia.

The mass executions angered Mr. Jobe. That was one of the reasons why he has shifted his focus on the crazy Gambian despot. Mr. Jobe thinks that Jammeh lacks the legitimacy to rule the Gambia—given the international isolation his administration has suffered and the bad reputation that he (Jammeh) has put the Gambia as a nation. Jobe says in order to solve Gambia’s political and economic nightmares, the military must step in to bail out the country from Jammeh’s tyranny. Although, he is opposed to coups.

“He has no more credibility. The people of the Gambia are ready to assume their responsibility. That the chiefs of the army, NIA , the police and Navy should know that they will have their credibility when they rise up; I am not saying that they make a coup d’état against him, but to catch him and to put him at the disposal of the people of the  Gambia. This is certainly the only thing that he can understand,” said the former Gambian Chief Diplomat.

Mr. Jobe said the Gambian security forces should disobey Jammeh’s illegal orders to harm our people. He wondered where dictator Jammeh derives his authority from to unilaterally execute nine death row inmates without legal sanctioning. Mr. Jobe thinks that Jammeh is a menace for the Gambia and Africa as a whole. He wants Gambia’s security forces to disobey Jammeh’s orders.

“There  should be an end in obeying him, whenever he gives criminal instructions.  And I think today, everyone knows that the authority of Yahya Jammeh is not based on any legality.  A President who arrest people; send them directly to prisons; decides who he liberates, and who he doesn’t liberate; condemn a few people to jail and put all lives to death and then liberate a Lebanese freely and then still keep the others in jail. I do not think this is fair enough,” said Mr. Jobe during an interview with Freedom Radio on Monday, while referencing the release of a Lebanese businessman coup suspect one Rambo, who allegedly bribed the President with couple of millions of dollars to secure his release from prison.  

Mr. Jobe said Gambians should not allow Yahya Jammeh to continue to abuse them. He said Jammeh must be taken heads on to end his madness. “It is an insult to our education; it is an insult to the culture of the Gambia. And you ask yourself  this question: On what grounds does he based his authority?,” he asked.

“From today, we wouldn’t sleep no more and this is just the beginning that all of you in the diaspora and in the Gambia think of.  Yahya Jammeh will very quickly understand that we let him have a very bad dream…”

“For eleven years I have kept quiet, but I will not allow Yahya Jammeh to insult our common dignity together. Therefore,  I will see it to that I work with ECOWAS, African Commission, Britain, the United States, the European Commission, the international court of justice to see to it that this ends,” Jobe said.

Mr. Jobe said he doesn’t want Jammeh to be harmed when he is arrested. He said the dictator’s life should be spared so that he can be investigated for the crimes he has committed against the Gambian people.

“I have told you let them catch him. I do not want anyone to harm him because we need him in very good health; to elucidate and tell us why, why he has taken such an attitude. When he had his coup d’état some of us left our jobs in the international community to come and help our country, but we never knew; starting from the people who surrounded him: the Singhateys, the Tourays, and the various other Ministers who started with him and the Ambassadors; he had gotten rid of all of them. He stands alone now and defies everyone. He is the law, he is the executioner.. When a head of state can stand and say I am going to kill, it shows that he has never been advised because if he was advised he should have been the last person to talk that way,” Mr. Jobe noted.


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